data transfer calculator with latency

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[Recommendation] talking about the relationship between network bandwidth and latency in the Data Disaster Recovery System and the calculation method

information at the native rate of the link bandwidth, there is only latency. Just like satellite TV, the transmission rate will not be discounted at this time. If this is done, it is very good for a disaster recovery system, at best, only data within several milliseconds is lost. However, this is not the case. The remote transmission is afraid of the jamming of the dat

Data transfer object (data transmission object) [reprint]

Data transfer object (data transmission object) released on: 4/1/2004 | updated on: 4/1/2004 Data transfer object (data transmission object) Version: 1.0.1Content on this page Context Problem

[Poeaa] learning notes of data transfer object

The data transfer object is the object used to transmit data. In a process, method calls are very fast, but the calls between different processes are much slower, especially in distributed applications.ProgramIn, remote process calls are very time-consuming. To improve efficiency, we want to transmit as much data

Several ways of data transfer between application systems

This paper is reproduced from Sina_blog (Siangzhang) With the rise of SOA (service-oriented technology architecture) in recent years, more and more application systems are starting to design and deploy distributed.The system turns from a single technology architecture into a service-oriented, multiple-system architecture. The business processes that can be completed between systems are implemented through multiple interactions between systems.It's not about how to design an SOA architecture, it'

Android Entry-service Real-time data transfer to activity via Broadcastreceiver

; } Public classEx0315servicereceiver extends broadcastreceiver{@Override Public voidOnReceive (Context context, Intent Intent) {Bundle Mbundle=Intent.getextras (); intCount=mbundle.getint ("Count"); Mtextview=(TextView) Findviewbyid (ID. Ex0315textview); Mtextview.settext (String.valueof (count)); } } }add in manifest service android:name="com.iruisi.service.Ex0315Service" android:exported="false" > This service is in a different bag.

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