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Java-captcha Implementation Verification Code (II)

CAPTCHA implement verification code to verify the user login, to prevent the password from being violently cracked.The following is run in the SPRINGMVC framework.imported jar Packages:Kaptcha-2.3.2.jar:

Simgan-captcha code reading and reproducing

Project Introduction Project address: Poke around here. The reason for this project is that the great God wants to participate in the hackmit, need them to identify 10000 pieces in 15000 verification code or each character's recognition accuracy

Code accumulation-Generate CAPTCHA servlet


PHP High Security Verification Code generator _php Tutorial

This generator needs to call some font libraries Oh, you can call some of your system's own fonts, of course, you can also like Dedecms to put the font into a directory, so it can be used on the server. The code is as follows Copy

Java Implementation Login Verification code (Kaptcha Verification Code component)

The role of the CAPTCHA:1, to prevent advertising machine registration and posting, comments.2, to prevent brute force password, especially the password with administrator privileges.Here is a very useful verification code generation tool:

Spring MVC uses Kaptcha to generate verification codes

1.spring configuration file Applicationcontext.xml yes 105,179,90 blue 125 45 45 code 4 Arial, Italic, Microsoft Black 2. Controller implementation

Python simple to make image verification code

-Everyone can learn python-- The verification code demonstrated here is simple, and you can distort the character Everyone can learn Python.png Python third-party library is incredibly powerful, PIL is a Python d third-party image processing module,

Google Kaptcha Generate graphics verification code

Google Captcha is a tool class for Google to generate a verification code by saving randomly generated strings to the session and returning them to the page as pictures, before the foreground page is submitted to the background for

Verification Code SimpleCaptcha

I want to sum up the verification code (the verification code used for open source. Of course, you can also implement it on your own, but you can use it for mature open-source projects.) After reading several open-source projects, we found that

PHP Verification Code Ajax Verification implementation Method _php tutorial

In web development in order to provide user experience we mostly use Ajax to do some things, let me introduce an AJAX implementation of the non-refreshed page verification code AJAX verification of the needs of friends can be consulted. Verification

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