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tutorial on modifying the default source for Cpan Mirror in Linux

A quick way to install many of the module files under Perl is to use the CPAN tool. The default CPAN shell uses the source of the, which is very slow to use at home. If the replacement for domestic such as Ali or NetEase, such as the source of the company, the speed will be significantly improved. The modification method is as follows: 1, execute CPAN c

Perl CPAN: Modulelist Solution

This error was reported when CPAN was used to install the Term: ReadLine. Going to read/root/. cpan/sources/modules/'t locate object method "data" via package "CPAN: Modulelist" (perhaps you forgot to load "CPAN: Modulelist "?) At (eval 31) line 1.At/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/

Perl CPAN: Modulelist solution

This error was reported when CPAN was used to install the Term: ReadLine.Going to read/root/. cpan/sources/modules/'t locate object method "data" via package "CPAN: Modulelist" (perhaps you forgot to load "CPAN: Modulelist "?) At (eval 31) line 1.At/usr/lib/perl5/5.

Perl cpan::modulelist Workaround _php Tutorial

Today, I installed term::readline with CPAN and reported a mistake like this. Going to read/root/.cpan/sources/modules/ ' t Locate object method "data" via Package "cpan::modulelist" (perhaps do forgot to load "cpan::modulelist"?) at (eval ) Line 1.AT/USR/LIB/PERL5/5.8.5/CPAN.PM Line 3406Cpan::inde

How to make good use of CPAN

1. Check the Perl version: Perl-V, Perl-version, Perl-V2, What Is CPAN: CPAN is the abbreviation of comprehensive Perl archive network, this includes a large number of Perl modules, software, and documents. You can find CPAN from the following places: or runtime. Note that CPAN is also a Perl Module

Usage of CPAN in Perl learning notes

Usage of CPAN in Perl learning notes This article mainly introduces the usage of CPAN in Perl learning notes. This article describes CPAN, CPAN's directory functions, and CPAN's installation of Perl Module, for more information, see CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network: A Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) is a ce

The personalization of Perl's CPAN

Yum installs Cpan and YAML-related packages:Yum Install Cpan perl-yaml*Update Cpan to the latest version and reload CPAN:[[email protected] ~]# cpan Enter ' h ' for help.cpan[1]> install cpancpan[2]>reload CPANModify the site of the CPAN

Modify the configuration file for the Perl CPAN module

Root User path:/root/.cpan/cpan/ General user (this example is ABC) path:/home/abc/.cpan/cpan/ Modify the 2 configuration as follows: 1) ' Http_proxy ' => q[], which is the same as the browser agent configuration 2) ' Urllist ' => [q[]], where you can

Ubuntu install Extension Pack for Perl on CPAN

Installing Perl's expansion pack under Ubuntu is simple, just a simple step.sudo cpancpan> install Bundle::cpanplus::D ependenciescpan> Install Bundle::cpanplusThe whole process will take some time. When the installation is complete, you can then use the CPAN command to install the expansion pack, such as installing the Text::autoformat expansion pack,cpan[3]>installtext::autoformatreading '/home/richard/.

Introduction to CPAN use of Perl learning notes

This article mainly introduces the CPAN use of Perl learning notes, this article explains what is CPAN, Cpan directory role Introduction, CPAN Install Perl module two methods and so on, the need for friends can refer to the CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network: A compre

Introduction to the CPAN use of Perl learning notes _perl

CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network: A comprehensive Perl archive network) is the central repository for any Perl-related stuff. It contains the wisdom gathered from the entire Perl community: Hundreds of Perl modules and scripts, the equivalent of several books, and the entire Perl release. If something is written in Perl, and this thing is useful and free, it is likely to be on the CPAN.

CPAN installation Error Invalid host name on line 1 at * Line 1857.

Tinker with Cpan today. Error during installation:[Email protected]:~# cpan Install DBICPAN.PM requires configuration, but the most of it can is done automatically.If you answer ' no ' below, you'll enter an interactive dialog for eachConfiguration option instead.Would you like to configure as much as possible automatically? [Yes]Would you like me to automatically choose some

CPAN installation Net::ssh: Some problems encountered in the:P Erl _perl

Use CPAN to install Net::ssh::P erl:Cpan>install net::ssh::P erl A number of problems have been encountered during this period for later reading. Because Cpan's dependence on other software requires that the software version is not too low, upgrade the two modules first: Copy Code code as follows: Cpan>upgrade Module::build Cpan>upgrade Extut

Some problems encountered in installing Net: SSH: Perl using cpan

Use cpan to install Net: SSH: Perl:Cpan> install Net: SSH: Perl Some problems encountered during this period are recorded here for future reference. Because cpan is dependent on other software, the software version must not be too low, so upgrade the two modules first: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: cpan> upgrade Module: Build

An introduction to the 10 CPAN modules in Perl that operate on dates and times _perl

The ability to manipulate dates and times is fundamental to most programming languages, and Perl is no exception. But when it comes to more complex processing of time, Perl's own features often seem powerless. In this case, it's a good idea to take a look at the Perl comprehensive Collection Network (CPAN), which has a lot of Perl modules ready to use, allowing developers to effectively perform date and time operations. Spend some time browsing the si

Operate 10 Perl CPAN modules in the specified file format

In Perl development, it is very likely that some files in different formats, such as XML, PDF, CSV, and RSS files, are different from some binary data formats. Perl applications need to operate on these files to read and write them. In this case, you can turn to the Perl archive network (CPAN) to simplify file operations. CPAN has a large number of Perl modules used to process different file formats. This a

YY Live assistant how Hand Tour Live yy Live Assistant hand-live tour

1, open (yy Live Assistant) Tiger Live assistant and then use YY to login 2. We choose our own device type after entering the interface (Figure 2) 3, after selecting the device type after we open the interface to fill out the live information and mobile phone model, click the Start Live button

How to live a wave of live live by a wave guest live broadcast techniques

First, Live technology: Anchor: In the live broadcast room through various methods to communicate with users, to promote users to brush gifts consumption, and to obtain diamonds for the purpose. One of the skills: do a good reception, the host must be enthusiastic, good service can make people happy, live effect can be better. Skill bis

YY Live Assistant How to add Live Room yy Live Assistant Add Live Room method Introduction

If you want to add a live room, you can refer to the following steps to operate. One, if the player already has ow live room, we can click the "Live Room name" drop-down option to select "Add Live Room" Second, there is no OW live between the users, we often say that our n

How does a live broadcast live? Love to Live, open live tutorials

1, we only in the mobile phone we click on the live Home page, and then click as shown in the Picture button, and then open live 2, this if you want to live we need to authenticate the account, so we click on the certification, as shown below! 3, in the mobile phone registration location, enter your mobile phone number, click to obtain the verificat

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