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Apache download installation (mostly 64-bit) and issues

Tags: root technology rest Blog access Reload Win64. dllThis article was reproduced from: the WIN10 system today and download and install Apache again. Although previously installed

About win under memcached installation steps

Tags: win about memcached2 days is a bit of a torment for me. When the amount of data reached 17w, I was very slow to execute queries locally!Ask some of the PHP Daniel how to solve the speed problem, after adding the index and optimized SQL or slow!

APACHE,PHP,MYSQL,PMA Manual Configuration Considerations

Label:Note: This article before the release in their own QQ space, copied over the time, the color information is lost, back to the color re-marked on!TheLAMP(linux+apache+mysql+php) environment is the most active development and running platform of

PHP memcache

Tags: soc lib open key 1.5 dot download arch windows1) See architecture, is how much, x86 on the download x86 version, this display and operating system of how many bits of the relationship, do not according to how many bits of the operating system

Memcached installation and simple and practical use

Tags: thread safety Help number body Introduction URI Step Contact controlsFirst, Introduction1.memcache and memcached of the difference and contact:  Memcache is the extension of PHP, memcached is the client, Complex said: Memcache module provides

Apache Configuration PHP5.5 Start service error ask God for help

The first time I configured the PHP development environment is to start error when configuring this line of data LoadModule Php5_module H:/devphp/php-5.5/php5apache2_4.dll The address on the Internet need to add double quotation marks, but with

PHP support FFmpeg, then use the ffmpeg command to process video, open exec privileges ____php

·· Start talking about my development encountered problems, I use the environment is IIS7.5+PHP5.4+MYSQL, the system is windows! to develop a video upload playback function, need to get video information (wide and high size time, etc. ~), or cut vide

Configuring the Xdebug Debug environment for Phpstorm

My environment Operating system: 64-bit Win7 flagship Service Pack 1 PHP Version: php-5.6.7-win32-vc11-x64 Apache Version: Httpd-2.4.12-win64-vc11 Phpstorm version: Phpstorm 8.0.3 Download Xdebug Xdebug Official website:

PHP output PDF Print HTML5+CSS3 print format control

Looking for a good printing method is an urgent need of all walks of life, after several toss, channelled through output pdf,php fetch the target HTML code, and then output to the specified parser, and then generate the final printing format, become

Phpstorm Xdebug

Tags: Ice file Configuration YCM Project deployment enable ALT Breakpoint Order deployXdebug Installation from

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