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Project network redundant, Vmware virtualization, Dell VRTX P2v-part 2 (VRTX network)

The above section analyzes most of the structure of enterprise content: what can we do with a switch or Dell VRTX?First look at the following diagram:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 4.png " alt= "Wkiom1czmp-cvglxaadwjvhyzu4559.png"/>Fir

Project network redundant, Vmware virtualization, Dell VRTX P2v-part 3 (VRTX installation)

ResourcesDual Fault tolerantshared perc 8 Card configuration-in This configuration, there is twoshared PERC 8 cards con Figured in an active-passive cluster. Both Controllerscan access the same storage subsystem. However, only the active controllerprovides the data access. If one of the Shared PERC 8 cards fails, the othershared PERC 8 card takes control in a seamless transition. The default cachepolicy for virtual disks created in this configuration is Write-backIt may take up to minutes for t

Project network redundant, Vmware virtualization, Dell VRTX P2v-part 1 (General network)

Project requirements:installation Dellvrtx hardware, and connect to the customer's production network while establishing virtual machines to achieve customer RODC and P2V requirements. Stage One, installation Dellvrtx Hardware, and complete the following requirements:1. Dell Enclosure and Blades-Mountingof Enclosure to Rack-Ensureeach Blade Server has the components installedA) 2x CPUb) 64GB RAMc) 2 x 300GBSAS-Ensureenclosure have a total of 15x 900GB

Dell FC switch zone Configuration

Document directory 1. command syntax 2 zone configuration instance Technorati labels: Dell, switch, Zone Dell FC switch zone Configuration1 command syntax 1.1 login to switch Telnet IP Fabric OS (top_sw) Fabos version 5.2.2 Top_sw login: Admin Password: Top_sw: Admin>1.2

Dell Switch Configuration Link Aggregation

5. Configure link AggregationDescription: DELL 5524 switches can be used to create link aggregations manually, or you can use the LACP protocol for link Clustering Hop. Switch 19-20 port set to static link aggregation, 21-22 Port set to LACP dynamic Link aggregation. DELL 55xx series switches can only be created by default + 8 Span style= "Font

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