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Linux date format (time format) in Shell __linux

Local Test Cases: # there can be no spaces on either side of the equal sign, before the error has been out here yesterday= ' date-d last-day +%y-%m-%d ' echo $yesterday curday= ' Date +%y-%m-%d ' echo $curday echo "Now time: ' Date ' +%y%m%d%T '"

Use the shell in Linux to get yesterday, tomorrow, or more days before the date

use the shell in Linux to get yesterday, tomorrow or many days before the date time -- A- , the: -:xxblogjava-Expert Area Original http://www.blogjava.net/xzclog/archive/2015/12/08/428555.htmlTheme Shell Original address:

Go: Date class in Java.util

The date class in Java.util www.linuxaid.com.cn 01-09-20 23:03 496p everywhere -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in JSP, we often have to deal with the date and time information, when you can

Perl and the shell get the code _perl of Yesterday, tomorrow, or more days before the date

First, how does Perl get Copy Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/perl-w Use POSIX QW (strftime); My $day = strftime ("%y%m%d", LocalTime (time-24*3600)); #获取昨天的日期 Second, in Linux on the man date-d parameters of the

Mysql date, mysql time, mysql date calculation, mysql time calculation, mysql date

2. DAYOFWEEK (date) 3. WEEKDAY (date) 4. DAYOFMONTH (date) 5. DAYOFYEAR (date) 6. MONTH (date) 7. DAYNAME (date) 8. MONTHNAME (date) 9. QUARTER (date) 10. WEEK (date) WEEK (date, first) 11. YEAR (date) 12. HOUR (time) 13. MINUTE (time) 14.S 2.

Detailed description of the JavaScript Date object, javascriptdate

Detailed description of the JavaScript Date object, javascriptdate This article describes how to operate Date and Time objects. Directory1. Introduction: Describes the Date object. 2. constructor: describes several methods of the constructor of the

Calendar Date Object in Java

Reprint Online ProfileCalendar C = calendar.getinstance ();//Create an instance by default is the current momentC.get (calendar.year);C.get (Calendar.month);C.get (calendar.date);//Get year, month, day of course, you can also note that the month

Java get the Summary of implementation methods for a specified date

The following summarizes the implementation methods for obtaining a specified date in Java. For more information, seeCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Format a Date String --> Date or Data --> String SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat

During MySQL activity, orders are over $600 and have not been _20161030 for more than 30 days before the event date.

The order is over $600 during the calculation activity and has not been placed for more than 30 days before the activity datefirst get this demand, first need to clear the activity date interval 10.29-10.31, its secondary to the time of the day of

Introduction to JavaScriptDate Date and Time object_basic knowledge-js tutorial

This article mainly introduces the date and time objects of JavaScriptDate. For more information, see Date and Time object 1. Introduction Date object, which is the object that operates on the Date and time. The Date object can only operate on the

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