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Automating resource deployment with IBM Rational application Framework for WebSphere

environment to integrate code developed by different teams, thus creating the resources needed for different programs to make sure that each part is coordinated. When the integration test succeeds, you can use the Rational application Framework for WebSphere to move the version from one environment to another. For example, you can move a release from development to QA (quality assurance) and eventually production. Create a resource as part of the installation process: You may want to create a

Shell script, automating the release of the Tomcat Project "Go"

Shell scripts, automating the release of Tomcat project scripts,1. vko2c_auto_build_by_scp.shFile contents:#---------------------Start---------------------##封装shutdown函数, close the Tomcat service#封装kill函数, force the process of shutting down Tomcat# Call Close function with Project backup# using expect, use SCP free password, remote copy Root.war package# Tomcat launcher with realistic boot log#---------------------End---------------------#2. Test scri

[Javascript] Automating releases with Semantic-release

There is so many repeated steps when releasing a new version of a library. The tool Semantic-release automates this process by pushing off the responsibility of your releases to continuous Integrat Ion. Trust us, this would change your workflow for the better.Install:NPM i-d Semantic-releaseRun:SEMANTIC-RELEASE-CLI SetupYou can choose Travis and a single Node instance for now.Notice Semantic release require Travis account (if you choose to use Travis), so you need to create a Travis account with

See how programmers are automating the ultimate!

script reads an Excel file, the file specifies the object I want to chat with, every five minutes to check if these chat objects are online.My auto chat starts with HIIIIIII. Then choose from the predefined questions and answers to keep chatting.If someone asks a question that differs from a problem that already exists in my Excel, 50% will automatically reply to hmmmmmmmmmm. and immediately notify me by e-mail and text message I need to intervene in the chat. No one complains to me now that I

Automating testing with UI Automation-the Microsoft-provided control pattern

set of children. SelectionItemPattern.">Child support for this element Selectionitempattern System.Windows.Automation.SynchronizedInputPattern represents an object that supports synchronizing input events. System.Windows.Automation.TextPattern represents a control that contains text. System.Windows.Automation.TogglePattern represents a control that can loop through a set of states and persist a state after it is set. System.Windows.Automation.TransformPattern represents a control that

Expect getting started--Automating Linux interactive commands

Many Linux programs, such as PASSWD,FTP,SCP,SSH, do not provide a silent execution option, but rely on the terminal input at runtime to perform the next steps such as changing passwords, uploading files, downloading, and so on. Although some programming languages such as Java embed a lot of these common tools API such as JCSH, but after all, they are not natural and handy.Expect is a command-line tool under Unix/linux, which is developed using TCL as a programming language. Its main function is

How Python is often used in automating operations

above functionsFSO = open ("F:\\a.txt", ' w+ ')//In w+ way, not a way to open the file, so the original content is emptiedPrint Fso.tell ()//The original contents of the file are emptied, so tell () =0Fso.write ("abcde\n")//write to file abcde\n, because newline \ n is 2 characters, so 7 characters are writtenPrint Fso.tell () this time tell () =7Fso.write ("FGHWM")///write file Fghwm, so the file is written 7+5=12 charactersPrint Fso.tell ()//At this time tell () (1,0)//start by mo

Automating Linux system maintenance tasks with Shell scripting

Echo "" # - File system disk space usage: Echo -e "\e[31;43m***** FILE SYSTEM DISK SPACE USAGE *****\e[0m" Df -h Echo "" # - System idle and in-use memory: Echo -e "\e[31;43m ***** FREE AND USED MEMORY *****\e[0m" Free Echo "" # - System startup time: Echo -e "\e[31;43m***** SYSTEM UPTIME AND LOAD *****\e[0m" Uptime Echo "" # -Login user: Echo -e "\e[31;43m***** CURRENTLY LOGGED-IN USERS *****\e[0m" Who Echo "" # - 5 processes using the most memory Echo -e "\e[31;43m***** TOP 5 MEMORY-CONSUMING

Automating hybrid Apps

Automating hybrid AppsOne of the core principles of Appium is so you shouldn ' t has to change your app to test it. In line with that methodology, it's possible to test hybrid web apps (e.g., the Uiawebview elements in an IOS app) the SA The Me-i-Can with Selenium for Web apps. There is a bit of technical complexity required so, Appium knows whether you want to automate the native aspects of th E app or the Web views, but thankfully, we can stay withi

Automating backup databases with shell scripts

Tags: Yangwen server The master server database keywordSecurity Code: To prevent accidental deletion of the system database, scheduled backup you I more peace of mind! automating backup databases with shell scriptsFirst, IntroductionSystem database (take MySQL5.5 as an example)650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_437084086.png "title=" 9FD ' Ty5o~gebbozyl_t$h84.png "

Automating the deployment of Web sites on IIS with PowerShell

= @{". A" = "application/stream"; ". B "=" Application/stream ";". c "=" Application/stream ";} function Addmime ($mime) { try { if ($mimes-eq $null-or $mimes. Count-le 0) { return } foreach ($item in $mimes. Keys) { write-host "add MIME type: $item" $extension = Get-webconfigurationproperty//staticcontent-name Collection |? {$_.fileextension-eq $item} if ($extension-ne $null) { write-host "the exte

Automating development deployment tasks with Git hooks

Automating development deployment tasks with Git hooksOffers: Zstack communityObjectiveVersion control, which is one of the core requirements of modern software development. With it, software projects can safely track code changes and perform multiple operations such as backtracking, integrity checking, and collaborative development. In various version control software, git is one of the most popular software in recent years, its de-centralized archit

Model-driven cloud security-automating cloud security with cloud application security policies

cloud application security policy automates deployment Overall, security policy automation, especially for cloud technology, is still at a relatively early stage. It focuses primarily on providing identity/authentication as a service (for example, a Facebook connection). There are also cloud-based security services (anti-virus, e-mail scanning, intrusion detection systems (IDS), log management), some of which are indirectly related to applications. This article focuses on

Selenium Webdriver Automating the processing of date controls

Use JS to remove the ReadOnly property of the date input box.The code is as follows:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------String js= "document.getElementById (' Datetimeid '). RemoveAttribute (' readOnly ');d Ocument.getelementbyid (' Datetimeid '). SetAttribute (' value ', ' 2012-10-25 '); ";((Javascriptexecutor) driver). Executescript (JS);--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------getElementById (' Datet

Selenium Webdriver Automating the processing of date controls

Use JS to remove the ReadOnly property of the date input box.The code is as follows:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------String js= "document.getElementById (' Datetimeid '). RemoveAttribute (' readOnly ');d Ocument.getelementbyid (' Datetimeid '). SetAttribute (' value ', ' 2012-10-25 '); ";((Javascriptexecutor) driver). Executescript (JS);--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------getElementById (' Datet

Automating the deployment of LNMP scripts

language if [$?-eq 0];then echo-e "\033[1;34m initializing Database ... \033[0m" Else echo-e "\033[1;34minitialization data base...\033[0m "fi/usr/local/mysql/scripts/mysql_install_db--user=mysql--datadir=/usr/local/mysql/data/-- basedir=/usr/local/mysql/>/dev/null chown-r root.mysql/usr/local/mysql chown-r mysql/usr/local/mysql/data /bin/cp-f/usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server/etc/init.d/mysqld chmod +x/etc/init.d/mysqld/bin/cp-f/usr/l ocal/mysql/support-files/my-default.cnf/etc/

Automating builds using Jenkins to configure Git+maven

thread to hibernate, so you can look at Tomcat log information. $tomcat _path /bin/ Sleep 3 s echo "RM-RF" Span class= "hljs-variable" >${tomcat_path} /webapps/root/* " rm-rf ${ Tomcat_path} /webapps/root/*CD $file _path cp ${war_name} ${tomcat_path} / Webapps/root/CD $tomcat _path /webapps/root /unzip ${war_name} rm-rf ${war_name} Sleep Span class= "Hljs-number" >5 s CD $tomcat _path /bin/./startup.shecho "server restarted" Other questions1. Error when deploying proj

Saltstack Automating the deployment of Apache instances

' [' Root ']}}/test/ 4, Configuration apache.stop: Apache.stop:Pkg.removed:-Name: {{pillar[' Apache ' [' Name ']}}-Require:-Service: {{pillar[' Apache ' [' Name ']}}Service.dead:-Name: {{pillar[' Apache ' [' Name ']}}User.absent:-Name:apache-Purge:true-Require:-Pkg: {{pillar[' Apache ' [' Name ']}} 5. Specify in the httpd.conf configuration file: Listen {{pillar[' Apache '] [' IP ']}}:80DocumentRoot {{

How to switch activity when automating with Appium

In the case of using Appium, there are several different acitivity when executing a use case, the following is the method of switching acitivity within the app:If you need to switch activity only once, you can do so by setting desired_caps[' appwaitactivity ' = ' xxxxxx '.If you need to switch activity multiple times, this is done through the wait_activity () method in Webdriver.Wait_activity ():1 defWait_activity (self, activity, timeout, interval=1):2 """Wait for an activity:block unti

Iii. Automating the creation of HTML pages in projects

into this object, you can get the index of the document ;Source (): Get the content of JS file;Last demonstrated in template fetch chunk file path (with Publicpath):But compilation.assets key file name is not with Publicpath, so to entry in the Publicpath filter out;Use to get the length of the Publicpath;RunThen we get the path without publicpath.  Then use the official method:Run(If an error occurs) Check: Error, entry undefined, because each need to introduce Main.js fileRunThe contents of m

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