c interpreter run time error

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To understand the interpreter, make a small interpreter-Xiaohua C language (20)

Author: Chen Xi Date: 11:31:12 Environment: [Mac 10.7.1 lion intel-based x64 gcc4.2.1 xcode4.2] Reprinted please indicate the source Q: What does the interpreter come from? A: If it is a broad interpreter, you can understand it as a translator, as

Nested python interpreter (Embedding Python in Another Application)

Hello, world [dongsong@bogon python_study]$ cat py.cpp #include int main(int argc, char** argv){ Py_Initialize(); PyRun_SimpleString("import sys"); PyRun_SimpleString("sys.path.append('./')"); PyObject* pModule = PyImport_

A tutorial on writing a simple Lisp interpreter in Python _python

This article has two purposes: one is to describe a common method for implementing a computer language interpreter, and the other is to highlight how to use Python to implement a subset of the Lisp scheme. I refer to my interpreter as Lispy (lis.py).

Python Tutorial Learning (ii)--using the Python Interpreter

Using the Python interpreter2.1. Invoking the InterpreterThe Python interpreter is usually installed as /usr/local/bin/python in those machines where it is available; Putting /usr/local/bin in your Unix Shell's search path makes it possible to start

Python tutorial (2): Use the python Interpreter

Document directory 2.1.1 parameter transfer 2.1.2 Interaction Mode 2.2.1 error capture 2.2.2 executable Python script 2.2.3 source file encoding 2.1 call Interpreter The Python interpreter is usually installed in/usr/local/bin/python3.3 and

Python interpreter configuration and Python common shortcut keys

1. Preparatory work Install the Pycharm2017 version. The Python interpreter is installed on the computer 2. Local interpreter configurationThe steps to configure the local interpreter are relatively straightforward:(1) Click the

Windows python3.2 shell environment (python is called Interpreter)

[Enter the python shell environment:] (python is called the command interpreter, windows is called cmd, and unix is called shell)Cmd InputSet path = % path %; e: \ python2.7Enter pythonEnter the python shell Interface, as shown in the following code:

Linux-user authentication for Web server configuration, installation of Perl language interpreter

First, user authenticationUser authentication is one of the most important technologies in network security, it is the first line of defense to protect network system resources. User authentication controls all logins and checks the legality of

Self-made dynamic language Medusa interpreter

Today compiled a study of the principles of compiling, the implementation of language Medusa when writing notes, made a similar description of the document, the introduction of the next MedusaSyntax sectionMedusa is a dynamic scripting language in

Design mode-Interpreter mode

Go directly to the topic, interpreter UML diagramAs you can see from the UML diagramThe core is the Abstractexpression class, which is the abstraction layer of the interpreter. His core approach is interpret (Content)OK, now we can think, how to

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