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Linux privileged level, Linux communication mechanism, Dalvik, Android Binder

Android BinderAndroid Interprocess CommunicationThorsten SchreiberFirst Advisor: Juraj somorovskySecond Advisor: Daniel Bu beta Meyer When reading the android binder document, read: 1. the privileged level is called ring in English and must be supported by hardware. Intel hardware implements four privileged levels. L

[Reprint] Detailed main browser multi-process architecture: Chrome, IE

Firefox 3.6.4 Beta builds already includes multi-process processing capabilities.The multi-process architecture in Figure 4:firefox#4, WebKit 2, the WebKit team announced that a multi-process browsing capability would be included in the upcoming WebKit2. In other words, a large number of browsers using the WebKit Web rendering engine will introduce multi-

Mobile front-end debugging scenarios (Android + Chrome for remote debugging)

check Discover USB devices can detect your device can see monitoring to my device is M351 Meizu X35. Open Chrome on your phoneYou can see the page that Chrome opens on your phone at this point, chrome on my phone doesn't have any web history on it. If we can see it in the Mobile Chrome browser input, y

Mobile browser Chrome for Android removed 300ms click Delay

is not optimized for mobile devices, the browser shrinks the page so that you can see the entire width of the page, and in order to read the content, you can pinch to zoom, or double-click something to enlarge it. Double click is the performance killer, because each click we have to wait to know whether it is a double-click event, the wait time is 300ms, the following is the implementation process:1.Touchstart2.Touchend3.Wait 300ms in case of another

Use Chrome to run Android applications on Windows

Use Chrome to run Android applications on Windows I found this interesting thing: running the Android App on Chrome! Note: This tutorial is only applicable to Chrome on Windows. For details about how to use Chrome to run

How to watch flash videos in chrome on Android phones

How to watch flash videos in chrome on Android phones First, open the user agent information for the website region Chrome -- User-Agent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.0.3; HTC t328w build/iml74k) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml, like gecko) Chrome

Android Write a process/service that will never be killed

processrecord{308fb390 1713:system/1000} (fixed) nbsp; nbsp; APP nbsp;# 1:adj= N Bsp 0/0 processrecord{30908198 1794:android.process.acore/10005} (top-activity) nbsp; nbsp; PERS # 0:adj= -12/0 ProcessRec ord{3090d488 1789:xiao.xiong.test/10026} (fixed) copying code and ADJ=-12, this process starts immediately after DDMS manual stop nbsp; I am the king of the Tiger's split line nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nb

SMS receiving-an in-depth analysis of the android SMS receiving process (framework)

Document directory Summary Receiving PROCESS OF SHORT MMSInvolved files Analysis sequence di

Windows Android react native detailed installation configuration process

the device or press the menu key (the Bluestacks simulator presses the menus key on the keyboard, usually on the left side of the right ctrl or next to the left Windows key), you can open the Debug menu, click Dev Settings, and choose Debug Server host for device, Enter your 正在运行packager的那台电脑的局域网IP加:8081 (at the same time to ensure that the phone and computer in the same network segment, and no firewall block), and then press the back key to return, and then press the menu key, select Reload JS

Android Write a process/service that will never be killed

, "My_service_name", System.currenttimemillis ()); Pendingintent P_intent = Pendingintent.getactivity (this, 0, New Intent (this, myma Inactivity.class), 0); nbsP Notification.setlatesteventinfo (this, "myservicenotification," Myservicenotification is running! " , p_intent); LOG.D (TAG, String.Format ("notification =%s", notification)); Startforeground (0x1982, notification); //Notification id:0x1982, you can name it as you'll.} The copy code is more

Chromium for Android hardware rendering process Summary

ositingdescendantsCompositingreasonperspectiveCompositingreasonpreserve3dCompositingreasonreflectionofcompositedparentCompositingreasonrootCompositingreasonlayerforclipCompositingreasonlayerforscrollbarCompositingreasonlayerforscrollingcontainerCompositingreasonlayerforforegroundCompositingreasonlayerforbackgroundCompositingreasonlayerformaskRenderlayer that are considered to be synthetic layers will create renderlayerbacking,renderlayerbackingThe relationship with the composited layer is one by

"Golden Sun Test" Android Automation-learning process: Selenium principle Preliminary

,(4) INI? Should generally use INI relatively little bar, recently wrote a project with the INI, the other did not do research, anyway INI is unable to change line3, Longpresselement (similar to Robotium's Clicklongonscreen method):The basic principles are all the same, get the element, get the coordinate point, call the Longpress methodHow to find element: (the basic principles are similar: pass parameters, and then find a match with this parameter, but can be obtained by the following three wa

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