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Ubuntu install Extension Pack for Perl on CPAN

;TESTINGNBSP;TEXT::REFORMNBSP;1.20T/00.LOAD.TNBSP, .... okt/pod.t......skipped:test::P od1.14requiredfor testingpodt/reform.t...okalltestssuccessful. files=3,tests=67,0wallclocksecs (NBSP;0.04NBSP;USRNBSP;NBSP;0.01NBSP;SYSNBSP;+NBSP;NBSP;0.08NBSP;CUSRNBSP;NBSP;0.03NBSP;CSYSNBSP;=NBSP;NBSP;0.16NBSP;CPU) result:passchorny/text-reform-1.20.tar.gz./buildtest-- okrunningbuildinstallbuildingtext-reforminstalling/usr/local/share/perl/5.18.2/text/ reform.pmin

Usage of CPAN in Perl learning notes

/perl-5.18.2.tar.gz $ Tar-xzf perl-5.18.2.tar.gz $ Perl-5.18.2 cd $./Configure-des-Dprefix = $ HOME/localperl $ Make $ Make test $ Make install Install the Perl Module Method 1: manual Installation If you

Introduction to CPAN use of Perl learning notes

This article mainly introduces the CPAN use of Perl learning notes, this article explains what is CPAN, Cpan directory role Introduction, CPAN Install Perl module two methods and so on,

Perl CPAN: Modulelist Solution

This error was reported when CPAN was used to install the Term: ReadLine. Going to read/root/. cpan/sources/modules/'t locate object method "data" via package "CPAN: Modulelist" (perhaps you forgot to load "CPAN: Modulelist "?) At (eval 31) line 1.At/usr/

Perl CPAN: Modulelist solution

/CPAN. pm line 201 eval {...} called at/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/CPAN. pm line 201 CPAN: shell () called at-e line 1Google's results are resolved in this way.Rm-rf ~ /. CpanAfter deletion, execute reload index in perl-MCPAN-e shell.Then execute install Bundle: CPANRun reload

Perl cpan::modulelist Workaround _php Tutorial

results that's how someone solves it. RM-RF ~/.cpanAfter deletion, execute reload index in the PERL-MCPAN-E shellThen execute the Install Bundle::cpanThe final execution of the reload cpan can be done normally via the command line install MODULES I follow this to do, the result reload index execution all error, contin

Introduction to the CPAN use of Perl learning notes _perl

: Manual Installation If you install the DBI module, and put the/home/bird directory. Copy Code code as follows: $ Cd/home/bird #假设放此目录. $ tar xvzf dbi-1.13.tar.gz# Decompression $ cd DBI-1.13 #进入新创建目录 $ perl #生成Makefile文件 $ make #建立模块 $ make Test #测试模块 $ make Install #编译模块 $ Write a test procedure, as follows: #!/usr/

The personalization of Perl's CPAN

Yum installs Cpan and YAML-related packages:Yum Install Cpan perl-yaml*Update Cpan to the latest version and reload CPAN:[[email protected] ~]# cpan Enter ' h ' for help.cpan[1]>

Some problems encountered in installing Net: SSH: Perl using cpan

Use cpan to install Net: SSH: Perl:Cpan> install Net: SSH: Perl Some problems encountered during this period are recorded here for future reference. Because cpan is dependent on other software, the software version must not be too low, so upgrade the two modules first: Copy

An introduction to the 10 CPAN modules in Perl that operate on dates and times _perl

The ability to manipulate dates and times is fundamental to most programming languages, and Perl is no exception. But when it comes to more complex processing of time, Perl's own features often seem powerless. In this case, it's a good idea to take a look at the Perl comprehensive Collection Network (CPAN), which has a lot of

Operate 10 Perl CPAN modules in the specified file format

In Perl development, it is very likely that some files in different formats, such as XML, PDF, CSV, and RSS files, are different from some binary data formats. Perl applications need to operate on these files to read and write them. In this case, you can turn to the Perl archive network (CPAN) to simplify file operatio

How to install the Perl Module

Install with CPAN 1. My system is Debian. By default, only Perl-base is installed, that is, Perl can be used, but CPAN is not installed. Therefore, Perl is installed in the system. Aptitude

How to install Perl and Perl modules in Linux

Both Linux and perl are free software. it is amazing to combine them. you can install perl by following these steps, and perl will be able to sing in linux. 1. get the latest version Both Linux and perl are free software. it is amazing to combine them. you can

Install the Perl environment in CentOS

1. install the Perl environment yuminstallperl *. the command basically installs the perl module. YuminstallcpanCPAN. If you have high requirements on the perl module version and want to use the new version, follow the steps below to install yuminstallperlyuminstallcpan and

Install the Perl environment in CentOS

Install the Perl environment in CentOS 1. Install the Perl EnvironmentYum install perl * This command basically installs the perl module. Yum insta

Install the Perl Module

Manually compile the Perl Module Advantage: all modules are available.Disadvantage: A little troubleSpecific steps: 1 install the compiler 2 set the environment variable of the compiler 3 possibly install dmakeSpecific Method: 1. First of all, there must be a C compiler, recommended Dev-CPP (open-source free,

Describes how to install Perl and Perl in Linux.

Nowadays, many people are learning Linux, which is increasingly popular with computer users. If you are studying linux, you may encounter the problem of installing Perl and Perl modules in Linux, here we will introduce how to install the Perl and Perl modules in Linux. Both

Install the perl module in CentOS 5 to support IPV6

Install the perl module in CentOS 5 to support IPV6 LWP: UserAgent is used in our product for http requests in perl code. The test shows that the following error is returned in a pure V6 environment: Can't connect to [2001: db8: 0: 1: 10: 208: 135: 232]: 8002 (Bad hostname '[2001: db8: 0: 1: 10: 208: 135: 232] ') After investigation, we found that some

How to install the Perl module in Linux/Unix

Method 1. Steps for manual Installation Download the dbi-1.13.tar.gz compressed file dbi-1.13.tar.gz from cpan, and place it under/usr/local/src.CD/usr/local/srcDecompress the file:Tar xvzf DBI-1.13.tar.gzA new DBI-1.13 directory is created.CD DBI-1.13 Generate makefile:Perl makefile. plCreate a moduleMakeTest ModuleMake TestIf the test result reports "all test OK", you can install the compiled module w

Centos7 install Perl dependent Environment Library

the interpreter for running the program.Lab Environment System Version: centos7x3.10.0-514. el7.x86 _ 64 Perl: perl-5.16.1 Disable firewall and disable auto-start Systemctl stop firewalld. ServiceSystemctl disable firewalld Disable SELinux Sed-I's/SELinux = enforcing/SELinux = disabled/G'/etc/sysconfig/SELinux Restart rebootReasons for installing Perl Some child

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