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SAP Hana overview-SAP Hana learning notes Series

What is sap Hana? Hana (high-performance analytic appliance) High-Performance Analysis Device Hana is a combination of software and hardware that provides high-performance data query functions. You can directly query and analyze a large amount of real-time business data without the need to model and aggregate busines

SAP mobile platform and SAP Hana

only sap business suites, but also other third-party software. Then, at the backend, our users use mobile devices to run business programs and analyze applications and workflows. Through mobile middleware, The frontend and backend can be seamlessly integrated. Shows the architecture: we can see that mobile middleware can be an SAP Bi platform, SMP, or Sybase CEP. Through the

What SAP HANA can do

data calculations. In this way, the model can be easily modified. SAP HANA can access any data. Any data source can be used as the data Foundation for SAP HANA when businesses need operational data from non-SAP applications, or if they want to scale out on an existing analy

SAP Hana Course

achievements in the primary storage, processor technology, and application know-how fields, SAP Hana makes full use of the power of memory data processing, making analysis applications more efficient than ever, then, a new application software category is enabled. (For more information, Baidu: 51sap practical center) SAP Han

On the feasibility of Big Data 3.0 replacing SAP HANA

time of the press, Cassandra 3.x has supported the concept of data warehousing such as materialized views, Presto 0.147 has increased support for Cassandra 3.X. Iv. Summary I have participated in Hana training, learned about the implementation of SAP HANA Project, witnessed the enterprise experience a pit, also very do not agree with

Comparison between SAP Hana and BWA

Technically SAP Hana is far more than BWA Standard interfaces (SQL, HTTP, rest, MDX) Real persistence layer (not just flat files) ---> redo/undo logs, backup/recovery, There is a lot of BWA/trex in Hana Column store, distributed computing, calculation Engine Beyond BWA Row store, persistence, transaction (MaxDB), SQL parser, Data Models/Content BWA relies comple

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection

An SAP Business Suite system are base on SAP NetWeaver. As of SAP NetWeaver version 7.0, SAP Business Warehouse are part of the SAP NetWeaver itself, which means a BW system exists in Side SAP busiess Suite system such as ERP (ECC

Overall architecture of SAP Hana System

Through this, we can understand the system panorama of the system sap Hana, and basically understand the components required by the entire system. 1. Hana box is a server built by SAP-certified hardware vendors, such as IBM, HP, and Dell. 2. Currently, SAP

Goodbye oracle! Dell Resource Transfer tool starts to support SAP HANA

The SAP project no longer allows its own ERP system to support Oracle or other repositories since 2025. Dell says the SAP ERP system is paired with Oracle repositories, followed by DB2 SQL Server and IBM. With the increase in customer inquiries, Dell has encouraged customers to move information from Oracle as soon as they start. Join Ithome Powder GROUP by compliment   Shareplex has provided Oracle re

Using ABAP (ADBC) and Java (JDBC) to connect to the SAP HANA database

Tags: sap hana java JDBC ADBCMaintain a record in table Dbcon, pointing to the Hana database. The host name and port number of the Hana database are filled in con_env. such as vmxxxx:30015Data:ls_new TYPE dbcon.ls_new-con_name = ' HAN '. Ls_new-dbms = ' HDB '. Ls_new-user_name = ' System '. Ls_new-password = ' Sap123 "

L language-SAP Hana Study Notes series (2)

ArticleDirectory L stored procedure Use L to customize SQL Functions Introduction In SAP Hana, you can use SQL script to create a stored procedure.Programming LanguageTo implement specific applicationsProgramComplex computing stored procedures. L The stored procedure is basically the same as that of SQL Script Creation. data types or table types can be used as input and output parameters. T

Updating the Hana component version with HDBLCM

Tags: Hana database update upgrade1. Download the latest update package on first Imdb_server100_122_4-10009569.sar2. SAPCAR-XVF imdb_server100_122_4-10009569.sar-r/hana Get catalog Sap_hana_database3. View the version of Hana Server on Studio650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=

C # uses SAP NCO3.0 to invoke the SAP RFC function interface

C # uses SAP NCO3.0 to invoke the SAP RFC function interfaceRecently, the SAP RFC function was called using C #, and SAP provided the NCO3.0 component.Download the component installatio

Vs08 calls the COM component to connect to sap

From Yesterday we talked about how to use form in vs2005 to call the function module in SAP ecc6.0. Today we will record how to call the function module in vs2005 in the form of web. The function module is called in the web form basically the same as the

Use the sap offcie component to send emails

As a self-contained system, sap has rich resources in its development environment, including the sap office component for sending emails. The SAP component allows you to send emails to the Internet. Call function 'so _ object_send

Sap rfc function creation Java program call learning summary step by step graphic and text, saprfc

:// Is the rfc function customized for java to call the sap rfc function or is it included in the sap system component? RFC can be a custom function or an

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