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Survey Report: Freelance programmers are really free and profitable?

developed regions650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "alt=" survey Report: Freelance programmers are really free and profitable? "Style=" border:0px;margin:1em auto; "/>In 2015, the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn, conducted a freelance survey, which showed that Chinese freelancers accounted for the largest number of large-scale cities. From the res

10 reasons why you shouldn't be a freelance web designer

There are thousands of reasons why you want to be a freelance web designer, three of which are economic freedom, creative freedom, and you can work anywhere you like. But I'm going to tell you now why this is a bad idea. You may have hundreds of reasons to hate your current job. Maybe you call in sick occasionally, just to take a day off and don't care about the day's salary. Or maybe you've been pushing your friend's invitation since two weeks ago? S

10 The reason why you shouldn't be a freelance web designer

There are thousands of reasons why you want to be a freelance web designer, three of which are economic freedom, creative freedom, and you can work anywhere you like. But I'm going to tell you now why this is a bad idea. You may have hundreds of reasons to hate your current job. Maybe, you call in sick occasionally, just want to take a day off, and do not care about the day's salary. Or maybe you've been pushing your friends ' invitations from two wee

Freelance Engineer for PHP program development

Freelance Engineer for PHP program developmentPart-time engineer job requirementsWork Maintenance:Two Web site front-end: page modification, column changes, image column modification.PHP Maintenance Optimization: Site code optimization, modify the bug. Optimization of website speed.Server Assistance services: to assist the technical maintenance machine room. Assist the computer room technology to maintain the security of the server.Maintenance site: w

3 Development Tips for freelance programmers

, on the second day when the project was suddenly frozen, I received a plan on the stack overflow and another one on LinkedIn a few days later. These two are new contacts, not friends.I don't know if the same magical thing happened to you.However, whether it is unsolicited offer, I will keep searching, keep the application project, ask my contacts and so on until I finally find a new project worth my effort. This process sometimes takes days, sometimes even months.published on Demand http://www.

Freelance Little Kee 8

The situation of the past few daysToday is Wednesday, yesterday to the customer to report the progress of the project, and research the needs of the project together. The day before yesterday was in a hurry to catch the progress of the project. For

How to start Freelancer career?

Work in the magic, do PHP, technically no problem, JS is very good, but not art. Monthly Income 10k (after tax), but do not want to buy a house. Want to freelancer in the next 3-5 years, then live to the home (wife, or own). I would like to know whether there is a fellow person, designate one or two. Freelancer experience in any field or type of job is possible. Reply content: There are many types of digital nomad work, but they can also be divided into two main categories: entrepreneurs and fr

How to start a Freelancer career?

I work in magic capital and work in PHP. It is technically correct. JS is good, but it won't be an artist. 10 k monthly income (after tax), but do not want to buy a house. In the future ~ Five years later, I switched to the external freelancer and lived in my hometown (my wife's or my own ). May I ask if there is a person with the same path? specify one or two. Freelancer experience in any field or type of work is acceptable. I work in magic capital and work in PHP. It is technically correct. JS

One of the top 7 soft skills necessary for a leading freelancer: communication

English Original: 7 Soft Skills Freelance Web Designer must have PT1 freelance, it is between "work" and "entrepreneurship" between a middle form. Now with the increasingly mature remote working conditions, more and more people choose to take the fate of their own hands, but how to truly become the industry's top freelancer? How to effectively build your own personal brand? In addition to your own c

How engineers get freedom of life

To become a freelancer was a young bourgeois feelings, a few meters comic book the protagonist's feelings. Many years of career experience, but the courage has not arrived, the desire to big company's high salary, are a shallow, today think carefully about this topic.In fact, the so-called "freelance", seems to focus on "freedom" (most people are also running this to go), in fact, implicit is "money"-the novel "Tired of travel, idle work" Day is also

Who can engage in the most happy occupations

Original address: Http:// BarlosoTranslator: Foruok, reprint please specify the source Http:// subscription Number "program Horizon" Let me guess: you have a stable job and a good salary, but you have a voice inside that says, "You can do more than spend a five of your nine-night time."You've heard about freelancing and how it can replace your curren

Creativity comes from the 7 habits of designers

-called life around you, you may be made up of people who are not smarter than you," he said. You can change it, you can also influence him, you can create things that others can use but belong to you. "What Jobs said was really good. A creative mind will not be influenced by other people's achievements to their extraordinary creativity. If you think you can do something: Write a novel, make a website, or make something you think someone else needs. Consider all the things that you see in other

You can really do the most happy job.

in the unlikely event of a freelance career. This is important, even if your freelance career has started to take off.In a freelancer's work life, it's normal to have an insatiable, hungry cycle. Sometimes you have to live too much, and there are times when you have little or no work to do.Anyway, having an economic cushion is always a good thing.2. Your channel already has several customersWhen you leave

From the factory technician to SEO 4 years of bitter history

preliminary understanding, perhaps it was at that time SEO began to fire, perhaps at that time in the work inadvertently inserted a hot word home (to now also keep home page rank), the idea was to do his similar several keywords ranking, three months after the income can exceed the manager's salary, So resolutely resigned to embark on the path of freelancer. A lone freelance career path really tired, while self-study build a website, side holding Sh

How Android realizes the Candid Camera feature (phone shutdown still takes photos) tutorial

) Publicstaticcamera getcamerainstance () { Camera c =null; try{ c = (Cameratype); C.setdisplayorientation (90); Camera.parameters mparameters = C.getparameters ();

Design Resource Sites

Website: CSS natureSelective and well-designed website: Web cremeHigh-quality CSS display: CSS tuxCSS Website: The designed treeOne CSS collection classification site: CSS eliteInspiration A great Website: I love typographyIncredible illustration: burst of beadenA great designer and illustration painter: Fully shortstratedDesign resource: Cork dumpCanadian Social flat designer: GDCBlog and resource: Freelance SwitchAmazing Sign Collection: logopondAm

Professional translation software

She is a professional translation software, which is different from Kingsoft fast translation because she uses artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies. The simple concept of translation memory is to record all the work done by translators and put them in two major databases. One is sentence (not equal to the sentence library ), the other is the glossary (or dictionary ). When you work again, as long as you have translated something, trados will remind you to help you or even tra

Reasons and principles for creating a no-form Web site Translation _ Experience Exchange

readability of your code If you are using standard Code, semantic document conventions, and a tableless layout, your code can is so clean that it l Ooks practically like just regular text with a few extra. If you're using standard code, standard semantic documents, and non-tabular layouts, your code will look very clear, just like an idiomatic text with some special symbols. This is a great benefit because it does not have makes it easier for and to update and but it makes it easier for a non-t

WEBJX Collection of 100 design-class websites for designers ' reference

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, programmer, FLASH developer, the following foreign sites are worth searching and retaining, as these sites cover design, web design, graphic design, website development, Flash/flex, design resources, and so on. For anyone associated with the establishment of the site can find some suitable for their own website. Common Design Website Spunk United is a very good magazine, which offers an exclusive interview with the world's top designers, ins

Document Object Model

(); myFunctionName('foo', 'bar'); ( () { })(); Array An array is also a special object that contains a batch of values (or objects). To access the data, you need to use a digital index: fruit = ['apple', 'lemon', 'banana']; fruit = Array('apple', 'lemon', 'banana');fruit[0]; fruit[1]; fruit[2]; Object An object is a set of key-value, similar to an array. The only difference is that you can define a name for each data. profile = { name: 'Bob', age: 99, job: '

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