cpuid hardware monitor

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Obtain the Delphi source code of hardware information (cpuid, operating system, Mac physical address, computer name, IP address, user name)

Reprinted please keep this article link: http://blog.csdn.net/sushengmiyan/article/details/8545673 {Hardware Author: sushengmiyan 2013.01.26 remarks: function: hardware information retrieval unit Units units} unit applicationhardwareinfo; interfaceuses windows, sysutils, classes, registry, nb30, Winsock; Type tcpuid = array [1 .. 4] of longint; function getcpuid: tcpuid; assembler; register; Type //

Using PAPI interface to monitor the hardware execution characteristics of Java programs

Introduction: PAPI is a set of local interfaces for accessing the processor hardware performance counters, and using this interface to monitor the hardware execution characteristics of the Java program will help to discover the root cause of the program performance problem on the hardware layer of the computer system.

MMS uses Munin-Node to monitor hardware (11)

MMS can also be monitored by server hardware. By default, data cannot be collected. You need to install munin-node to collect hardware statistics. Nodataavailable is found when you click Hardware. : Use munin-node to monitor hardware munin-node Project address: munin-monitor

Zabbix uses Omsa to monitor the hardware information of the Dell Server

Zabbix uses Omsa to monitor the hardware information of the Dell Server I. Client A. install it in RedHat Linux or CentOS 1. Install the dell yum Source Wget-O-http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/latest/bootstrap.cgi | bash 2. Install omsa Yum install srvadmin-all Ps: when some package download times out, run the preceding command again until all download and ins

How to install Xen Virtual Machine monitor on obsolete hardware

How to install Xen Virtual Machine monitor on obsolete hardware Xen is a virtual machine monitor that runs directly on the hardware, which means you must prepare a bare metal to install and run Xen. KVM is a little different from Xen-you can add it to any machine that is already running Linux. This tutorial describes h

Monitor start black screen step-by-Step Inspection Method _ Hardware Maintenance

Display no display (also known as black screen), is a display of the most common fault phenomenon. Usually, the black screen caused by hardware malfunction mainly occurs when it starts, the black screen in use is caused by software. This article mainly discusses the former solution, the following provided by the program can be carried out in order, until the problem solved. 1, check the monitor power supply

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