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An easy way for Android to use Okhttp/retrofit to persist cookies

First of all, the cookie is not much to say, or do not know the words recommended to see this articleCookie/session mechanism detailedDeep analysis of Cookie technologyWhy persist cookies is not much to say, you can see this article on behalf of you

Offline apps and client storage in JavaScript (cookies, sessionstorage, localstorage)

One, offline applicationThe so-called offline Web application is an application that can still run if the device is not online.Developing an offline Web application requires several steps: first, make sure that the app knows if the device is going

Android 5.0 Lollipop Introduction

Android LollipopIntroductionAndroid 5.0 Lollipop, This release provides users with a wealth of new features and adds thousands of APIs to developers, further extending the range of Android applications, from mobile phones, tablets and wearable

Use selenium to automatically log on to Taobao and get cookies Recently do a thing need to use the program to log Taobao and then go backstage to get something, analysis of the login page, found that Taobao useful flash to generate a string

Android 5.0 Behavioral Changes

In addition to providing many new features and functionality, Android 5.0 also makes a variety of changes to system and API behavior. This article highlights some of the major changes you should be aware of and consider when developing your

Android ----------------- answer questions

Android ----------------- answer questions 1. What are the parsing methods of XML? What is the execution process of each parsing method? Set XML to:Bc C1 Dom SAX Pull 2.Bc C1 What should they look like in a tree The root

2016 what are the necessary Android apps for hackers?

Disclaimer: This list is published for learning purposes only. We do not support the reader to use any of these tools for any unethical malicious attack.Based on a series of reviews from the industry and hands-on experience, we've compiled this list

2016 what Android applications are essential to hackers?

2016 what Android applications are essential to hackers? Disclaimer: I am releasing this list for your learning purposes only. We do not support any use of any of these tools for any immoral and malicious attacks.   Based on a series of evaluations

Self-study Android Practice words app (1)-Android's Hello Word with Youdao dictionary anti-crawler hack

1. Preface Idle to be bored. The phone is something that comes into contact every day. What is the easiest way to get in touch with a program? Think of some people saying that both front and back are all stacks. Oh, look at the HTML5 full

Cookies-take you up those years crawl the RSA Pit IOS RAS encryption and communication issues with. NET

BackgroundFirst of all, we've been working on an app lately, but our data interactions are clear text =-= This is what Le, the idiot also know to encrypt a bit. But encryption also has the problem of symmetric encryption, you can understand the

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