convert pdf to word using ocr

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Convert a picture to Word using an OCR recognizer

Sometimes we get text pictures from scanners, digital cameras, or high-definition cameras, so we can use Office's own OCR program to turn these pictures into Word documents, which is much easier than looking at pictures alone. 1. Save the document as a TIFF format picture First use a scanner or digital camera and other devices to scan the document or shoot into a picture, if it is scanned with a scanner,

Quickly convert PDF documents to Word using Hanvon PDF Converter

PDF format is a cross-platform electronic file format produced by Adobe, and since not many people use PDF readers to edit and view PDF files, today is a way to translate PDFs into Word. As soon as we convert the PDF to

How to convert word to pdf using PHP in Linux, linuxpdf

How to convert word to pdf using PHP in Linux, linuxpdf How to convert word to pdf using PHP in Linux 1. Install libreoffice in ubantu Sudo

Using word to convert a PDF file to a DOC file

Many netizens have asked questions about converting PDF files to DOC files. I have tried to find that Microsoft Office Document Imaging in Office 2003 is the most convenient to achieve this. Step 1: Use Adobe Reader to open the PDF file to be converted, and then select the "File> Print" menu, in the print window that opens, set "name" in the "Printer" column to "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer". Aft

Convert Word to PDF using Jacob

Document introduction to this blog JacobJava operations on Microsoft Word jacobGetting started with jacob and troubleshootingConvert Word to Html or txt using JacobConvert Word to PDF using JacobJava calls

Using PHP in Linux to convert Word documents to PDF

Use this tutorial to install OpenOffice in Linux, with detailed installation and use Tutorials ( on the page.Now that you have read the tutorial, you should not deny that Linux has a very deceptive authority. Using PHP to convert Word documents to PDF documents requires a l

How to Convert PDF files from editable text and word

-- PDF file format conversion experienceThere is no such thing as absolute. First, I tried several software for decryption. It is best to use passware_acrobat key, followed by adult PDF password recovery v2.2.0 and PDF password remover v2.2, as for the Image Scanning text conversion, Chinese words, more trouble, the image is not compressed Tif format, with Tsingh

How to convert a PDF to a Word document-pdf convert to Word tutorial

How do I convert a PDF to a Word document? As we all know, now on the Internet to find a resource quite simple, we directly in the Baidu Library or Sina network disk search, you can find a variety of download resources, but sometimes we will encounter some problems. Small series of things to take before the case, the small series wanted to find a C-language answe

How to convert images into HTML in OCR word recognition software

Before we introduced the use of OCR word recognition software ABBYY FineReader mac version of the PDF converted to HTML documents (see PDF converted to HTML document preferred ABBYY Mac), in fact ABBYY FineReader can do this in both Mac and Windows editions, and in addition to converting an image file to an HTML docume

Baidu Library solution (iii) -- using JCom to call MS Office or Acrobat API to convert documents into PDF; using Jacob to call MS Office to convert documents into PDF; using JODConverter to call Op

Jacob, JCom is also used to call COM automation components. The running environment of JDK is also essential. JCom can also use Microsoft Office APIs to convert documents. Microsoft Office2007 or a later version is required, and Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS plug-in is still required for Office2007. In addition to calling Microsoft Office APIs to convert document

How to convert Word to Pdf-word PDF Tutorial Demo

People often need to make a variety of beautiful PDF files, and everyone knows that PDF files are difficult to edit, so you usually edit the content in Word, and then use some tools to convert Word to PDF, but how to

Convert Word to PDF, and convert PPT to PDF

Convert Word to image PDF 1. Word is converted to PDF, and there are many programs, but the converted PDF can also be copied. Although it can be encrypted and cannot be copied, there are too many

How does PDF convert word? PDF into Word converter Daquan

  ABBYY FineReader A very powerful PDF converted to Word software. The recognition rate and accuracy rate of abbyy finereader are very high, and can reach more than 95%.   Solid Converter PDF A very useful PDF conversion Word software, to support the conversion of PDFs

Use the solid converter PDF Control to convert a PDF file to a Word document

Solid converter PDF accurately converts a document in pdf format to a word (DOC) format, and retains text, images, page la S, tables, headers, and footers. Getting Started Guide: convert a PDF document to a Word document. You o

How to effectively convert a PDF to Word

the Quick PDF Converter to the computer. Run the software. Then select the PDF to Word, add the file, add the file you want to convert to the converter, and then select the save path for the converted file, and finally start the conversion. The process is very convenient and simple, it is worth mentioning that the lat

WPS2012 a key to convert Word to PDF

How does Word turn a PDF? Does Word transfer to PDF Converter? is word turning a pdf a hassle? For older versions of Office2003, it is impossible to convert

How to Convert PDF files to word online

online pdf converter still maintains the excellent PDF conversion quality. The powerful PDF file content conversion interface allows you to quickly identify and convert the original PDF file, ensuring that the restoration is completed to the maximum extent possible.How does

Convert Word/EXCEL to PDF in

Distiller is referenced to C #, but the entire PDF Distiller object cannot be released, an error occurs during the second conversion. Therefore, the conversion is implemented using the script program. in this way, we only need to call the script program in the C # program to convert Word to

How to convert PDF to Word format

In general, it is difficult to obtain the text content of the PDF file, many times, the PDF file is like a picture connected, the contents of the inside can not shake a single.  This time the PDF Converter is a good choice, and using a converter to convert files into

How to convert PDF to Word problem it's really simple.

Are you still looking for ways to convert PDFs to Word? Is it scary to be dazzled by the Internet? You're not still using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging component in Office word2003 to implement PDF to Word work. Is it too much trouble? How to

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