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Turn: Some bugs and solutions in mobile development

Web development to face a variety of browsers, people are very headache, and mobile development, you have to face not only the browser, but also face various versions of the mobile phone, iOS better, and Android is a variety of, you may have been in

Fixed two bugs in xpmenu.

Xpmenu is a well-known dephi third-party interface control. Recently, several bugs have been found and two of them have been corrected. 1,First, when drawing menus and toolbar icons, the white part of the image is used as transparent color, which

Do video puzzles with canvas

A few days ago colleagues showed me a special effect, is a jigsaw puzzle, the difference is, the puzzle is animation. He let me see To do a demo, so he himself for a while, it is really not difficult. It's easy to do with canvas. So this blog post

Build a Canvas vector graphics Renderer (5)-add an external rectangle of images and geometric elements, optimize the initial performance, and test the performance.

Document directory 2. Method for Calculating the range of Path. 1. With such a framework, it is very easy to add new graphic elements, as is the image class. For more information about the series of directories, see. This section mainly solves

Debug canvas with chrome development tools

Whether you are using 2D or webgl, anyone who has used knows that debugging is difficult. Using canvas usually requires a long list of calls that are difficult to trace. function draw() { context.clearRect(0, 0, 258, 258); context.fillStyle =

Javascrip + HTML5 Canvas draw turntable lottery, javascriphtml5

Javascrip + HTML5 Canvas draw turntable lottery, javascriphtml5 In previous projects, the lottery turntable function is required. The project has been completed for a while, and there are no major bugs, so I will share it with you now. Functional

"Fanvas Technology decryption" HTML5 canvas for dirty area redraw

First of all, Fanvas is the author of the Penguin company developed, will be open source flash to canvas tools.Dirty area repainting (dirty rectangle) is not a fresh technology, which existed when the earliest 2D games were born.A complex term or

HTML5 canvas Implementation of cool games examples

Objective First of all, a game is the most important animation, how to let elements move up? Let's look at a word first:The position of the element is moved, the animation is formed.One frame to render this element, and each frame of the element is

WeChat applet wxapp canvas details

This article mainly introduces the introduction and detailed description of small program WXML, WXSS and JS, for more information about the small program WXML, WXSS, and JS, see this article. A few days ago. Then, we will list some experiment

Android Image Rendering (III)-canvas screen Flushing

When drawing a dynamic image in the canvas, if a fixed background image is used, only one small genie is moving! In this case, you have to re-draw the background image without frame, reducing the efficiency! I tried various methods and eventually

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