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Python detailed process of crawling Coursera course resources, coursera Course Resources

Python detailed process of crawling Coursera course resources, coursera Course Resources Sometimes we need to add some classic things to our favorites and review them from time to time. Some courses on Coursera are undoubtedly classic. Most of Coursera's finishing courses provide complete teaching resources, including ppt, video, and subtitles. It is very easy to

Coursera course Download and archive plan [reprint]

In Wednesday, we received mass mailings from the Coursera platform, to the effect that Coursera will completely close the Old Course platform on June 30, upgrade to the new course platform, some Old Course resources (course videos, course materials) will not be saved, if you have previously studied the relevant courses, or have the desired courses , Coursera reco

Agile individuals: what have you learned?

Abandon the blind worship of the rest you should learn. I threw away books and burned my notes. The only thing left is what I learned. At the end of last year, I first began to know agile individuals in May December, and soon became enthusiastic about agile individuals. In March of this year, I started to look for a job, read the interview questions, interview the job, start the job, and work for a month. B

16th agile individuals weekly

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 80th days [Personal Mission] Story: sizefel was punished by the gods for violating the things in the heaven, and was reduced to suffering in the world. God's punishment for him is to push a rock up the hill every day. Every day, sizhover has to make great effort to push the rock to the top of the hill, and then go home to rest. However, when he just pushed the rock to the top of the hill to prepare for a res

11th agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 55th days Today, we have more forms of social communication, but it brings us more loneliness. Loneliness is a kind of existence, and the sense of loneliness is a common existence in today's society. When it comes to loneliness, you may think of old people who have nothing to do while their children are not around. However, I think the loneliness of mainstream young people is often ignored. Society has given us

13th agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 65th days [self-motivation] "In the past, I was very energetic and under no circumstances inferior. All this was meant to lead a better life. But now, I have lost my passion and no longer struggled. I started very late every day and felt that my life was meaningless. What can I do to restore the vitality of my struggle for success? "Do you have a similar problem. If so, I think you should begin to learn self-mo

9th agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 45th days In the show, some girls have experienced setbacks in love and are afraid of failure before accepting the next love. They need to feel a sense of security before they are willing to enter the next love. Failure has different meanings for everyone. Some take a positive view as the only way to success. Some will be totally defeated by failure and dare not rush to contact again. After the fear of failure

How to become a R & D Director-one of individuals, processes, tools, and teams

When the number of people in a R D or product line team reaches dozens of people, the point-to-point flat communication and management model will inevitably become the bottleneck of product R D and team development, at this time, we need to make adjustments from the personnel's organizational structure, that is, from point-to-point flat-level management to pyramid-type team-level management. As a R D team, the technical R D Director plays a core role in technical personnel management and pro

Individuals and organizations (3)-Introduction to three attribution theories

In individuals and organizations, self-improvement and adjustment of individuals are very important. In the process, the part of self-cognition is the foundation. This involves a cross-disciplinary "Social Psychology ", social psychology is a subject between psychology and society that studies the relationship between a person and society. From the perspective of psychology, it is a branch of psychology, wh

Creation and explanation of agile individuals scrum MEETING

[51cto paper] In agile practice, scrum is a framework for running projects. It is based on Agile principles and values. For strictly managed project teams, scrum meetings are also conducted at the same time every day. Through daily scrum meetings, team members can familiarize themselves with each other's work content, fully understand the project progress, and help each other solve problems. So how should the Sprint plan meeting be conducted in scrum? The reporter interviewed the agile individua

5th agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 21st days After 21 days, are you looking for exercises late today, and are you getting used to them? Habits can be developed, but we need to continue to stabilize. We will join in a new week to realize the arrival of new life. Life is unique to everyone. To be yourself, you must first listen to yourself, practice growth every day, and listen to your voice every day. # Agile

[Machine Learning] Coursera notes-Support Vector machines

friends, but also hope to get the high people of God's criticism!        Preface  [Machine Learning] The Coursera Note series was compiled with notes from the course I studied at the Coursera learning (Andrew ng teacher). The content covers linear regression, logistic regression, Softmax regression, SVM, neural networks, and CNN, among other things, and the main learning materials are from the machine lear

[Interview] Fang Xingdong: blog focuses on individuals

A few days ago, this reporter interviewed Dr. Fang Xingdong, the author of the "blog" Statement, and Dr. Fang elaborated on the blog-related issues. Csdn: What do you think about the problem of returning the right to speak to the public through a blog?Fang Xingdong: we should see that the Internet is changing. In the traditional sense, an individual is only a consumer and a user on the Internet, and the Internet itself also plays a role in a commercial place. However, in the next ten or even two

How to measure the efficiency and performance of individuals in their respective teams

Measuring the efficiency and performance of individuals in their teams is a very realistic and unavoidable problem in a team. If we can't get a good solution, the serious situation will even cause the team to break up, and the problem should be solved from both objective and subjective perspectives.Evaluation of the efficiency and performance of individuals in their respective teams cannot be easily measure

What are some of the learning Python, data analysis courses on Coursera?

! I've been on this course 3 years ago, and it's been a long time ... Before going to bed to see this question, the day before yesterday wrote an article about learning Python in Coursera, just right question, so excerpt part, hope to be helpful:-) Let's talk about the process of learning Python in Coursera (and recommend this interesting professor, who wants to learn about Python). This is the 0 basic Py

What courses are worth learning about Python and data analysis on coursera?

friends leave a message saying they are already charged. Let's go to the official website and check it out! I have taken this course three years ago. It takes a long time ...... I saw this problem before I went to bed. I wrote an article about learning python in coursera the day before yesterday, which is just the right question. So I want to extract some of it and hope it will help me :-) Next, let's talk about how I learned python on

Python crawls the detailed process of Coursera course resources

Sometimes we need to put some classic things in the collection, always aftertaste, and Coursera on some of the courses are undoubtedly classic. Most of the end courses in Coursera provide a complete set of teaching resources, including PPT, video and subtitles, which will be very easy to learn when offline. Obviously, we will not go to a file to download a file, Only fools do so, programmers are smart! Wha

14th agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 70th days [desire, freedom, and responsibility] I yearn for a free life, but I also know that there is no absolute freedom in the world. When talking about the freedom of love, the desire to pay attention to adults, and the responsibility in practice yesterday, there is an inevitable relationship between the three, under the ability to control their own desires, taking responsibility will free you. # Agile

3rd agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

Agile personal weekly also met with you on schedule. What kind of friends can we meet this time? We can also see what kind of friends are growing together with us and are continuously performing agile personal growth 101 exercises? This is an activity that requires courage and perseverance to accept for the 101-day exercise and cheers for your persistence! The following is a blog of Min You content, see: Uid = 22 Do = Blog id = 2015. -----------------

8th agile individuals weekly (downloadable)

# Agile individuals #101 daily growth: 40th days Many people say that children always have many dreams. But I thought for a long time, as if I had no idea when I was a child. I grew up, worked, got in touch with the society, got married, and had children. I made my own contribution, I discovered that everyone can have their own dreams without limits. The dream may be as big as looking, but which big thing was not always under suspicion or attempt at

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