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Talk about technical principles, technical learning methods Personal Summary 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

be finished in a few hours. Originally designed a text box, a button, very pp, but the old point does not. Then I put the button into the boss, in this one change, productivity increased by more than 1 time times. Work, we must adhere to such a principle. To be able to distinguish value, to find the ability to improve the value of doing. Even if this violates the general rule, violates the technical dogma. Learning to simple, the core of Dongdong.

From VMware Technical team to Microsoft technical Team (Comlan)

5 in haste, as in the day of the year. A hasty glance came 2016 years in an instant.In the days of Comlan, just as the other day, not yet aftertaste.From the original small white, to the present hodgepodge. The brain is from scratch, from little to fine.Start with a resident OPS engineer and start with a new Microsoft Private cloud Advisor.From the initial learning of antivirus deployments, to attending VMware VCP Training, from Vue to VCP, to the VMware product proficiency.From too many things

November 2008 Best C # Technical Articles collection, about the latest technical examples of WPF LINQ Pre-jit WCF

November 2008 Best C # Technical articles, about the latest technical examples of WPF LINQ Pre-jit WCF Learning technology, have to put their eyes on foreign countries, to learn from them, is not a shameful thing, did not learn the technology is not very good. This is the article on the CodeProject, I will not turn, please see the original, this is beneficial to everyone. Url: http://www.codeproject

[Technical Support Department] technical director and Technical Group C team lead (Fan Liu and Li yuanzhe): the first machine purchased for the administrative office of the hospital

Purchaser: Technical Department: Fan Liu, Li yuanzhe Amount: 2580 (after tax) Procurement completion date: 2011.9.28 Machine Configuration: CPU: Intel g620 (box) Motherboard: Microstar H61M-P23 Memory: Kingston 4G ddr3 1333 Hard Disk: Western data 5000 aakx Chassis: Ma xianmou Power: Great Wall ATX-300SD Monitor: Philips pixel el Keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad Technical Support Department,

Technical window: Technical technical foundation capplication (. cpp) (ii)

Technical window: Technical technical foundation type capplication (. cpp), available //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// /// // Capplication. cpp /////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////

Technical window: Technical technical foundation capplication (. h) (dimethyl)

Technical window: Technical technical foundation type capplication (. h), available //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// /////// Capplication. h /////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// /////////////

Technical sensitivity-essential for grass-roots technical managers

When talking about the capabilities of managers, we will immediately think of communication, authorization, decision-making, and other capabilities. However, for the grass-roots technical managers (such as team lead and line manager) in software development activities, I would like to point out another important capability that has been greatly ignored-Technical sensitivity. What is

Technical Framework Group Job Responsibilities _ technical framework

Technical Framework group work target landing the technical planning of the Department, responsible for the department's IT overall planning technology, guiding the design of important projects to standardize all the technical application and development of the Department, to ensure the orderly development of the system, standards, consistency and develop the bas

Professional development direction of technical personnel-technical person

Almost every enterprise needs the support of technical personnel, manufacturing enterprises need on-site production control and process technology personnel; it and other High-tech industries need a large number of software development and maintenance of hardware engineers, real estate, construction engineering needs of architects, civil engineers and construction technicians. In addition, whether it is state-owned enterprises, private companies or fo

Taking the technical route or the Technical Management route [reprinted]

Recently, because I want to give a speech to my new students, I want to write some ideas on topics like career development in the form of a blog, hoping to bring higher quality content to my students. In my article "driving your" workplace brown sports ", Talked about 25 workplace insights and I proposed "taking the technical line or the Technical Management line ?" This question is actually not answere

The difference between good technical leadership and poor technical leadership--turn

Original address: http://suanfazu.com/t/topic/9613Foursquare Team Technical Leadership Brief guide-Thoughts on Ben Horowitz "good product manager, poor product Manager" article.Team work A good technical leader must be a part of the team, and they think that when the whole team is successful, they can only be successful. Not only do they have to do their job well, they have to clean up the obstacle

This article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy, Christmas benefits, Christmas benefits, and technical guidance.

This article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy, Christmas benefits, Christmas benefits, and technical guidance. This article is about testing technical guidance and payment for Christmas crazy Christmas benefits reading this article is about testing technical guidance and payment for

SOA/SCA is a modeling architecture in the business field, but the technical personnel understand the technical level.

eventually serves the business.David (hidden QQ number) 22:42:44In the end, that's right.David (hidden QQ number) 22:43:14But now we need to distinguish between each layerLotte (QQ number hidden) 22:43:56It can also be used as a modeling architecture in the business field, but the technical staff understand the technical level.David (hidden QQ number) 22:44:18That's good!David (hidden QQ number) 22:44:40Ho

How does the technical examiner interview candidates for non-technical qualities?

How the technical examiner can interview candidates for non-technical qualities seems ridiculous.Isn't that what HR is doing? I am a man, is it just a matter of general face technology?In fact, this idea may have been correct before, but now many technical talents have their own ideas after doing so for a while, for example, they want to jump and have dissatisfac

Canadian technical immigration-flyabroad Canadian Federal Technical Immigration Personal Agent self-service and service charges

Canadian Federal Technical Immigration Profile Canadian federal skilled immigrants are the first immigration type to be contacted by flyabroad and the first self-help immigration program by fly. Fly has rich experience and professional knowledge in Canadian federal skilled immigration applications. Canadian federal skilled migrants are a major component of Canadian Immigration and are intended to recruit highly educated

I would like to recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books _ PHP tutorials

I recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books. We recommend several classic technical books, classic technical books, UNIX network programming, UNIX environment advanced programming, UNIX Programming art, and programming language: the path to practice: I recommend several classic

HLS live broadcast technical solutions and pitfalls, hls live broadcast technical solutions

HLS live broadcast technical solutions and pitfalls, hls live broadcast technical solutionsFor personal information about the old code farmers, please see here: http://www.koulianbing.com /? Page_id = 12I. Why is IJKPlayer having mature backend systems in terms of basic technology? let's leave it alone. Let's talk about the client. There will be bullet screens when there is a live video, which is basically

Take over the project for O & M, and what legitimate and standardized handover documents and technical support should the former technical team provide?

What should I pay attention to as a successor Team to ensure the stable operation of projects in the future? What are the risks of such incidents, such as accounts, malicious changes, and pitfalls? Some details of a large project may need support from the former team? After the documents and procedures are handed over, is it reasonable to provide the technical advisor services based on the working hours or the limited number of times. What should I pa

Jin wanna, Shanda Technical Manager: 13 principles of technical experts

[Csdn exclusive interview] "college students have a high eye and a low eye" does not seem to be an individual phenomenon. Many of the children who grow in the ivory tower ignore the outside market conditions, I always think that the experts in the exam will be the "snatching goods" in the workplace in the future ". In a market economy, enterprises focus more on competence rather than education. A skill is always favored by enterprise HR. Many students regard being invincible in the test room as

Talk about technical principles, technical learning methods, code reading, and others

[Switch] talking about technical principles and technical learning methods,CodeReading and other Http://xiaotie.cnblogs.com/archive/2005/12/21/301634.html I. Principles of Technology Selection A relatively standardized software development process can be learned by a limited number of companies. Even the current method is the merge method.ProgramStaff, test driver, documentation and code written toget

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