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[IOS effect set] achieves QQ's elimination of red dots (one-click return)

:( UIBezierPath *) path circle :( Circle *) circle {[_ path addArcWithCenter: circle. centerPoint radius: circle. radius startAngle: 0 endAngle: 360 clockwise: true]; [_ path fill]; [_ path stroke]; [_ path removeAllPoints];} # Pragma mark draw curve --- draw the besell curve-(void) drawBezierCurveWithCircle1 :( Circle *) circle1 Circle2 :( Circle *) circle2 {float circle1_x = circle1.

WinForm Learning--A simple analog clock program

); G.drawline (Mypen,centerpoint,minpoint); //connecting the origin and the minute point verticesMypen =NewPen (Color.Red,3); G.drawline (Mypen,centerpoint,hourpoint); //connect origin and hour verticesG.dispose ();//release all resources used by the Graphics objectTo draw a line, you have to get the two vertex coordinates of the line, in which three hands have a common origin (the center of the dial), and

Getting Started with IOS custom controls: Draggable Loop Progress

in this article, we will complete the following tasks:Drawing a user interface that users can interact with by dragging the handle sliders, the user's actions are converted to the actions of target, and the control converts the frame origin of the slider to a value between 0-360 and is used on target/action. Here are three steps to explain the three steps that correspond to the three important tasks mentioned above.1.1 Drawing the user interface, we

quartz2d drawing of iOS randomly drawn pentagram

1.single Pentagram drawingThe last time I talked about using quartz2d in iOS to draw basic graphics, today to draw a more complex graph-pentagram, pentagram everyone is very familiar. First to analyze the painting of the pentagram, a pentagram.1. The average circumference is equal to five, then each angle is 360/5, then the dots are wired to draw the pentagram .2. the angle of each connection is 360/5*2, b

Simulate joystick operation

Many mobile apps now have the function of simulating the joystick. Today, the project has encountered a delegate event. I will try to implement this joystick function by the way. The Code is as follows: /** Joystick. H * yaogan ** created by Liu Yanghui on 11-10-27. * copyright 2011 ard8. All Rights Reserved. **/# ifndef joystick_h # define joystick_h # include "cocos2d. H "using namespace cocos2d; Class joystick: Public cclayer {public: ccpoint centerpoint

Cocos2d-x beginner's Guide (6): simulate a touch joystick as a virtual button

There are a lot of such methods. I have found one for you on the internet, but this is not complete yet. How can I determine whether the buttons are left or right. So I added some stupid methods. If you have any good methods, I 'd like to comment out. Thank you. [Cpp]# Include "cocos2d. h"Using namespace cocos2d;Class Joystick:Public CCLayer[Cpp]Public:Joystick (void );~ Joystick (void );Public:CCPoint centerPoint; // joystick CenterCCPoint currentPo

Virtual joystick Implementation of cocos2d-x

In fact, it is not difficult to implement this function. simply copy the logic previously implemented in Java... Let's take a look at the following: First, the joystick is regarded as an independent class and has its own series of functions. The Code only lists some of the most commonly used functions: Joystick. h: # Include "cocos2d. H" using namespace cocos2d; Class joystick: Public cclayer {public: joystick (void );~ Joystick (void); Public: ccpoint cente

Design Mode Study Notes 20-memento Mode

Motivation : Capture the internal state of an object without compromising encapsulation, and save the state outside the object. In this way, the object can be restored to the previously saved state. Scenario: The Graphic System is used as an example. The circle is the primary machine. The system processes the circle and stores the recoverable sequence. Structure chart Code Namespace Designpattern. Memento { /**/ //////Primary machine/// Public Class Round { Private

Fu Sheng Dictation 360 security Guardian History: I'm not Lin Biao

Why would fu Sheng leave 360? is because of evil deeds, premeditated defection, the bite of the hand, or the high earthquake Lord, compelled? Of course, the original things will not be pure one-sided. Listen to the story. Please note that this is a Fu Sheng oral history, believe it or not. (This article is based on the author and Fu Sheng (micro-bo) and its surrounding management staff of the three-degree interview, the narrative events are from Fu Sh

Angle tagging Algorithm in drawings

method is still applicable to the blunt angle. Considering that the current mouse is in the second quadrant, the red dotted line vector and the blue solid line vector are used as reference vectors) The algorithm is implemented as follows. The idea is basically the same as above, and only some optimizations are made: Evaluate the dimensionline endpoint Algorithm Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> 1 Private Void

VC miscellaneous Programming

= fgetc (FP );If (feof (FP ))Break;If (CH = '/N' flag = 1)Continue;Else if (CH = '/N' flag = 0)Flag = 1;ElseFlag = 0;Fputc (CH, FP1 );}Fclose (FP1 );Fclose (FP );3. solution: Use the following code after the menu:Cpoint pt;Getcursorpos ( pt );Setforegroundwindow ();Policymenu. trackpopupmenu (tpm_rightbutton, Pt. X, Pt. Y, this );Postmessage (wm_null, 0, 0 );3. animation effects displayed in the dialog box from small to large: Add:Showwindow (sw_hide );Crect dlgrect;Getclientrect ( dlgrect );

Interface Design Code collection

, this );Postmessage (wm_null, 0, 0 );3. animation effects displayed in the dialog box from small to large:Add:Showwindow (sw_hide );Crect dlgrect;Getclientrect ( dlgrect );Cpoint centerpoint;Centerpoint. x = dlgrect. Width ()/2;Centerpoint. Y = dlgrect. Height ()/2; // obtain the midpoint coordinate of the dialog box.Crgn testrgn;This-> showwindow (sw_hide );Int

Summary of VC ++ Interface Programming

(TPM_RIGHTBUTTON, pt. x, pt. y, this );PostMessage (WM_NULL, 0, 0 );3. animation effects displayed in the dialog box from small to large:Add:ShowWindow (SW_HIDE );CRect dlgRect;GetClientRect ( dlgRect );CPoint centerPoint;CenterPoint. x = dlgRect. Width ()/2;CenterPoint. y = dlgRect. Height ()/2; // obtain the midpoint coordinate of the dialog box.CRgn testrgn;T

[uwp-small white Diary 13] Composition Animation

(); vareasing =composition. Createlineareasingfunction (); //-------------------------------------------------------------------- //1. Start painting, rotate from 0 degrees to 360 degrees, 3 seconds, repeat play//--------------------------------------------------------------------Animation. Insertkeyframe (0.0f,0.0f); Animation. Insertkeyframe (1.0f,360.0f, easing); Animation. Duration= Timespan.frommilliseconds ( the); Animatio

360 Bloody Road to success

This "unprecedented", and is likely to be "no one after" the client big scuffle, destined to be included in the annals of China's Internet. So far, at least 7 companies have been directly hand-to-hand, and other internet giants that have not fought in the war have expressed their positions in different ways--saying it was the "First World War" of China's internet. How are we going to write this history in 10 years ' time? Is it a "war of interests between the imperialists", or "a fight against u

Android 2D graphics (circle, straight line, point) tool class (continuous update)

Android 2D graphics (circle, straight line, point) tool class (continuous update) public class Circle {private PointF centerPoint;private float radius;public PointF getCenterPoint() {return centerPoint;}public void setCenterPoint(PointF centerPoint) {this.centerPoint = centerPoint;}public float getRadius() {return ra

Draw a circular progress bar on the drawingvisual, similar to the iOS system style.

1. Description: In WPF, File download needs to display the download progress, because the system comes with a bar-type progress bar compared to occupy space, instead of using a circular progress bar, need to be presented on drawingvisual.Effect of runningPrivatePoint Getpointoncir (Point CenterPoint,DoubleRDoubleAngel) {Point P =NewPoint (); p.x = Math.sin (Angel * Math.PI/ the) * r + centerpoint.x; P.Y = Centerpoint.y-math.cos (Angel * Math.PI/ the)

Cocos2d-x 3.0 game instance learning notes the sixth step -- physical collision detection (2) -- the protagonist eat gold coins, cocos2d-x the Parkour

know that the Tag of the protagonist is 1, the Tag of the gold coin is 2, and the rock is 3; Then add the code in the initBody so that it can be detected by collision: Void Runner: initBody () {// set bodySize for different rigid bodies according to different States; if (m_state = crouch) {bodySize = crouchSize;} else {bodySize = run_jumpSize ;} // create the runner's rigid body auto runerBody = PhysicsBody: createBox (bodySize, PHYSICSBODY_MATERIAL_DEFAULT); // set the runerBody for Collision

The nuclear war between 360 and QQ

Micro-Innovation is Zhou 祎 Shing Micro Bo is very hot. The golden-wrong knife, which likes to make Weibo, wrote the book, "The Micro-revolution," which is estimated to be the latest micro-experience, such as "micro-innovation." Commenting on the recent dispute between the 360 and Tencent, he made a new term "micro war". I remember that "micro-innovation" was his inspiration for interviewing Zhou Hongyi. The old week to the Internet product experience

[Technical Exchange] AutoCAD usage Summary

: construction drawing and interior decoration DiagramCall a line chart: Right-click any floating toolbar-custom-command-drawing-multilineMulti-line width control. The default width is 1. Because n times of 1 is N.The number of lines on multiple lines can be changed: the format is that when the multi-line style is used to draw a building diagram, the multi-line is generally set to three.Multi-line proportional control-for wall thickness. The general proportion is 120 240

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