das keyboard 4 professional soft tactile 4

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Deep understanding of Linux kernel 4: Soft Interrupt/tasklet/work queue

Soft Interrupt, tasklet, and working queue are not a mechanism that has always existed in the Linux kernel, but evolved from the "bottom half" (bottom half) of earlier kernel versions. There are actually five mechanisms in the lower half, but in the kernel of version 2.6, the lower half and the functions of the task queue disappear, leaving only the first three. This article focuses on the relationship between the three. (Function details will not app

Fineui Tips (4) Close the form those things (another 24 professional HD large image)

ObjectiveThe window control in Fineui is often used as a selection, new, or edited content. While closing the window control has a lot of tricks, understanding these tips can help you develop your project quickly.How to close the window controlThe first question is how to close the window control, the most obvious way is the close icon in the upper right corner. Overall, there are three ways: ESC key (in the case where the window control's page takes focus, pressing the ESC on the

Learn 4 to make you a good writer in soft writing.

tools to practice, we can write articles about the advantages of tools, the usage of tools, and the effects of tools. Once, a webmaster asked me to help him write a soft article is introduced his software. His software is SKYCC portfolio marketing software, I just started did not agree, because I do not understand his software, and then he gave me free for a few days, I seriously used to write. Then he wrote an article about the multi-directional mar

Read "The world is digital" feeling 15 class Soft 4 class Li Su

to think why I have paid so much but have no return, you have to know, you pay for those, in the future will be rewarded. The same goes for learning programming, where you need to understand syntax and semantics and consider complexity. As for bugs, a program is difficult to get without bugs, and we have to be thoughtful when programming.Practice is really important, even if you have a good theory, but no practice is useless. It is an industry that needs to be highly operational.So from now on,

Feedback Class 15 soft worker 4 class Wang Yunpeng

the work unit to slowly, step-by-step upward, this is a difficult process, not so easy to do.College life has been more than half a year, looking back on this half-year time, I am in the school, there are many things that make me proud, but the anti-study, but did not learn how many things, time is constantly lost, so the next time, I have to let time in the right place, if continue to kill time, I'm afraid that by the end of the four-year graduation, I have learned nothing as I have just enrol

The study of soft work 4

team. Being a PM takes a lot of power.1. Ability to observe and learn quickly2. Analysis and management ability3. Professional ability4. Ability to Introspect5, the analysis of risk to graspThen is the typical user scenario, in a word, we have to do more developers, and ultimately to the user to judge. Developed by the functional products are users can really use, easy to use, will not bring difficulties and disputes. It is best to cater to most peop

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