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Php-encapsulated renminbi value conversion to Chinese capital class, _ PHP Tutorial

Php converts the encapsulated RMB value to the Chinese capital type ,. Php-encapsulated renminbi values are converted to Chinese capital classes, php-encapsulated renminbi value to Chinese capital class classNum2RmbClass {*** renminbi value to

In a string, four algorithms for counting the number of uppercase letters, the number of lowercase letters, and the number of other characters

Title Description: Write the program, the output string of uppercase letters, lowercase small mother and the number of other. If there is a string "Helle, this is A test textfile.123456, Tannk you!!", the number of uppercase letters: 3, lowercase

Php Arabic numerals convert Chinese characters to uppercase letters, _ PHP Tutorial

Php Arabic numerals are converted to Chinese characters in uppercase ,. Php Arabic numerals are converted to Chinese RMB in uppercase. the example in this article shows the implementation code for converting php Arabic numerals to Chinese RMB in

Enter lowercase letters in the text box to convert to uppercase to implement ideas _ practical tips

In the system, there is a text box that requires a capital letter to be entered. But the user unconsciously, had to control in the program. In the Web page, pull a TextBox control: Copy Code code as follows: Write JavaScript

SQL character numbers convert letters

1, the number of characters to convert to Chinese capital,Attention100==> 100 rather than ==> 100123==> 123 rather than ==> 123CREATE FUNCTIONFn_numberconvertchinase (@number NVARCHAR( -))RETURNS NVARCHAR( -) asBEGINDECLARE @res NVARCHAR( -)DECLARE @

PHP function for converting digital amount to Chinese capital amount

/** * A function of converting a digital amount into a Chinese capital amount *string Int $num lowercase number or lowercase string to convert *return Capital Letters * Decimal place is two digits **/ function

PHP function for converting numeric amount to Chinese capital amount

PHP function for converting numeric amount to Chinese capital amount /** * Function for converting a numeric amount to a Chinese capital amount * String Int $ num the lowercase number or lowercase String to be converted

Method of converting WPS letter to uppercase and lowercase letters

The tutorial introduces how to convert uppercase and lowercase letters in the WPS text. When editing a document, we often encounter situations in which the English case is very irregular and looks uncomfortable. If you want these English letters to

Use VBS to convert names to the correct case code _vbs

Ask: Hello, Scripting Guy! I have a script that my help support staff uses to create user accounts. Unfortunately, sometimes these help support people would type a name like this in a fuss: KEn MYEr. How do I convert a name to the correct case (that

Use vbs to convert the name to correct case-sensitive code

Q: Hello, script expert! I have a script that my support staff can use to create user accounts. Unfortunately, sometimes these support staff enter a name similar to this: kEn MYEr. How can I convert the name to a correct case (that is, Ken Myer? --

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