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Converting rem width and height does not take effect. The minimum chrome font size is 12px and chrome12px.

Converting rem width and height does not take effect. The minimum chrome font size is 12px and chrome12px. At present, many front ends use rem to Unit Element and font size. The general setting is Html { Font-

Solution to font-size less than 12px in chrome

Tags: for SP on problem AD Size text Rom WebSince chorme canceled-WebKit-text-size-adjust, this problem has become annoying.Fortunately, we can use the private property-WebKit-transform.. Box {-WebKit-transform: Rotate (0.8) // I usually adjust it to 0.7 ~ Between 0.8}If a background is added to your box, and all you want to change is the font

Chrome default font is too small Solution

When the font of a website is 12px, It is very small in chrome and looks very hard. Modification method: 1. Close your Chrome browser first. (If you do not close it first, the modification may be overwritten) 2. Back up the configuration file again. If the configuration file is broken, it will be miserable: Code h

Mac translates English (words or sentences) through the Chrome address bar

When we use the Chrome browser, we always encounter some words or sentences that we don't understand. How can we easily translate these words or sentences when we are confronted with such a problem? Today's small compilation teaches everybody a simple solution. Workaround: Step one: Chrome has a function of using a Web site as a search engine, and by matching G

Google Chrome Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1664)

Google Chrome Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1664)Google Chrome Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1664) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Google Chrome

Chrome 24 is coming soon. The star icon in the address bar is changed to +

Chrome 24 has entered the development stage, and Chrome 24.0.1312.2 is the latest Dev developer version. Compared with Chrome 23, Chrome 24 does not bring much new content. It uses the latest Chromium V8 kernel and fixes some problems in earlier versions. From Chrome

Mac translates English through Chrome address bar

Step one: Chrome has a function of using a Web site as a search engine, and by matching Google translations, we can translate in the Chrome address bar. The second step: first you need to open Google translation, the translation content set to automatically select, after the translation language set to Chinese or yo

Set the font color and size of navigation bar headings in iOS

Set the font color and size of the navigation bar title in iOS, and the friends you need can refer to below.In peacetime development projects, inevitably encounter changes in the navigation bar font size and color requirements, th

Chrome browser Address bar search is forced to jump, Baidu search engine code

Normally enter the information in the address bar, the search will automatically call the default search engine, but not now, such as jumping to the first page of the search engine, and then input once. It's trouble!Estimate is 360 Guardian browser lock caused, so unlock, is still so, is irritable, may be my obsessive-compulsive disorder, really do not want to jump more than once, repeat two search content.

Mobile phone QQ Address Book font size How to adjust?

1. Points: Adjust the entire Address book font size and SMS content font size two kinds (System font size can also be adjusted) 2. Adjust the entire

How to adjust the font size of the title bar, menu, and message box in Win8/win8.1

The operation steps for the Windows 8 series are the same. Next, press win + X and then selectControl panel:Under the control panel, click the "appearance and personalization" option, and then click the details below;Next, click the "display" option in the appearance and personalization interface. The details are as follows;In Win8.1, uncheck "let me select a proper scaling level for all monitors ", you can adjust the font

Modify the font size and color of NavigationBarItem on the UINavigationBar (navigation bar ).

Modify the font size and color of NavigationBarItem on the UINavigationBar (navigation bar ). // Create a button on the left UIBarButtonItem * leftButton = [[UIBarButtonItemalloc] initWithTitle: @ " // LeftButton. [LeftButton setTitleTextAttributes: [NSDictionarydictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: [UIFontfontWithName: @ "Helvetica-Bold"

A small piece of code to adjust the QT font size

During some applications, the size of some controls (such as qlabel) may be dynamically changed at any time. If the size of the text in the controls does not change, it is very small, or the control is exceeded. You can use the following code to adjust the font size of the

A solution to the small font size problem of high-resolution webpage viewing

Some laptops or LCD monitors have an optimal resolution greater than 1024x768, for example, sxga +'s 1400x1050. We usually set a large font in Windows display options, to facilitate reading. However, by default, the Internet Explorer uses a 96 dpi resolution to display the content, and users are not allowed to select a custom resolution in the options. Therefore, when reading many webpages, the font

JS to achieve the text large and small font size function (can be automatically recorded)

We must have seen the three buttons "big", "medium" and "small" under the title of the article in some large websites to take care of different people's reading habits. Here I would like to introduce this method, and more than their support automatically save Oh ~ Just select once, the next time to read automatically adjust to the favorite font size. JS Code Fi

WinXP How to add a small icon to the address bar

, choose a good font size and color. 6, and then select "Image" on the menu bar to select "Image size", set the image size for 16*16 (standard size) to confirm. 7, and then save in PNG format

How Windows XP system adds small icons to the address bar

How Windows XP system adds small icons to the address bar The steps are as follows: One, the address bar on the production of small icons 1, first of all, we want to make a icon, is the icon picture, the following we first us

Small map Local amplification effect (picture of the words to find a bar, remember is a picture with two times, not two pictures, and your picture is not necessarily the same as me, need to change a large size)

html>>>meta CharSet="UTF-8"> >> style type= "Text/css"> * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } Canvas { position: absolute; top: 0px; Left : 0px; } > >>img src= "img/2.jpg"> canvas id= "canvas" width= "All" height= ">canvas> script type= "Text/javascript"> var oC = document.getElementById ("canvas"); var ctx = Oc.getcontext ("2d"); Oc.onmousedown = function() { document. onmousemove = function(ev) { var ev = EV | | window.

[To] Web site Address bar Small icon Favicon.ico how to make

see your own web site in front of the small icon, if you do not see, please ensure that the correct operation, empty the browser cache files, refresh the page can be seen. As for the dynamic website icon, it will only take effect with Firefox browser .What needs to be clarified here is that In Favicon.ico, Favicon is the file name, ico is the extension, the file name can be arbitrarily up, but the reason is called Favicon, because in the foreign host

How to set a small icon in the address bar of a webpage

How to set a small icon in the address bar of a webpage: Let's talk about the following: The twoCode. In the address bar of a browser, how does one set a "circle" icon in your JSP webpage? The common practice is: Create an icon file in advance. The

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