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In a string, four algorithms for counting the number of uppercase letters, the number of lowercase letters, and the number of other characters

Title Description: Write the program, the output string of uppercase letters, lowercase small mother and the number of other. If there is a string "Helle, this is A test textfile.123456, Tannk you!!", the number of uppercase letters: 3, lowercase

Can I convert uppercase and lowercase letters without repeating them?

2011-03-22 wcdj     Problem description:I wanna to make a prog which convert small case letters entered by user to upper case letters .... I tried to use toupper function... but it only do action with a single character... is there any function

Use a JavaScript Regular Expression to convert small and medium-sized letters in a string into uppercase and lowercase letters.

*** Function Description: converts all lowercase letters in a string to uppercase letters.* Input parameter: string to be converted* Output: uppercase letter string* Example: function test_2 (){* Var STR = "abcdefdsfasdfdsaf ";* Var result =

How do I convert uppercase and lowercase letters in Word2013?

Method 1: General Operations1. open the word document to be processed, find the English language to be converted, click "Start"> "change case" on the word menu bar, and then we can click the corresponding conversion, click "all uppercase", as shown

Small game of guessing letters

/** guess the alphabet game needs are as follows: The program randomly produces 5 characters in a certain order as a result of guessing (5 characters are not allowed to repeat), and the player guesses the string. The player can guess multiple times (

Python Small project Practice convert pixel picture to character metalized

Example source experimental Building website, nothing can be more around, thank you in this experiment building selfless sharing1 fromPILImportImage2 ImportArgparse3 4 """5 Description:6 convert picture pixels to letters redraw output7 """8

Python outputs all uppercase and lowercase letters, range (), and list slices

So when writing, just list them in ASCII and convert them into character Chr.print [chr(i) for i in range(65,91)]#所有大写字母print [chr(i) for i in range(97,123)]#所有小写字母print [chr(i) for i in range(48,58)]#所有数字Another way to do this is to use the string

Convert data types in SQL

From: Thank you for sharing your ideas!   1. Data type conversion: (1) Two conversion scenarios:A: When the data between two result sets is compared or joined together, if the

Conversion of uppercase and lowercase letters in php

In php, the uppercase/Lowercase conversion functions include: strtolower, strtoupper, ucfirst, ucwords, and so on, this article will introduce how to use these uppercase/Lowercase conversion functions. 1. convert string to lowercase Strtolower ():

Nginx Cache Invalidation--vim Select U convert all sizes to lowercase

VIM handles case conversion of characters~ Change the case of the letter under the cursor3~ 3 letters starting at the cursor position to change their caseg~~ change the case of the current line letterU Change the selected letter in visual mode to

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