constructors not allowed return type

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Syntax error for "C + + Error" Class err C2533:constructors not allowed a return type (constructor does not allow return of one type)

Today, when writing a class program accidentally forgot the semicolon after the class, the above error prompts. By the way, review the correct format for the class:class class name { public: // habitually put public types in front, easy to

Constructors not allowed a return type

During VC ++ 6.0 programming, the following strange error occurs, and the constructor does not return the value:Error c2533: 'cirqueue: cirqueue ': constructors not allowed a return typeIt was hard to find that, when defining or declaring a class, I

About native people in C + + classes: constructors, copy constructors, destructors

when we beginner C + +, we may have some doubts about the constructor of the class, the copy constructor, and the destructor. Organize the following (personal opinion, if there is a mistake, also look at it.) ):1. ConstructorsAccording to the

Java Constructors (constructors in abstract classes) and loading

Blog Category: Principles and concepts of object-oriented design 1. Java constructors and initialization blocks:A. Constructors for abstract classesIf a constructor that is written with arguments is displayed in the parent class (that

C + + constructors and destructors

Constructors and destructors are two very special functions: they have no return value. This is obviously different from a function that returns a void, although the latter does not return any values, but it also allows it to do something else,

Constructors and copy constructors

constructor Functionconstructors, destructors, and assignment functions are the most basic functions of each class.For any class A, if you do not want to write the above functions, the C + + compiler will automatically generate four default

Constructors and destructors

1. Why is the constructor and destructor not returning a value?Constructors and destructors are two very special functions: they have no return value. This is obviously different from a function that returns a void, although the latter does not

A deep explanation of the constructors in C + + _c language

C + + constructorsWhen you create an object, you often need to do some initialization work, such as assigning values to data members. To solve this problem, C + + provides a constructor. A constructor (constructor) is a special member function that

C + + member variables, initialization order of constructors [Goto]

C + + member variables, initialization order of constructorsFirst, C + + member variable initialization1, ordinary variables : generally do not consider what the efficiency of the case can be assigned in the constructor. Consider the efficiency that

C + + replication control: Copy Constructors

The copy constructor is a special constructor with a single formal parameter, which is a reference to the class type, which is a common const adornment. Like the default constructor, copy constructors can be called implicitly by the compiler. The

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