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Gantt Chart tutorial on creating Crystal Reports

In the past two weeks, we have been using Crystal Reports for charts, such as bar charts, line charts, Gantt charts, and pie charts. We thought we could just use the push mode to push data to charts through the storage process. However, many details have been encountered during the actual operation. 1) legend label text In the default case, the database field is used. If sum is used, the database Field

Method of installation and arrangement of Crystal Reports and method of arrangement of Crystal Reports

Method of installation and arrangement of Crystal Reports and method of arrangement of Crystal Reports I. Report function "Crystal Report"1) SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Stud

Crystal Reports ebook

Directory: 001. Crystal Reports 9 product color page 002. Crystal Reports 9 Technical White Paper by developers 003. Crystal Reports 9 Technical White Paper by developers 004. Crystal

Use the ReportViewer control (Visual Studio) to discard Crystal Reports (Crystal Report)

Use the ReportViewer control (Visual Studio) to discard Crystal Reports (Crystal Report) The former is Microsoft out, the advantages of not to say. The latter, although integrated in VS, has 5 user limitations and certainly cannot be compared with MS's own things for integration and compatibility. So, now more use Microsft ReportViewer. For step-by-step ins

Some experiences on the use of Crystal Reports

ADO. NET to implement data filling, but the filled DataSet is our own defined MyDataSet. In fact, there are many tables and fields we can customize according to our needs in the MyDataSet we fill in, in this way, we can achieve the maximization of Data customization. After the data is filled, it is about the configuration of the crystal report data source. In the Push mode, right-click the database field in the resource manager of the

Implement Dynamic ASP. NET Crystal Reports in disguise

of the DataDefinition object to retrieve the FormulaFieldDefinitions set. 5. Obtain the FormulaFieldDefinition object and set the formula.For example: FormulaFieldDefinition. Text = "{customer. Customer ID }"FormulaFieldDefinition MemberFormulaFieldDefinition class CrystalDecisions. CrystalReports. Engine namespacePublic instance attributesFormulaName is inherited from FieldDefinition) string. Obtain the unique formula name of the field definition in the Cr

Crystal Reports for eclipse3.2

Http:// Crystal Reports for eclipse basic edition 1.0 (cr4e) free version : Http:// Download all-in-one installation is the full version of eclipse3.2 with the Crystal Reports plug-in; Download

About the running time of Crystal Reports on 64-bit machines.

Sometimes hang occurs. The process has been suspended. Crystal Reports does not support 64-bit systems by default, because it has never been officially stated. To solve this problem, you need to install a 64-bit patch package. : Http:// This is the official link of business, which is reliable

Experience in using Crystal Reports 2-use SQL statements to directly generate dataset as the report data source!

"Database Expert"Window, expand"Project Data"(Replace the previousOledb), Expand"ADO. netDataset"--" Dataset1", Select"Stores"Table. 7) Set"Stores"Add Table"Selected table", Click"OK" 8) CreateWebform1.aspx drag-in OneCrystal Report ViewerWidget 9)Webform1.aspx. CSReportDocument orpt = new reportdocument ();String rptdir = "F: \ BBS \ test \ crystal \ crystalreport1.rpt ";Orpt. Load (rptdir );... // Obtain dataset based on SQL statements. Orpt

A strange solution to the problem that Crystal Reports cannot update the report content in real time

In the system, some Crystal Reports always output the content selected for the first time, and the content selected in the future cannot be updated in real time. RegardlessCodeThe first report is always displayed. Later, after a colleague's attempt to free up his mind, he finally found that as long as the "Automatic Detection Settings" (automatically detect setti

ActiveReports Report Control official Chinese Introductory Tutorial (3)-How to select page reports and regional reports

Original: ActiveReports Report control official Chinese Introductory Tutorial (3)-How to select page reports and regional reportsThis article describes common usage scenarios for regional and page reports, some suggestions for distinguishing and selecting report types, the template design for both reports, the data sou

C # Crystal Report tutorial Reports is a powerful reporting tool that has now been integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (hereinafter referred to as VS2005). Friends who like Crystal Reports are easy to use. I vs2005 the Crystal report in the use of the method summed up for your referen

Example: ASP. NET Crystal Report tutorial (1)

A report is an indispensable part of an application. A good report can help people intuitively grasp the data and play an important role in decision-making. So what if we can implement reports more quickly and efficiently? This article uses a three-tier ASP. NET Program as an example to describe how to use crystalreport to create a report. It introduces a lot of ASP. NET Crystal Report techniques. In this e

PS filter to make crystal spherical frame tutorial

The course introduces the production of crystal photo frame. When making the need to pay attention to the crystal part of the light, adjust the high light very dark tone can be done almost quickly. The color of the crystal part can be adjusted according to your liking. Final effect One, create a new 600 * 600 pixel file, background fill color: #05633

PS using external filter grinding skin to create crystal water run makeup portrait of the post-cosmetic tutorial

This group of crystal makeup uses magenta and purple respectively to eye shadow main color. Similar color collocation is a more commonly used collocation method, when a screen appears in two colors, first of all, from the picture of the color area of a large part to absorb, Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free

Photoshop layer styles make multicolored crystal fonts tutorial

Final effect PS-Word Production Tutorial--using the PS layer style simple to make a beautiful multicolored crystal fonts: Step one: Create a new page, size free (not too small), black background fill Step two: Hit the word, if use the material of the choice font ctrl+j Step three: Double-click the font layer, forward to the Layer Style window, a

PS Draw a texture vector style red crystal heart-shaped tutorial

Normally, we make a crystal heart shape with a gradient to complete. method is relatively simple. Here is a slightly more complex method of making. The heart-shaped texture is embodied in a different color block overlay. Not only lifelike, but also the sense of hierarchy more prominent. Effect Chart: Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese

PS how to add a cubic crystal falling from the sky to the image-PS tutorial

object to a proper size.Press Enter. Press the Alt key and drag the mouse to copy four. Select the corresponding layer,Scale down each object one by one. And put it in different locations. There are also a few on the sea. During the operation, because there are too many images, we can click the eye icon of the layer channel to display or hide the layers for ease of operation. Use an eraser to erase parts drowned by sea water. raster objects are required during erasure. clickOKYou can. A

Who can introduce a free report tool for PHP. -Php Tutorial

Who can introduce a free report tool for PHP. The leader asked me to install a report tool in the company's system. And free of charge. For the first time, I don't know what Report tools are better. Reply to discussion (solution) I also searched for it for a long time and wrote it later. Export excel? Or what? The focus is on data statistics. There are many tools displayed, and charts are generate

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