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Introduction to Windows IPSec

ISAKMP main mode SA). The IKE main mode SA protects the IKE negotiation itself. The SA that was created during the second IKE negotiation phase is called an IPSec SA (also known as IKE quick mode SA because each IKE quick mode negotiation carries out IPsec SA negotiation for each direction). The IPsec SA protects the application traffic. This section provides in

Docker Source Code Analysis (a): Docker architecture

commands as an example to illustrate the Docker run process 3 Docker General architecture diagramLearning about Docker's source code is not a boring process, but it can be used to understand the design principles of Docker architecture. Docker is a C/s schema for users, and the back end of

Getting Started with Docker

code and Docker, where Docker is the latest version of 1.2.2 Docker architecture Analytics content SchedulingThe purpose of this article is to analyze the Docker architecture based on understanding the Docker source code. The analysis process is performed in the following t

Security Tools netsh ipsec use method [IP Security Policy]_dos/bat

, according to policy configuration, the two computers establish an encrypted connection between the data for encrypted transmission. The driver transmits the decrypted packet to the TCP/IP driver and then transmits it to the receiving end application. Second, enter the IPSec control interface:There are two ways to turn on, and the functionality is exactly the same:  Start-run-administration tools-Local Security policy mmc-Add/Remove snap-in-add-IP

Security Tool netsh IPSec usage [ip Security Policy]

worth noting that in order to achieve communication after negotiation, the same policy must be set and assigned at both ends of the communication.Iv. IPSec working methods:Transmission Mode (Security Configuration between computers): protects communication between two hosts, which is the default IPSec mode. The transfer mode only supports windows and provides point-to-point security.Tunnel mode (Security C

Docker installation and sharing of common commands and sharing of common docker commands

Application Container Engine. Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use-l to show in full. [Root @ ip-10-249-100-205 ~] # Systemctl enable docker. service Created symlink from/etc/systemd/system/ service to/usr/lib/systemd/system/docker. service. [Root @ ip-10-249-100-205 ~] # Systemctl | grep dock

Docker source Analysis (ii): Docker client creation and command execution

1. PrefaceToday, Docker, the industry's leading lightweight virtualization container management engine, provides a new and convenient way for global developers to test and deploy software integration. When the team develops the software, Docker provides a reusable runtime environment, flexible resource configuration, convenient integration testing methods, and one-click Deployment. It can be said that the a

Docker Source Code Analysis (iii): Docker daemon Boot

1 PrefaceSince its inception, Docker has led the technology boom in lightweight virtualization containers. In this trend, Google, IBM, Redhat and other industry leaders have joined the Docker camp. While Docker is still primarily based on the Linux platform, Microsoft has repeatedly announced support for Docker, from p

Docker source Analysis (vii): Docker container Network (top)

the Docker container network analysis are the following 5 parts:(1) The network mode of Docker container;(2) Docker Client Configuration container network;(3) Docker daemon create container network process;(4) Execdriver network execution process;(5) Libcontainer implementa

IPSec NAT traversal Overview

Due to historical reasons, one of the problems with deploying L2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP/IPSec) with Internet Protocol Security is that the IPsec dialogs after Network Address Translation (NAT) cannot be located. Internet service providers and small office/Home Office (SOHO) networks usually use NAT to share a single public IP address. Although Nat helps to save the remaining IP address space, it also brin

Dockone technology Sharing (11): Dockercon

client display whenever the user initiates a request to view the container log through Docker client, Docker logs. The development of Docker logs can be divided into 4 stages: Original eco-Log printing at the beginning of Docker

Docker Learning Tutorial Notes integration (complete)

tutorial.The features of Docker mainly include the following points: Fast and elegant isolation frame Cheap cpu/low consumption of memory Quick turn on/off Cross-Cloud infrastructure Docker Components and elementsDocker has three components and three basic elements, and the reader can quickly navigate through the following video to see what these builds and elements are and ho

docker--Lightweight Linux container "turn" for unified development and deployment

. several people translated 2 years ago 0 human top top translation is good! Docker warehouse One of the Docker killer features is the ability to quickly find, download, and launch container images created by other developers. The place where the image is stored is called the registry. Docker Limited provides a public

About the application of Docker in testing

/cn/articles/docker-source-code-analysis-part1Docker source Analysis (ii): Docker client creation and command execution: Http:// source Analysis (iv): Newdaemon implementation of Docker daemon: HTTP://WWW.INFOQ

A very detailed summary of Docker learning notes

First, Docker introduction Docker two main components: Docker: Open source container virtualization platform Docker Hub: Docker hub for sharing and managing Docker containers Docker us

Very detailed Docker learning notes __docker

introduction of Docker Docker two main components: Docker: Open source container virtualization platform Docker Hub: Docker SaaS platform for sharing, managing Docker containers-Docker

Docker Swarm getting started, dockerswarm

/boot2docker/boot2docker/releases/latest: dial tcp: lookup on [::1]:53: server misbehaving(manager1) Copying /home/zuolan/.docker/machine/cache/boot2docker.iso to /home/zuolan/.docker/machine/machines/manager1/boot2docker.iso...(manager1) Creating VirtualBox VM...(manager1) Creating SSH key...(manager1) Starting the VM...(manager1) Check network to re-create if needed...(manager1) Found a new

Docker Swarm getting started, dockerswarm

/boot2docker/boot2docker/releases/latest: dial tcp: lookup on [::1]:53: server misbehaving(manager1) Copying /home/zuolan/.docker/machine/cache/boot2docker.iso to /home/zuolan/.docker/machine/machines/manager1/boot2docker.iso...(manager1) Creating VirtualBox VM...(manager1) Creating SSH key...(manager1) Starting the VM...(manager1) Check network to re-create if needed...(manager1) Found a new

Use L2TP and openswan to build an IPSec VPN (using X.509 certificate authentication)

in my use) do not need to be patched.Verify the installation after installation: IPSec -- versionAnd IPSec status verification: IPSec verify. Main openswan configuration file /Etc/IPSec. Secrets is used to save private RSA keys and preshared secrets (psks)/Etc/IPSec

Deploy the Docker intranet under CentOS

, the first run will pull registry, the runtime will map the path and port, and in the future you can /opt/data/registry find out which mirrors are in the private repository and which ports on the host can be accessed.You can also clone the project Https:// to local and then use Dockerfile to build the image:# git clone

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