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Experiment: Huawei mux vlan configuration and management, Huawei mux

Experiment: Huawei mux vlan configuration and management, Huawei mux The following experiment is an experimental video teaching course designed by the author for "Huawei switch Learning Guide". Click here to view details: Huawei's mux vlan function enables different VLANs located in the same IP network segment.(All

MUX interface of VxWorks network protocol stack

Abstract:The flexibility of the network protocol stack of embedded systems is an important indicator in applications. This article introduces the MUX (mutiplexer) interface of the VxWorks network protocol stack of the embedded operating system and its usage. Keywords:VxWorks network protocol stack MUX VxWorks is a high-performance and cutting-down embedded real-time operating system launched by Wind River S

(ros/topic_tools): Multi-switch switch for MUX topic

Multi-switch switch for topic_tools mux topicHttp:// Catalogue1.mux1.mux Usage2.Associated MUX Tools (Mux_select, Mux_add, Mux_delete)2.ROS API1.muxThe MUX node subscribes to a series of input topics and forwards one of the topics to another topic

"Huawei" MUX VLAN configuration detailed

MUX VLAN Application ScenarioIn the enterprise network to achieve mutual access between customers and customers, customers and employees are not mutually accessible, employees and employees can access each other, employees and customers can access the server.MUX VLAN is a two-layer traffic isolation mechanismThe MUX VLAN is divided intoPrincipal VLAN (primary VLAN) and subordinate VLAN (from VLAN), divided

Routing Exchange MUX VLAN (Huawei)

MUX VLANPrinciple:Devices within the same subnet (IP level), but not the same VLAN (2, 3, 10), can be used to adjust the role of the VLAN to communicate or not communicate, save IPTwo major classes of VLANs: Primary VLAN (primary interface), sub-VLAN (Group VLAN and isolated VLAN)1) The main interface can communicate with all interfaces2) devices within the same inter-group VLAN can be interconnected3) Different groups of Vvlan are not able to communi

Experiment: Huawei mux vlan configuration and management

Experiment: Huawei mux vlan configuration and management The following experiment is an experimental video teaching course designed by the author for "Huawei switch Learning Guide". Click here to view details: The mux vlan function of Huawei enables layer-2 communication between different VLANs located in the same IP network segment (between all slave VLANs an

Golang--gorilla/mux, powerful URL Routing and scheduler

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The title is completely translated, Gorilla/mux is a powerful URL router and dispatcher, but personally feel that translation is not in place, look. The Gorilla/mux package is a layer structure that configures the various parameters required for client access in this structure and then passes it to HTTP. The Handle () function

Golang Advanced (quad)--best Practices for routing Mux

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Objective In order to make the route of Golang clearer, the code that makes the way is more readable, we use the MUX package to implement the route, and the original function is streamlined This series of articles all the code here Begin The required We set the route configuration method when we s

What is MUX?

1) In communication transmission systems, MUX (pronounce muks, sometimes spelled "MUX") is an abbreviation for multiplexing, A device that sends multiple signals on a carrier channel at the same Time in the form of a single, complex signal to another device that Recovers the separate signals at the processing end. The specified er is Sometimes called Demux(Or "Demux "). 2) on the Internet, a

Features of Super-vlan (converged VLAN), Mux-vlan, and port isolation (port-isolate)

Super-vlan : Achieve two-layer isolation, three-layer interoperability; all the Sub-vlan all three-tier communication needs to pass Super-vlan this gateway to implement; in a large network, saving IP Resources. VLAN communication can be achieved by simply configuring the Super-vlan address ; Mux-vlan : Implement VLAN rooms and VLAN internal user, traffic isolation and control dividing the main VLAN , from VLAN , from VLAN

k8s Source Analysis-----Mux and broadcaster

This article QQ space link: This article csdn Links: In the k8s source code, there are a lot of use of MUX and broadcaster. These two things are very simple in themselves, but more and more feel, do not take these two things to explain, fear that there will be a lot of things will not be clear. So it is better to explain. Source code in\kub

0710 the function of the MUX protocol (how to interact with GPRS for at instruction when PPP dials)

done for the data mode, the AT command can not be interactive.So this time, there is a thing, this thing is Cmux Protocol (gsm0710) specifically what I am not very clear, multiplexing serial port technology, many SIM card modules are supported by this protocol, you may see in the SIM card details of his support 0710 MUX protocol features. This cmux is a thing between your MCU or SOC and GPRS, it will make your serial port become more than three, it w

Freeswith and dobuango RTCP option RTCP-MUX Problems

info method ), there are a lot of related extensions, there is a RTCP-MUX extension, recently tested QoS in doubango, found freeswitch to doubango RTCP feedback, network layer reports ICMP inaccessible, the client does not receive RTCP feedback, the reason for the failure of QoS is that RTCP-MUX is a ghost. doubango supports this extension, but freeswitch does not, the purpose of this extension is to send

More popular MUX

The simple point of multiplexer protocol (MUX) is multiplexing. It virtualizes the original physical channel into several concurrent logical channels, which are the same as the physical links in the network protocol, the logical link is a bit similar. the implementation is also similar. Package the data on the Logical Channel, add the end of the packet header, and then send it to the physical channel. In this example, at + cmux = 0 is the data

Basics of electronic Getting Started: Multi-channel selector switch (MUX)

Original address:: Related articles 1, the basic knowledge of electronic primer: Multi-Channel selector switch (MUX)---- 2, multi-channel selector----HTTP://BAIKE.BAIDU.COM/ITEM/%E5%A4%9A%E8%B7%AF%E9%80%89%E6%8B%A9%E5%99%A8 Multi-channel selector switch is commonly used in electronic design, mainly used in channel expansion, in some cases through the selection o

3GPP ts 0710 MUX Protocol

From: Te: Terminal EquipmentMS: Mobile Station Allows a number of simultaneous sessions over a normal Serial Asynchronous interface.1. Te sends at + cmux = 0 to notify ms to enter MUX mode through physical channels;2. Ms response OK indicates consent;3. Te sends samb0, 1, 2, 3 in sequence, and creates a value ranging from 0 ~ 3 logical channel;4. Ms responded to UA and agreed;5

MUX's designer project sharing: Baidu search Client

Article Description: stunning presentation-Baidu search mobile phone client-design project sharing. October 8, 2011, Baidu Search mobile phone client officially landed Apple Store.December 12, 2011, Baidu Search mobile phone client won the app Store 2011, the most popular first name of the tool category. This lightweight search application poured into the product design team a lot of effort. New visual and interactive experience, better search experience, new ding features ... Its

MUX Technology History-Personal mouse and desktop

With the PC into the tens of thousands of households, as one of the computer's main equipment of the mouse and desktop is also quickly popular in ordinary people, but you know how the mouse came out of it? Imagine a huge plastic box with a shiny

Low Water peak LWP Optical Fiber: a new optical fiber design of up to 2.5 Gb/s

Today's communication networks are composed of multiple interconnected optical and electrical components to support high-speed video, voice, and data transmission. The backbone of the network is optical fiber. Its design and manufacture are used to optimize attenuation and dispersion, making the network the most cost-effective and cost-effective network. A new optical fiber design is widely accepted in the global communication industry, that is, low water peak LWP) optical fiber. The low water p

The role of access network technology in the construction of man

service ports of the aggregation Layer Nodes and reduce network costs. At present and in the future, the TDM business will remain the most important source of revenue for telecom operators, and there is still room for growth. When the business needs are dominated by TDM business, create a convergence layer for the Metro Transmission Network to use MSTP. If the existing SDH network still has a large amount of remaining capacity, it can meet the needs of future TDM business development, and when

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