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AWS API Gateway Domain name

. -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----Examplebaakcaqea2qb3ldhd7sty7wj6u2/opv6xu37qucckedwhwpzmyj9/neto ... 1qgvj3u04vdnzayn5woyn5lfckrla71+cszd1cgsqbvdwexample-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- for Certificate chain, type or paste the Pem-formatted intermediate certificates and, optionally, the root Certificate , one after the other without any blank lines. If you include the root certificate, your certificate chain must start with intermediate certificates and end with the roo T certificate. Use Web API (ii) Secure authentication using HTTP Basic authentication

In the previous article Web API (i): Using preliminary, get and post data, we initially contacted Microsoft's Rest Api:web API. We immediately discovered the need for security verification when we contacted the Web API, so this article discusses the simplest way to secure authentication: using HTTP

Rest API: Basic Authentication and Digest authentication

Basic and digest certification for REST API with Spring security (Digest): Basic Certification 1. Server-spring Security Configuration Package com.pechen.config; Import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired; Import Org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean; Import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration; Import Org.springframework.

Web API Basic authentication based on ASP.

Today to share with you in the Web API, how to use the ASP. NET identity to achieve Basic authentication (Basic authentication), in the blog Garden Search for a circle of Web API Basic

Web API is based on the Basic Authentication of ASP. NET Identity,

Web API is based on the Basic Authentication of ASP. NET Identity, Today, we will share with you how to use ASP. NET Identity implements Basic Authentication. In the blog garden, you searched for a circle of Basic Web

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