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How to install Xen Virtual Machine monitor on obsolete hardware

How to install Xen Virtual Machine monitor on obsolete hardware Xen is a virtual machine monitor that runs directly on the hardware, which means you must prepare a bare metal to install and run Xen. KVM is a little different from Xen-you can add it to any machine that is already running Linux. This tutorial describes h

Windows7 set up a method for using a dual monitor screen

In the past, dual-screen or even multiple-screen display is often used by some commercial, financial institutions to better display products and provide more information at the same time. Over the years, because the performance of the graphics card is more and more strong, a common graphics card can support multiple monitors, and the use of Windows system can be very easy to do dual-screen settings. If you

Shared dual network card Internet Setup Tutorial

In the Windows 98 operating system, configuring the network is cumbersome and requires a restart after each setting, which is a lot of inconvenience to many home internet users. With shared access, the Windows 98 operating system has many limitations and is inconvenient to use, and in Windows XP operating systems, all this is easy. Below we will specifically look at the dual network card sharing how to set up the Internet.

Heartbeat dual-host hot standby service setup on Linux

Article Title: heartbeat dual-host hot standby service setup on Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. [1] environment setting before installation Hardware environment of the two hosts (not completely consiste

WinDbg and virtual machine dual-Machine Debug setup

1, Virtual machine WinXP system modification boot.ini,copy Normal start that line, add parameters/debug/debugport=com1/baudrate=1152002, turn off the virtual Machine XP system, add the serial port COM1 to the virtual machine hardware settings, note that the named pipe and the other end are the application;3, this machine windbg add parameter-b-k com:port=\\.\pipe\com_1,baud=115200,pipe start;4, if there is a problem, check the virtual machine's XP sys

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