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AWS and OpenStack Service comparison, OpenStack service Chinese translation of English words

Use AWS Services OpenStack Services The Chinese interpretation of OpenStack words Dashboard AWS Console Horizon The horizon of the world; Calculate compute EC2 Nova Star Internet Vpc Neutron Neutron Object storage S3 Swift Swift; agile. Block storage Ebs

Explain the steps to enable the agent protocol for Nginx when using AWS's ELB service _nginx

When using the AWS Cloud Service, 90% uses the ELB service as a load-balanced solution, and using Elb is much more convenient than building load balancing yourself.   The main benefits of are: 1. Can monitor the health status of the instance at any time; 2. When the server is not normal, the ELB alert policy will automatically send messages to notify the Opera

Free Cloud technology platform-Amazon WEB Service AWS provides a free Method

Amazon announced that they will provide new customers with a one-year free AWS usage method starting from November 1. The products involved include EC2, Server Load balancer, EBS, and S3. The methods provided by SimpleDB, SQS, and SNS to new and old customers are not yet determined. Customers can use the service wherever they want, but there are the following restrictions: 613 hours for Amazon EC2

AWS SNS Mobile device Push service (GCM mode)

The AWS Cloud service provides a very sophisticated service, and the messaging push service for mobile devices is also very good, very low cost, and good performance.Although the AWS official web site has a lot of steps to explain, but I still take a big detour, mainly becau

AWS-Based Financial Service Grid Computing System Architecture

AWS-Based Financial Service Grid Computing System Architecture The Financial Service Grid Computing Based on the cloud environment provides Dynamic Scaling and elasticity for computing jobs on demand. The aggregation service simplifies the development of grid software. AWS

AWS-based ecommerce site architecture-Checkout Service

Build secure and highly available checkout services and business extensions for e-commerce sites with AWS. There are a number of steps involved in managing the checkout process and must coordinate the work. Some of these steps, such as credit card transactions, should have specific regulatory requirements. Other parts of the process involve manual operations, such as picking, packing and transporting items from the warehouse.customers want their perso

Build PPTP service using AWS EC2

What can cloud technology do? Speaking of what we need for half a day, today we are playing with the implementation of building PPTP services through Amazon AWS EC2 to scientifically access the internet. I have previously introduced the AIM (Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler). There are many cool AIM case videos on youtube, video tutorials, and so on. I would like to introduce them to you very much, unfortunately, most children's shoes cannot be accesse

AWS pushes the data warehouse service Redshift price only for TeradataIBMOracle

his own Reinvent keynote that Redshift costs only a tenth of the data warehouse for old players. Jassy believes that data warehouses are too costly for large enterprises and technically difficult to deploy on a large scale. At the same time, they are expensive for small enterprises. For these reasons, AWS builds a new type of service, which makes it easier to build a data warehouse. enterprises can choose

In the "magic quadrant of cloud infrastructure as a service" report, AWS has been named a leader for three consecutive years.

In the "2014 magic quadrant for cloud infrastructure as a service", Gartner positioned Amazon Web Services in the "leader quadrant" and commented that AWS has the most complete and profound insights, and the most powerful execution capability.With a series of mature, flexible, and low-cost IT resources provided globally, AWS provides customers from all walks of l

AWS-based file synchronization service system architecture

AWS-based file synchronization service system architecture In view of the fact that resources on Web services can be identified through their URLs and adopt a stateless client-server architecture, the development team can be an inter-department, enterprise, you can also create an application to complete file sharing and synchronization. Describes the core architecture of the file sharing and synchronizati

AWS-based advertising service application architecture

AWS-based advertising service application architecture The Internet advertisement service needs to complete targeted advertisements within a limited time, which is a technical challenge. AWS provides reliable, fault-tolerant, and highly available system infrastructure and services built on the cloud. This article desc

Failed to upload file in "resolve" AWS Service Console

Using IE 11, uploading pages in the AWS Services Console, whether S3 or Elastic Beanstalk, will fail with the following information:A problem occurred while uploading to S3.However, there is no such problem in chome.The cause of this problem is very discrete, and sometimes the same operation is not necessarily reproducible. After repeated attempts, there may be problems with the following two reasons:1. IE SettingsModify the Loose XAML option to Enabl

Installing the GIT service on AWS ec2 ubuntu14.04

, the contents as shown, each repo represents a warehouse, the following indicates that a particular user has specific permissions. This can be used for permission control.Suppose there are two users at this time Tom and Jack need to work with this GIT server to develop a project called Lake. First, Tom and Jack need to generate SSH keys on their respective computers, then rename the public key to and, and add them to the directory under the Admin user on the server

FTP service: network sharing, ftp service network sharing

FTP service: network sharing, ftp service network sharingPreface This time I will talk about some ftp services that are commonly used in our daily lives.How to Set Up ftp services and manage them.

EXPORTFS command, FTP Introduction, FTP Introduction, use VSFTPD to build FTP service

transfer time-outMAX_CLIENTS=10 the largest clientCreate a virtual user's home directorymkdir /home/virftp/testuser1touch /home/virftp/testuser1/lx.txtChange permissionschown -R virftp:virftp /home/virftpDefine a password filevim /etc/pam.d/vsftpdAdd the following line in front of the fileauth sufficient /lib64/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd_loginaccount sufficient /lib64/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd_loginEdit VSFTPD's Master profilevim /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.confChang

Enable the ftp service in centos, and enable the ftp service in centos

Enable the ftp service in centos, and enable the ftp service in centos If you need to install the ftp service to access linux through ftp, vsftpd is a better

Ocean studio-website construction expert: basic FTP service and FTP software knowledge

The shared download site is what we call an FTP server. FTP stands for the English file transfer protocol, which means the file transfer protocol in Chinese. Through the FTP protocol, users can transfer files between two computers connected to the Internet. It is the most important way to upload and deliver files on the Internet. An

Deploying FTP File Transfer service in RHEL 5 (ii) Deploying a virtual user based FTP service

In the VSFTPD server, the main advantage of using virtual users is that they can distinguish between the logged in account and the system login account, the username and password are different, which further enhances the security of the FTP server. 1, the establishment of virtual user account database The VSFTPD service uses database files in Berkeley DB format to store virtual user accounts. Creating suc

Ftp service, Nfs service, and Nis service

Install vsftpd in ftp service, Nfs service, and Nis service ftp service: yuminstallvsftpd *-y view vsftdd installation: getsebool amp; ndash; tl | grepftp anonymous user vietcvsftpdvsftpdconf No. anon_mkdir_wri

Install and configure the Linux ftp service and use IE to access Linux ftp

Install and configure the Linux ftp service and use IE to access Linux ftpI. installation and configuration of Linux FTP(1) install FTP: directly use the yum command to install FTP in CentosSu rootYum install ftpYum install vsftpd(2) configure the

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