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"Reading notes--cookie" JavaScript Definitive guide Sixth edition

GetCookie () function that resolves the value of the Document.cookie property, stores the corresponding name/value pair in an object, and returns the object at the end of the function.Parsing Document.cookie Property values/** returns the value of Document.cookie as an object of name/value pairs * Assuming that the value of the stored cookie is encoded with the encodeurlcomponent () function */function GetCookie () { var cookie = {}; Initialize the last object to

and found an error in the sixth edition of the JavaScript definitive guide

PDF version, English version 158th page,var IsArray = Function.isarray | | Function (o) {return typeof o = = = = "Object" (o) = = = "[Object Array]";}; return typeof o = = = "Object" (o) = = = "[Object Array]";};Array.isarray is a function provided by ES5, this example is to implement this function in ES3, first, if the browser supports Array.isarray, it is assigned to IsArray, otherwise the subsequent function is assigned to IsArray.

JavaScript Definitive Guide 6th edition-[Read Notes]

: The instance method of JS must use the This keyword, and the class's methods usually do not use the This keyword, they refer to its parameter operation;The P222-based inheritance mechanism in the extended p223js of class 9.4 is dynamic: Objects inherit properties from other prototypes, and if the properties of the prototype change after the object is created, it also affects all instance objects that inherit the prototype, and we can augment the JS class by adding a new method to the prototype

The definitive C + + book guide and List

techniques to manage very big C + + software projects. Certainly a good read, if it is only is up to date. It was written long before c++98, and misses on many features (e.g. namespaces) important for large scale projects. If you need-to-work in a big C + + software project, you might want to read it, although-need-take-more than a grain of salt with it. The first volume of a new edition is expected in 2015. Inside the C + + Object Model (Stanley L

The definitive C + + book guide and List

Learn the C + + book listTurn fromHttp:// you were new to programming or if you had experience in other languages and is new to C + +, these books is highly reco Mmended. C + + Primer * (Stanley Lippman, Josée Lajoie, and Barbara E. Moo) (updated for c++11) Coming at 1k pages, This was a very thorough introducti

C#6.0&visualstudio C # Introductory classic 7th edition PDF

: Network Disk DownloadThe C # Getting Started Classic series is an award-winning C # masterpiece and Super best-selling book. C # Getting Started Classic (7th edition) C # 6.0 Visual Studio2015 provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of using C # 6 and the. NET framework to write programs, ideal for beginners in programming. This is a practical tutorial that starts with the most basic object-orien

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) (Chinese version) PDF

Brief introductionSince 1996, JavaScript's: Authoritative guide has been defined for JavaScript Bible programmers, Programmer's guides and a comprehensive reference to the core language and Web browser of the client JavaScript API. The 6th edition includes HTML5 and ECMAScript 5, a new chapter with jquery and server-side JavaScript. It is recommended for programmers who want to learn the Web programming lan

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) Learning Note Three

: Indicates whether the property can be deleted or modified.First, create the object1. Direct volume of objects var empty={}; // var point={x:0,y:0}; var point2={x:point.x,y=point.y}; var book={ "main title": "JavaScript", // "Sub-tit": "The Definitive Guide", // for: ' All audiences ', // property named reserved word , you must use the quotation marks author:{FirstName: "

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) (Chinese version) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadContent IntroductionThe edition of version 5th has been revamped for Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies. Compared with the previous version, the content of the update is more, overall close to the entire length of 1/2, and this is one of the reasons why the book came to a belated. Specifically, the 5th edition is updated in the following sections: The first part of the chapter on functions

Java2 Practical Tutorial (Fifth Edition) Learning Guide

Programming Category 13.1URL: P396 Category 13.2InetAddress: P398 13.3 Socket: P399 13.3.4 13.4UDP Datagram: P407 13.5 Broadcast datagram: P411 13.6Java Remote Call: P414 14th. Graphics, images and audio 14.1 Drawing the basic graphic: P425 14.2 Transform Graphics: P427 Boolean operation for 14.3 graphs: P429 14.4 Draw the Clock: P430 14.5 Drawing images: P433 14.6 plays audio: P434 The 15th chapter generic and set-up frame

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