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WordPress is placed in a subdirectory and the address displays the root directory or root directory display directory address

Put it in a subdirectory and the address displays the root directoryPut WordPress in a separate directory and display your blog in the root directory.Many people want WordPress to drive their site's root directory (for example,,

Using Linux to copy file and directory commands between the SCP server

The SCP is a secure copy shorthand for remote copy of files under Linux, and a similar command has CP, but the CP is only copied on the local computer, not across servers, and the SCP transmission is encrypted. may have a slight impact on speed.

Linux File and directory management

A directory related to the path 1 directory:Exchange Directory Command CD. Represents this Layer directory.. Represents a previous level directory Represents a previous working directory~ Represents the home directory where [current user

Linux platform mistakenly delete home Oracle root directory solution

1 Background notesNormally, when we install an Oracle database, we create an Oracle user. Its root directory is/home/oracle. and according to Oracle's OFA architecture, it is also recommended to use directories such as/U01 to install Oracle software

Deep understanding of the directory structure of Linux systems (very detailed summary)

For every Linux learner, learn about the directory structure of a Linux file system, is a very important step to learn Linux., in-depth understanding of the Linux file directory structure of the standard and detailed features of each directory, for

linux-"Linux system root sub-directory Functions" (2)

"Linux system root sub-directory functions"/root directoryThe corresponding files for the/bin System Execution command are in this directory/sbin System Super Administrator execute command files are in this directory/dev device CPU, memory RAM, disk

Small black Daily Toss-Copy the executable file of the external command and the corresponding directory of the dependent library file to the specified directory

Qingming Three days holiday basically is spent in writing scripts, today again toss a new script, the role of the script is to quickly copy one or more of the command executable files and dependent library files into a simulated root file system

Linux common important directory and the role of each directory

The following are some of the most important directories and the various functions of Linux systems:/root directory.Contains almost all of the file directories. Equivalent to a central system. The simplest way to enter is: CD/./bootDirectories such

Absolute path relative to the site root directory

  If you have the following file in the root directory There are 3 folders under the HTML (root directory) images message styles Html--images--a.jpg--message--liuyan.php--styles--students.css--header.php--footer.php--index.php Liuyan.php has the

Modify the root directory/forbidden Directory List/configure virtual hosts in apache

To disable Apache from displaying the directory structure list, you only need to remove Indexes from Option.For example, let's look at the Directory configuration of a directory: The code is as follows:Copy code Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

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