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USB flash drive, mobile hard disk inserted into the CD-ROM or CD-ROM why a card on the crash of the correct reason for analysis _ Application skills

A friend asked why the CD-ROM disc will appear card dead phenomenon, in fact, did not panic, just because of the poor quality of the CD-ROM or optical drive laser aging caused by. When the optical drive to read some of the optical disk is not clear areas, the need to repeat the attempt to adjust the position of the bal

How to install Windows 7 without a CD-Rom and Windows 7 with a CD-Rom

How to install Windows 7 without a CD-Rom and Windows 7 with a CD-Rom Currently, no optical drive is available in computer systems. Therefore, if a system problem occurs, you cannot install the system using a traditional optical drive .?? ? Since the system cannot be installed with a

The distinction between CD-ROM CD-r CD-RW

Read-only disc memory CD-ROM is the normal CD that we often use. CD-ROM discs can be used to cross storage of large volumes of text, sound, graphics and images and other media digital information for quick retrieval, so the CD-

Windows10 how to burn CD Robbin Tools CD-ROM Burn tutorial

Win10 system self-burning CD-ROM function use steps: 1, open the folder you need to burn, select all the files you need to burn, click the Robbin Toolbar "share" button; 2, the next will automatically open the burning and drive interface, click the top "Burn to Disc" button; 3, enter to burn to the shutdown interface, give the CD a nice name, t

Mass production teach you how to make the U disk into a CD-ROM, after the installation can do not bring a CD and optical drive 0

Yesterday nothing, try to put your beloved 2G ultra disk mass production, plan to make a CD-ROM and a normal U disk.{If (this. width> = 702) window. Open ('HTTP: // ');} "Src =" "border =" 0 "alt =" "> The procedure is as follows:1. Analyze the USB flash disk chip. Chipgenius is

CD-ROM installation win7 system steps, win7 system CD installation tutorial

Place the Windows7 installation CD in the CD drive, enter the BIOS when the computer starts up and set the first boot device to the optical drive, press F10 to save the settings and exit the BIOS. 1. The computer automatically restarts after the following figure prompts, please press the keyboard any key from the CD-ROM

The system cannot find the CD-ROM drive solution _ Hardware Maintenance

Remember to speed up the boot, disable the floppy drive, reopen in the CMOS, the floppy drive is there, but the optical drive is not the same. In the CMOS see the motherboard detects the CD optical drive, I think that must be a system of problems, to the Internet to check the data, found that is likely to be the Device Manager in the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller driver problems, but also remembered yesterday to

24 Virtual CD-ROM software introduction and download Address _ Application Tips

A virtual optical drive is a tool software that simulates the work of an optical drive (CD-ROM) can be generated and your computer installed on the same CD-ROM optical drive, the general optical drive can do the same thing as a virtual CD-

VMware in Ubuntu hangs ISO to virtual CD-ROM

Under Linux mount (mount) CD-ROM image file. Removable hard disk. U disk. Windows and NFS network shares under-linux-mount-mount-cd-rom-image-file-removable-hard-disk-u-disk-windows-and-nfs-network-shares/Linux is an excellent open source operating system the can run on small to large to gian

CD-ROM drive troubleshooting confluence

first, the CD-ROM common troubleshooting methods   Common Failure One: the optical drive work when the hard drive lights always flashing Fault reason: This is an illusion, in fact it is not so. The hard drive light is blinking because the optical drive is connected to the hard drive on an IDE interface, and the disc also controls the results of the hard drive light when it works. The

CD-ROM installation ghost

CD-ROM installation GHOST_XP/WIN7/WIN8 general tutorial The following tutorials are more detailed, the length is a little long please be patient to read There are many ways to install the system, such as CD-ROM installation system, u disk installation system, hard disk installation system, network clone installation s

Burn a CD-Rom under CentOS

. -Sysid The system ID of the specified disk. -T or-translation-table is used to create a file name conversion table, which is applicable to systems that do not support Rock Ridge Extensions. -V or-verbose displays detailed information during execution. -V

The CD-ROM automatically ejects the bounce

The optical drive always bounces out of itself and bounces in automatically every other minute. have been so repeated. Explanation of the CD-ROM automatic eject: Normally, when the eject button is pressed in the optical drive Control Panel, the optical drive will automatically receive an electrical signal from the door, thus driving the tray to automatically "spit out"; Once the tray popup position is i

Installing win7\win8.1 dual system with virtual CD-ROM

A virtual optical drive is a tool for simulating (cd/dvd-rom) work, you can generate a CD image that is the same as the one you installed on your computer, and it works by first virtual one or more virtual optical drives, storing the applications on the disc, mirroring on the hard disk, and generating a mirrored file for the virtual

How to programmatically get a CD-ROM drive letter

[Ask questions] Recently I was developing a program that reads files from CD-ROM, such as video and audio files. Because the situation on each machine is different. How do I know what the CD-ROM drive is? Troubleshooting First, a machine may have more than one CD-

Linux Device Mount command mount and u disk, removable hard disk, CD-ROM Mount __linux

, U disk, disc array, CDROM, DVD and so on. Common file systems include AutoFS, Coda, Ext2, Ext3, EXT4, VFAT, ISO9660 (CD-ROM or CD-ROM mirroring), UFS (Unix file System,unix file system), FAT (file allocation Table, file allocation table), FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (New technologyfile System), and so on. Network File System

How to make a 700M CD-ROM install 900M file Super Method Recommendation _ Application Tips

Not long ago on the internet under the "Longman Example Speech Library" of the compressed package (in VERYCD), the size of 685M. Because there are too many files, decompression took me 70 minutes! It takes up 900M of disk space after being solved. For future use, I would like to carve a CD-ROM. The problem is, 900M capacity can not be engraved. If the compression package directly engraved on the

How to simulate computer application ability test of national professional technicians with virtual CD-ROM

2001, the Ministry of Personnel in the form of 124th text requirements from 2002 onwards, the implementation of national professional and technical personnel computer skills test. Fail in the exam and not be promoted to the title. I was promoted to the title this year, so last year to enroll in the Chess block exam, but to ask how the results, now still lingering fear. My experience, the book does not buy (3 book is nearly hundred yuan), but the problem must practice. Because the examination is

Computer optical drive cannot read the solution of the CD-ROM introduction

I believe most people have come across a computer disc and can't read it, in the optical drive, the computer can not read the CD-ROM, the optical drive emits a "squeak" sound, some CD files and directories cannot be read, or the entire CD is unable to read, and even sometimes the C

How to reload the system with CD-ROM and u disk

First, the CD-ROM reload computer system 1, restart the computer, start to hold down the DEL key, enter the BIOS settings, set up the computer to start the CD-ROM drive. 2, the system CD into the CD-

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