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Excel learning notes 1 Excel chart and Data Analysis

output of data by shoot the head, and the mining algorithm is only to prove how clever your decision is. From the analysis output, data analysis can be presented in charts, text, tables, business derivation processes, or a series of advanced mathematical formulas. It is obvious that the charts are the most impressive, the second is the form, the worst text effect, and the last is the process or formula tha

Use PHPExcel for Excel usage instance analysis, phpexcel instance Analysis _ PHP Tutorial

Use PHPExcel for Excel usage instance analysis and phpexcel instance analysis. Use PHPExcel to perform Excel usage instance analysis, and use phpexcel to perform Excel operations. Share it with you for your reference. The specific

Python read Excel Method Instance analysis, python instance analysis

Python read Excel Method Instance analysis, python instance analysis This example describes how to read an Excel file from Python. Share it with you for your reference. The details are as follows: This day, data is imported from an Excel file (.xls) to a database table, and

C # Excel operations and Analysis

. Office. InterOP. Excel. worksheet) WB. worksheets ["sheet1"];String sexa = ws. get_range ("A" + num, system. type. Missing). value2.tostring ();String sexb = ws. get_range ("B" + num, system. type. Missing). value2.tostring ();Excel Analysis// Load macroMicrosoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. applicationclass myexcel;Myex

Excel-Moving Average analysis (trend analysis)

to predict the spring sales volume based on the sales volume of T-shirts in February. Figure 9-86 simple moving average calculation Figure 9-87 Weighted Moving Average calculation2. Draw a moving average chart You can use the data analysis tool provided by Excel to draw a simple moving average. Click the "Data Analysis" button on the "data" tab. In the disp

excel-Funnel Chart Analysis (variance analysis)

The funnel chart is suitable for the business process comparison specification, the cycle is long, the link multi-process analysis, through the funnel each link business data comparison, can intuitively discover and explain the problem lies. In site analysis, typically used for conversion rate comparisons, it not only shows the final conversion rate of the user from entering the website to achieving the pur

Excel-funnel chart analysis (Difference Analysis)

From the author's website data analysis: data-driven website management, optimization and operation: The funnel chart is applicable to the Process Analysis with standardized business processes, long cycles, and multiple links. By comparing the business data in each link of the funnel chart, you can intuitively discover and describe the problem. In website

Using Excel to Do data analysis--regression analysis

Example the concentration of a solution is proportional to the peak area of the chromatographic instrument, and the standard curve of the corresponding peak area at different concentrations is to be established to test the actual concentration of unknown samples. 8 sets of corresponding data are known, the standard curve is established, the curve is evaluated and the residual data is analyzed. This is a typical linear fitting problem, manual calculation is to use the least square method to find

Excel-funnel chart analysis (Difference Analysis)

business data in each link of the funnel chart, you can intuitively discover and describe the problem. In website analysis, it is usually used to compare the conversion rate. It not only shows the user's final conversion rate from entering the website to purchasing, but also shows the conversion rate of each step, as shown in 9-91. Figure 9-91 use a funnel chart to show the customer conversion rate of a website A funnel Chart not only provides the

Data analysis using Python like Excel (3)

sampling weights weights = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0.5, 0.5]df_inner.sample (n=2, weights=weights)As can be seen from the sample results, the latter two high-weighted data are selected.There is also a parameter replace in the sample function that sets whether to put back after sampling.# do not put back df_inner.sample (n=6, replace=false) after sampling# after sampling, put back df_inner.sample (n=6, Replace=true)Description statisticsThe ability to describe statistics is provided in data

Data analyst's Excel Processing and analysis

Label:Excel data processing and analysis in combatCourse Study Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: Course IntroductionThis course details Microsoft Excel's application knowledge, and Excel, also known as spreadsheets, is an important part of Microsoft Office suite software. It can be used for mixed operation of various data

Reprinted: rfm analysis of member customer transaction data using Excel

Case: rfm analysis of member customer transaction data using Excel Background: A Member Service Enterprise has about 1200 member customers in the past year. As the company wants to activate promotions for different categories of inactive customers, it also plans to launch a series of promotions for key customers to retain these customers and maintain their activity. Therefore, we hope to use this data for c

. NET implementation of Office Excel custom formulas are widely used in reports and data analysis

simple examples, I think readers should be able to quickly get started and efficiently author custom formulas in Excel.Interface (Ribbon,panel) and COM server supportExcel DNA supports creating a custom panel, adding a WinForms custom control, inheriting from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl, and then adding the following code call.CustomTaskPane MYCTP = Customtaskpanefactory.createcustomtaskpane (typeof(MyUserControl), MyTitleMore information can be found in the download source code package, w

[Python Data Analysis] solve and optimize some problems in Python3 Excel (2), pythonpython3

[Python Data Analysis] solve and optimize some problems in Python3 Excel (2), pythonpython3 After the previous article titled "Python Data Analysis" and "Excel in Python3"-taking Douban book Top250 as an example to crawl the top P250 of Douban books, some problems have not been solved, so we have further discussions, t

SSAS & Excel BI tips in one piece: what-if analysis

This series is used to document the experience of using SSAS and Excel for data analysis in the work, in the Days of Goodness (SSAS Excel BI Tips), which is now intended to share small skills in the form of blogs, which is not enough to be explained as a separate course, but a lot of BA, Bu unfamiliar but very useful skills, dedicated to the needs of friends.Thi

How to add and use the excel table data analysis function

1, new and open Excel table 2, first add data Analysis plug-in, click on the top left corner button, appear menu page, select the lower right corner "Excel Options" button click 3, then click the "Add-ins" option, select the "Analysis Tool Library", click the "Go to" button below 4, then appear

Using JavaScript to imitate Excel's data perspective analysis function _javascript Skill

What is a data perspective analysis? The data perspective analysis is to summarize, filter, analyze, compare and draw the data in different dimensions. Used to discover trends in data and differences caused by different factors. This is useful in sales, statistics, and finance, and is often used in some management software. Next, you use Excel to describe what

Use PHPExcel for Excel usage instance analysis

This article mainly introduces how to use PHPExcel to operate Excel. Examples of common skills such as using PHPExcel to read, write, and generate are analyzed, which is of great practical value, for more information, see the examples in this article. Share it with you for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: PHPExcel:Http:// Tests Director

Output Analysis of export of ALV with double quotation marks in Excel

When the data displayed by ALV contains double quotation marks, it is okay to display it in ALV. However, when it is output to excel, the problem may occur. After analysis, it is found that this problem is not Alv, but the problem of opening the output text file in Excel, that is, Excel. The following rules are found

Excel add-in for Olap cubes/analysis Services & PowerPivot

A few months ago, I stumbled across an Excel plugin Smartpivot for the analysis of SSAS OLAP data, which is a very useful feature, and if your BI solution is using SSAS, then look at this stuff and be sure to have a lot of inspiration for you if your bi The report client uses Excel, so this is simply a must-have tool in the home, in recent months I have used piec

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