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How to modify the default get_absolute_url value of Django Auth. User

# Django # the user's URLs setting problem occurs after you use USERPROFILE, the get_absolute_url of user model is/users//by default in Django's auth app. If you have extended and implemented a USERPROFILE, you may need to use USERPROFILE. to use

Python + Selenium + Firefox uses proxy auth user name password authorization

Rice flapping agent, the global leader of the agent brand, focus on the agency industry for nearly a decade, to provide open, private, exclusive agent, and free trialThe agent of Rice Flutter official website: https://proxy.mimvp.comThis article is

Auth User Authentication Library

For the Auth library, the following are recommended:1. Ion_auth, based on Redux rewrite, very good certification library, a lot of foreign use, a few of the latest ci2.0.2 based on open source systems (such as doveforum) used it, support CI 2.0 and

Auth user management operations

Auth is implemented using abstract classes. A Class corresponds to multiple verification methods.   An abstract class is introduced for reference: Implement a monkey, dog, and other classes. It can usually be implemented using abstract classes and

Auth user authentication instances using Salt and password

This article mainly introduces to you by modifying Laravel auth use Salt and password to authenticate users of the relevant information, the text through the sample code introduced in very detailed, to everyone's study or work has a certain

Docker+splunk+haproxy Practice

#!/bin/shmax=30  #max  containesecho > haproxy.cfguri= "https://yoursearchip:8089"  # search serverip= "'/usr/bin/hostname -i |awk  ' {print $1} '"                # local ipaddressid= "_ '/usr/bin/hostname  -I |awk  ' {print $1} ' |awk -f  '. '   ' {

Laravel Framework uses AUTH asynchronous login to access other pages without login user information

1, the use of Laravel auth verification 2. Change the model in configuration auth.php to Appmodelsadminuser::class (because it is the login authentication of the background user) 3, in the page with Ajax call Background login method, the main logic

Extract Method-Extraction methods

Take the price of a commodity as an example: if the user is logged in and is VIP, get VIP price, otherwise the normal price;Before processing: Public functionGetPrice () {if(Auth::User ()) { $userId= Auth::user ()UserID; $customerIds=$

Ask for a regular expression!!!

The following string is present (Auth::user()->name,'154555') Need to use regular expressions to get rid of the first () and all''The expected result is Auth::user()->name,154555 Now there is one, however, it has removed all the ... () preg_replace(

Use Google SMTP to send emails in linux

In linux, when Google SMTP is used to send mail to maintain the server, a server error warning system is often required, and mail is a good way. In linux, mail is generally used to write emails, and the sendmail service is used by default for

Database notifications in Laravel

Create a post and user modelPHP artisan make:model postphp artisanmake: Model UserCreating Posts and Users table filesPHP artisan make:migration create_users_table--create=usersphp artisanMake: Migration create_users_table-- Create=postsSet table

Database specifications in laravel, laraveldatabase

Database specifications in laravel, laraveldatabaseCreate a Post and User model php artisan make:model Postphp artisan make:model UserCreate a posts and users table File php artisan make:migration create_users_table --create=usersphp artisan

Laravel Resetting Password instances

If you need to use Laravel to build a back-end content management system, but laravel default login registration can not meet the current needs, reset password because it is used in the background, and do not need to send a message to reset, so the

Lumen 5.2 user authentication details

1. IntroductionThe authentication in Lumen uses the same underlying library as Laravel, but is completely different from the complete Laravel framework. Because Lumen no longer supports Session status, if you want to authenticate input requests, you

Controlling user creation of course permissions

CauseBy default, a registered user of studio can create a course that does not appear to be the usual usage scenario, and the platform owner prefers a review to allow the user to publish the courseIdeasRead the wiki!!For the novice who is tossing

The method for processing specific URLs in URLconf in Django framework, djangourlconf

The method for processing specific URLs in URLconf in Django framework, djangourlconf Sometimes you have a mode to process a series of URLs in your URLconf, but sometimes you need to process a specific URL. In this case, use the linear processing

[Laravel 5 Fundamentals] 20–flash Message

Flash Message Objective In the previous section, we have an understanding of the Laravel front-end assets, Laravel's front-end management tool: Elixir + Gulp. This section goes back to PHP and explains the use of Flash message. Description

Laravel5.1 Building a simple community (12)--ajax change avatar

This article records how to use Ajax for avatar replacement, using Ajax to introduce a jquery plug-in jquery form, introduced in app.blade.php: Linkrel= "stylesheet"href= "/css/bootstrap.css">{{--introduce fontawesome--}}Linkrel= "stylesheet"href=

PHP Mail Send source code

Long time to write something ..... Recently, life is depressing .... For the life and tired, tidy up the example of e-mail sent, there are many online, I am also a good extract, test OK, home Mail class smtp_email_class.php as follows:Class

SVN weak password scan (Python)

Lonely as the brain over the snow, so to write a blog to share a bit. #虽然上一篇博客我还没写完SVN's weak password, it looks very complex, but in fact very simple AH = = Although unlike Pymssql/mymssql, Python provides a very useful package, but if the

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