deep voice text to speech generator

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C # Speech Recognition (text to speech, voice to text)

C # Speech Recognition (text to speech, voice to text)Recently intends to study the speech recognition, but found that there is very little C # on the Internet, the complete code to put their own learning experience, and share wit

How does the micro-letter voice turn into text-micro-letter speech-sharing

Users of the micro-credit software to explain the detailed analysis of the micro-letter voice into the text of the method. Method Sharing: First open the micro-letter Select a friend voice message, long by voice message, click into text. Wait a few second

Add X-WebKit-speech to the input text box to implement voice input.

Usage: InputType="Text"X-WebKit-speech/> Related parameters: Set language types:Lang InputType="Text"X-WebKit-speechLang="ZH-CN"/> Triggered when voice changes are set:Onwebkitspeechchange InputType="Text"X-WebKit-speechOnwebkitspeechchan

JQuery Text-to-Speech Google online voice /*! JQuery Text-to-Speech plugin-------------------------------------------- (c), Kevin Hoang Le. All rights reserved. Code provided under the MIT license: v0.1*/(function ($) {$.fn. Extend {jtts:function (options) {var defaults = {lang: ' en ', Msperword:

JQuery Text-to-Speech: Google's online voice, Google's jquery address

JQuery Text-to-Speech: Google's online voice, Google's jquery address Http:// /*! jQuery Text-to-Speech plugin -------------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2010, Kevin Hoang Le. All

Focusing on the rebirth of ASP. NET.4.5.1 MVC5.0: Web Project speech reads webpage text, and simple voice prompts browsing status

Step 1 add SpeechLib. dll Download SpeechLib. dll: Reference DLL in the project System. Threading; Step 2 call and use SpVoice speech = SpVoice (); speechRate =; volume =; paused =; testspeech = ;==} ActionResult Index (? = SpVoice (); speechRate =; volume =; paused =; testspeech = ;== Statement: This blog attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, found that the information published by this blog contains a

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