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"Turn" Wang Feng stand on the Tide | Long report

Wang Feng, who was questioned over-commercialized, threw himself at the centre of the business arena this time. Wang Feng and Fiil headset team, Fiil headset CTO Shanning (front left one), Fiil headphone CEO Pengjin (front left three)Article:

Feng Office Cross-site scripting and unauthorized operations

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Feng Office 2.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feng Office is an open-source Online Collaboration System developed using the BS architecture and

Wang Feng enters the game with $15 million

Wang Feng made the debut in the game "audition 2" with $15 millionSource: Tianji chinabyte Author: Yang Jian commentAccording to some news, Wang Feng had frequently flown to South Korea three months ago, secretly signed the Korean T3 company's

Feng Xiaogang's powerlessness from the collection number

Feng Xiaogang has been playing the game in recent years. From Party A to Party B, it is basically a heartless Beijing-style comedy. It scratched its teeth in the itch, rubbed its teeth in the painful place, and never touched on social issues in

Nine prosperous standards for office workers

Nine prosperous standards for white-collar office workers Feng shui, a traditional culture that has been widely used in the Southern customs of Dou Yi, is it a good strategy to avoid evil? One science of natural environment knowledge, one class of

[Fuzhou has a home decoration] feng shui for indoor clocks is exquisite

It is very common to use a clock in the living room. When no one is in the room, the air is still, and the swing of the clock can make the indoor air move up, so that the room is full of energy. However, if you put the clock in the center of the

Chen Feng Business Network to provide you with 30M free ASP Space Services _ Free ASP space

Chen Feng Business network 膸 you provide 30M free ASP space services, support the independent binding top meters, space support HTML, ASP, FSO, access, etc., support FTP upload! The following are their applications: See also for details:

Chen Feng business network provides 30 m free ASP space service for you

Chen Feng business network lightning you provide 30 m free ASP space service, support independent binding of top meters, space support HTML, ASP, FSO, ACCESS, etc., support FTP upload! Their applications are as follows: See:

Feng Office CSRF Defects

Reference: html "> http://www.htbridge.ch/advisory/xsrf_csrf_in_feng_office.htmlProduct: Feng OfficeVendor: Secure Data SRL (http://www.fengoffice.com /)Vulnerable Version: and probably prior versionsVendor Notification: 17 March

6 foreign Open source web OA Office System

Foreign open-source products are more, and mostly provide free community version, OA Office System is no exception.EGroupwareEgroupware is a multi-user, web-based work piece set based on a custom set on a PHP-based API. Currently available templates

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