captcha plugin for website

Want to know captcha plugin for website? we have a huge selection of captcha plugin for website information on

15 minutes hack website Verification Code

OverviewMany developers hate the verification code of the website, especially the programmer who writes the web crawler, and the website set up the verification code, is to prevent the robot to visit the website, cause unnecessary loss. Well now,

50 form functions, validation, security, and custom jquery plug-ins

50 jquery plugins for form functionality, validation, security and customisation To be honest, entering a form is always a pain point. What about developers? You can create a form to say they are more painful. No one will really like them. For

10 powerful JavaScript form verification plugin recommendations

Creating a JavaScript Form validation plug-in can be said to be a tedious process involving initial design, development, testing, and so on. In fact, a good programmer is not only a technical master, but also should be good fake in foreign objects.

20 great Jquery utilities

Website designers often design some small tool classes (widgets) or reusable programs to make pages more appealing and attract visitors. 20 commonly used Jquery tool classes are collected here. These small tools can help website designers and

Several plug-ins required for zencart construction of Foreign Trade sites

Many of my friends are using Zen cart as the first choice for Foreign Trade website construction. as a supporter of zencart, I am very happy to hear from you. When using zencart as an e-commerce system for building Foreign Trade sites, we need to

Magento (Community Edition) with module analysis and in the domestic use of recommendations one

This chapter begins by parsing Magento1 's own modules, which are described in different ways depending on the complexity and importance of the module, some using only text, and some with.1.Admin As the literal meaning, the admin module is related

WordPress contact form plug-in ContactForm7 usage tutorial

WordPress contact form plugin? ContactForm7 is a simple, easy-to-use, and flexible form plug-in that can customize a wide range of different types of form functions, and supports custom email receiving, Ajax submission, and jQuery form plug-in

Zend framework generates verification code and implements verification code verification function (with demo source download) _php instance

The example of this article describes the Zend Framework to generate the verification code and implement the Verification code verification function method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Today, how to implement the

Python analog login fetch and process send POST request and head data

Today's article discusses how to get and process post request and head data.Tools:Firefox browser and Firebug plugin. (Other such as Httpfox,live HTTP head, Fiddler,httpwatch also line)1. View analysis landing page HTML code to see if there is an

Nine Free PHP Libraries _ turn

9 Free PHP Libraries _ turn 9 Powerful free PHP libraries & 20 You should know PHP library From: From: 1. ReCAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA allows your site to integrate with an advanced

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