cisco ccna lab equipment

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Ccna Lab 1: basic configurations of Cisco devices

indicates that the configuration is not loaded into the system, often used for Password Recovery 4: Common show commands Ccna # showrunning-config # view the current configuration, including the default configuration of the device Ccna # showstartup-config # view the startup configuration, that is, the saved configuration Ccna # showversion # view the version

CCNA Study Notes (ii)--CISCO equipment initial Contact

CCNA Study Notes (ii)--Initial knowledge of Cisco devicesIn the previous chapter we recognized the fundamentals of networking, and now we are formally exposed to Cisco devices.1, first we first understand the main components of a Cisco device:ROM (read-only memory): mainly save the post software, save the router boot b

CCNA clearance cheats, 10 Cisco training Experts ' wisdom

different levels of translators or need to query the latest technical information, you have to view the original English technical documents, For example, the Cisco official website is the best learning database. for ccna + after all, the interest is the long-term motive force of studying hard. In the course of theoretical study, the teacher explains every knowledge point to really understand, ca

Lab-ccna Configure per-interface Inter-vlan routng

ports. Assign an IP address to VLAN Ten and enable it. Refer to the addressing Table. Configure the default gateway according to the addressing Table. Configure VLANs on S2. On S2, create VLAN 10. Assign Student as the VLAN name. Create VLAN 20. Assign Faculty-admin as the VLAN name. Configure F0/1 as a trunk port. Assign ports F0/11 and F0/18 to VLAN and configure both F0/11 and F0/18 as access ports. Assign an IP address to VLAN Ten and enable it. Refer t

Notes from previous studies of Cisco CCNA Courses

Because the study of the major is computer network technology, but in school, and did not learn how much network knowledge, so in order to be worthy of the professional, in 06, when working in the Galaxy education in hit a CCNA class, two weeks of the course, a few hours a day.The result is still not learned, because there is too much theory, too little real exercise.So I bought a book, repeatedly see, the theoretical things finally understand, the fo

Cisco PT Simulation Lab (3) vswitch Telnet remote login configuration, ciscotelnet

Cisco PT Simulation Lab (3) vswitch Telnet remote login configuration, ciscotelnet Cisco PT Simulation Lab (3) vswitch Telnet Remote logon Configuration Objective: To master the vty line configuration of a vswitch and implement remote management of the vswitch through telnet. Tutorial Background: After you configure th

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