drupal caching best practices

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Drupal Module explains-authcache caching principle detailed tutorial

Related articles:Drupal Module Advanced application authcache-dynamic loading content tutorial Authcache module and boost module are not the same principle, boost module is to generate static pages, so the best caching effect, the fastest. Authcache module is the use of Drupal's own caching mechanism to generate page caching, due to enter the

Use a stronger caching tool for Drupal-Redis

, the expansion of the single data structure saves a lot of complicated operations in Memcache, and Redis persistence can be used for some storage, so it can replace the functions of some databases, in addition, users who have studied the performance of Memcache will find that the bottleneck of using Memcache is not speed, but data structure processing. Therefore, we plan to use Redis for Drupal caching. In

"JavaScript Advanced Programming" 22-24 advanced techniques, offline applications and client caching, best practices _ best practices

downloading resources; Noupdate: Triggered when checking the description file to find that the file has not changed; Downloading: Triggered when downloading application cache resource is started; Progress: Continuously triggering in the process of file download application caching; Updateready: The new application cache on the page is downloaded and can be triggered by swapcache () use; Cached: Triggered when application cache integrity is available.

Details on several practices of asp.net page caching

ASP tutorial. NET page Caching several practices details 1,aspx Page CachingThe way the page cache is used is very simple, just add a statement at the top of the ASPX page The contents of the entire page will be cached, the ASP.net tutorial code in the page, the data source will not be run during the cache, but the content of the cached page is output directly.Page cac

Microsoft enterprise database 5.0 System (I): using the cache Microsoft. Practices. enterpriselibrary. caching (advanced)

1. Basic architecture of Microsoft. Practices. enterpriselibrary. caching Before deciding where to save the cache data, we need to first understand the two cache types defined by the caching Application Block,They are memory-resident caches and disk-resident caches. As the name suggests, these two types of caches are named by storage locations,In terms of fu

Microsoft enterprise database 5.0 System (I): using the cache Microsoft. Practices. enterpriselibrary. caching)

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx? Displaylang = en id = 15104 Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 document address: http://entlib.codeplex.com/releases/view/43135 Cache reference link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff664753%28v=PandP.50%29.aspx 1. Install Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 2. RunEntlibconfig.exe 3. Add cache Configuration 4. View cache configurations 5. Save as app. config 6. Create a New winformPr

A large number of concurrent emergency processing schemes and practices 2--using caching

A large number of concurrent emergency processing schemes and practices 2--using cachingThe method provided by a large number of concurrent contingency management programs and practices, can only do emergency when a reference, not recommended at the beginning of design use, the design of the beginning we should adopt a more reasonable structure to avoid the problem mentioned in the article, about the framew

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