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Use dotnetopenauth to authorize youdao cloud note

Recently, due to a lot of requirements from the company, and it is not a project requirement, several databases switch back and forth with. It's hard to confuse and forget. So I made a small tool using WPF: agiletodo, a to-do list. Originally, sqlce

Verify and authorize users-Reading Notes for Web Security (2)

Rejecting hackers-ASP. NET web applications Program Chapter 2 Security Analysis Major threats: ØAccount hijacking: Such threats include taking over the accounts of legitimate users, and sometimes even rejecting them to access their own

ASP. net mvc fourth Preview (Part 1)

[Original address] ASP. net mvc preview 4 release (Part 1)[Original article publication date] Monday, July 14,200 AM   There are a bunch of new features and features in this new version. In fact, there are a large number of features. I decided that

HTTP module and handler in ASP. NET [favorites]

【Abstract] You may have realized that with HTTP processing programs and modules, ASP. NET has provided powerful energy to developers. Insert your own component into the ASP. NET Request Processing pipeline and enjoy its advantages.   Introduction

[Web API series] 1.3-practice: use ASP. NET Web API and Angular. js to create a single page application (on)

[Web API series] 1.3-practice: use ASP. NET Web API and Angular. js to create a single page application (on)Preface In traditional web applications, the client (browser) initiates communication with the server through the request page. The server

. NET Foundation (+) ASP NET application development

Asp. NET WebForm related content is a bit out of date, but in many of the old projects are still webform, these are legacy issues, the new projects are basically MVC, in the latest version of Microsoft's ASP has been used by default MVC. See

Asp. NET no MVC uses Oauth2.0 for authentication

Original: ASP. NET no MVC uses Oauth2.0 for authenticationWith the development of software, there are more authentication usage scenarios, in addition to the typical authentication between server and client, such as service and

ASP. NET has no magic -- ASP. net mvc Filter (Filter), mvcfilter

ASP. NET has no magic -- ASP. net mvc Filter (Filter), mvcfilter The previous article introduced how to use the Authorize feature to implement ASP. net mvc authorization for Controller or Action. In fact, this feature is part of the MVC function,

ASP. NET MVC Filters 4 default filters using "attached example"

The advent of the filter (Filters) allows us to better control the URL requested by the browser in the ASP. Not every request responds to the content, only the specific content to those who have specific permissions, the filter theoretically has the

ASP. NET Web API security filter

Original: Https:// and authorization are the foundation of application security. Authentication determines the user's identity by verifying the credentials provided, and authorization

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