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Dual-core ERA test Pentium D Server application evaluation

performance evaluation of the server CPU subsystem, while the latter focuses on performance evaluations of IO subsystems. We used the SiSoft Sandra Pro sr2a to test each system, which is more familiar to the average reader, and can even use the shared version to test its own system directly, so there is a more intuitive concept of our test results. CPU arithmetic benchmark includes the Dhrystone ALU, Whetstone FPU, Whetston

Super-Yi Dual Opteron rack-type Server evaluation

Server The super-Yi customization Server includes a series and I series, the A series is a server based on the AMD series processor, and the I series is a server based on the Intel family of processors. Our evaluation is the use of dual AMD Opertron processor 220A-2806T

Industry review Dual-core server

greatly improved. In the 2006, the dual-core server will be the culmination of a development in the future, as these challenges are cracked. October 2005, along with the Intel Xeon Dual-core processor officially released, the wave announced that two support for dual-core pr

Founder first dual-core server round Ming MT500

Server Now the amount of information has grown exponentially, forcing the performance of the computer must be developed by leaps and bounds, but with the constant increase in CPU frequency, technology line width shrinking, heat dissipation, thermal noise and other problems become more and more difficult, simple frequency upgrade has encountered bottlenecks, so the CPU manufacturers began to seek new development direction, After less than six months o

Server dual-host Fault Tolerance (1)

-Machine Fault-tolerant system, the two servers act as the worker at the same time. Normally, the system is Active and each server provides different services for network users. The two servers monitor the running status of each other's servers. When server A encounters an exception, server B can promptly monitor the situation and take over its work. After

Also said server dual-core technology

Server Recently, with Intel's official release of its dual-core Xeon processor and the active follow-up of several domestic and foreign manufacturers, there seems to be a great interest in the dual-core technology, which has already cooled down. What is dual-core technology,

Typical Dual-nic redundancy server technology

Hello everyone, when I went to Lenovo a few days ago, I saw that their engineers installed several NICs on a single machine. The speed was good. I checked it and I went back to the company and found some information on the Internet, dual (multiple) NICs use one IP address technology, which is very useful for various Intranet servers and computers, and, and, I sorted out the information I found on the Internet. Let's take a look, it may be good for eve

Dual-core database server, zhengrui only sells 15999

, database applications are everywhere. With the development of society, data is also a manifestation of "value". If we can make good use of "data", we will be able to receive unexpected results. However, due to the Application Characteristics of databases, it is difficult for ordinary PCs to undertake such applications. Therefore, servers are an essential element for establishing database systems. To meet the requirements of enterprise users, Zheng Rui launched a high-performance, cost-effectiv

NT dual-Machine Hot Backup System Instance _ server

independent data services, but the data resides on the same external magnetic consolidation device. Host and from the computer Data Services synchronization, host and from the machine has heartbeat monitoring, once from the machine found the host heartbeat stopped, immediately announced the takeover of the host. The take-over process has no downtime. We take into account the continuous production process of the Xinhua pharmaceutical Group final decision to adopt the second option. The shared ex

Windows + SQL Server 2008 dual-machine cluster

SQL Server version requirements: Standard Edition (2 nodes), Enterprise Edition (16 nodes)Before installing, learn about: Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 failover ClusteringSQL Server 2008 clusters are Windows-based clusters: Windows 2008 Dual-machine cluster configuration (for SQL

Brush the BIOS to the X9drl-if dual server board

Find the official website of this motherboard, enter the model to find the BIOS updateHttps://www.supermicro.org.cn/products/motherboard/Xeon/C600/X9DRL-iF.cfmFirst look at the original BIOS versionMounted the Dabaicai_v5.0zhuangji.iso image in IPMI.Press F11 to select the IPMI CDROM boot CD and go to the Dosmax Toolbox. Load CDROM disc driveMake an ISO and put the BIOS firmware you downloaded on the website and hang it in the IPMI CD-ROM.and start ty

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