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Questions about the principles of PAP and CHAP in PPP authentication

Questions about the principles of PAP and CHAP in PPP authenticationObjective: 1. What is the process of PAP and CHAP? 2. Why do the passwords on both sides of PAP can be set differently, and CHAP must be set the same? 3. complete their

Ppp chap configuration "Big method"

We know that the establishment of PPP protocol sessions involves many authentication configurations. Now we will explain the configuration of ppp chap. In general, this article focuses on three parts: PPP overview, CHAP principle, and CHAP

PAP and CHAP authentication in PPP

Preface: Today I saw the chap certification experiment of the Yan brothers. I think I helped my classmates solve a problem about pap and CHAP authentication, now we will summarize the PAP and CHAP authentication in PPP. Lab level: aassistant lab

CHAP authentication experiment in PPP

CHAP authentication experiment in PPP 1. Introduction to CHAP authentication 1. Both the master and verified parties have a user name and password. 2. The primary authenticated party initiates a request and sends a random packet and the user name

ISCSI CHAP authentication

Reposted from -- What is chap? Challenge-Handshake Authentication protocoliscsi initiators and targets prove their identity to each other using the Chap protocol, which has des a mechanic

Principles and configurations of pap and chap for ppp authentication (Cisco router)

I. Prerequisites: 1. PPP definition: Point to Point Protocol (PPP) is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, Internet Engineering Task Group) launched the data link layer protocol for point-to-point lines. This protocol is not a proprietary

Parsing ppp and CHAP

Speaking of ppp, we will always involve CHAP. For the content of these two parts, we will discuss them in detail today. Here we will mainly explain the content about CHAP. Related Concepts and applications are also involved in PPP authentication

Details about CHAP in PPP

We all know that the PPP protocol is a point-to-point connection protocol. Here we will mainly explain the content about CHAP. Related Concepts and applications are also involved in PPP authentication configuration. For more information, see the

Detailed description of Wan protocol PPP → CHAP Verification

PPPThere are two authentication methods. One is PAP authentication. one disadvantage of PAP authentication is that the information is transmitted in plaintext when the user identity is verified, in this way, it is likely that a third party will

CHAP authentication for PPP authentication

To ensure the security of the network environment, we need to set up a verification mechanism in the network environment, that is, when a user's device wants to communicate with your device, it must pass your authentication. Today, let's take a look

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