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Auto-sharding useless theory: auto-sharding vs. Manual-sharding

The original connection cannot be opened. 1. Beautiful blueprint When I first came into contact with MongoDB, I saw its auto-sharding function diagram. In combination with the replica sets, I felt like a unified world. BOTH: In the figure, the

Gocode+auto-complete to build Emacs's Go language auto-complete function

The previous essay recorded the Simple programming environment (push door) used by Go-mode and Goflymake to build the go language in Emacs, today to record the auto-complete function of the go language in Emacs using Gocode+auto-complete

LoadRunner Scripting Auto-correlation and manual correlation

About LoadRunner AssociationsFirst, when to associate1. Meaning of the AssociationAssociation (correlation): InDuring the script playback process,The client makes a request through the left and right boundary values (that is, association rules)

Auto autorun.inf desktop.ini sxs.exe auto.exe virus-like manual processing complete technique _ virus killing

Special finishing a auto Autorun.inf desktop.ini sxs.exe auto.exe virus Manual processing complete skills, you can see the image set method, let auto Autorun.inf desktop.ini Auto.exe Virus Nowhere to hide Recently, a number of viruses, the

Auto-prompt and manual prompts for settings in VS2013 and Eclipse

just started to learn C language, all the code is pure hand knocking in, because I practiced blind in primary school, the fastest time, a minute to play 130 letters, so I did not feel what is not good. But after using the automatic hint, I have been

Atitit. Thread deadlock run-fly detection with auto-unlock with manual unlock Java C #. NET PHP JavaScript.

Atitit. Thread deadlock run-fly detection with auto-unlock with manual unlock java C #. NET PHP JavaScript.1. Phenomenon:: The main program stuck unresponsive, multi-line tasks do not go down 12. Reason:: Use jv jprofile View Thread, the original

Auto Focus Introduction

Af:auto Focus AutofocusPdaf:phase Detection AF Phase FocusCaf:contrast Detection Contrast Focus/contrast focus (continuous shooting with a certain step, select a large position of contrast value)Transferred from:

Emacs auto-complet and yasnippet plug-ins for installation, configuration, and extension

During this period of time, I suddenly became idle, and I was tossing and tossing Emacs. I always wanted to solve the auto-completion function because of the essential features of the modern development environment. Google, many of them use

Auto VIN identification/Auto frame number OCR recognition, mobile VIN identification, OCR scanning Tool

This article recommended a car VIN code Automatic identification technology, the user through the mobile phone "sweep" simple operation, you can quickly identify the VIN code, query the details of the vehicle, for auto repair parts, used car

iOS cocoapods manual block to auto block to import third-party frame forwarding

Cocoapods use When you develop an iOS app, you'll often use many third-party open source libraries, such as jsonkit,afnetworking and more. Maybe a class library to use other class libraries, so to use it, you have to have to download another

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