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Fido Alliance: We will kill the password

first step in Fido's technical specifications.Annoying passwordsPassword landing technology began in the 1960s, when multiple users use a computer, need to use the account and password to distinguish. Stealing passwords was just one of those pranks, and there was no personal information to divulge. And now, get the password can almost understand a person's everything, such as mail, net silver, network disk and so on. And you can get this information in any networked place. A password leak can b

Research on FIDO-UAF, fido-uaf

Research on FIDO-UAF, fido-uaf After reading FIDO in the last three weeks, the company found that it was not in line with the company's position and stopped the research. Now, let's share it. The following is the authentication fee of USD 5000. I see the UAF fee. My PPT pages: FIDO is short for Fast Identity O

Fido u2f Application and Development (III)-develop websites supporting u2f

data after the device is bound.?? Figure 4 shows the registration data of a user bound to multiple devices. The data bound to each device is identified by keyhandle.?? You can select one of the keyhandle to unbind. The u2f device corresponding to the keyhandle does not function during logon authentication, as shown in Figure User logon authentication ?? For a user bound to a u2f device, you must not only verify the user name and password, but also verify the u2f device, as shown in fig

FIDO-UAF Related Research

Recently watched 3 weeks of Fido, and then the company felt that it did not meet the company's positioning, stop the investigation.If you read it, share it.Here are the certified parts, the $5000 certification fee, I'm looking at the UAF section.I made a few pages of PPT:What is Fido, Fido is the abbreviation for fast Identity online and is an affiliate organizat


, "Authenticationalgorithms": [ 1 , 3 ], "Assertionschemes": [ "UAFV1TLV" ] }, { "Userverification": 4, "Keyprotection": 1, "Authenticationalgorithms": [ 1 , 3 ], "Assertionschemes": [ "UAFV1TLV" ] } ] ], "Disallowed": [ { "Userverification":

Reasonable Network Alliance advertisement strategy: How to plan and put on the Network Alliance advertisement

Search marketing is now the most important marketing channel for many small and medium-sized enterprises, but traditional keyword ads often cover a limited number of people. If you have a subset of customer groups that have not yet used the search engine platform to get information, you can still not cover this segment of the potential customer base, no matter how perfect your keyword advertising strategy is. Many advertisers may ask, so how can I get a broader coverage of target groups at a low

360 Search Alliance and Baidu Alliance that price high which is better?

One, 360 Search alliance and Baidu Alliance that high price Feedback from the last few days to see 360 of the Search League's single minimum of 1 yuan above the maximum can be more than 10 clicks, while the Baidu League click Still and the same as before, the following is a screenshot of a webmaster we look at This screenshot is the Baidu Alliance The sc

Iframe call prohibited for promotion services of the alliance's network Alliance

The full text of the announcement is as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code Dear Baidu Alliance Member, hello: Recently, we have the "Baidu Alliance Business Cooperation Specification" has been modified to explicitly prohibit the use of an IFRAME to invoke the Internet Alliance to promote products. Improper IFRAME calls the Netw

The rational operation of content Alliance and profit-making alliance

Alliance | Making Money Enchanting beauty podcast make Money Content Alliance and make money Alliance tightly together! Borrow this station a webmaster's opening remarks ~ ~ ~ Content Federation: The purpose of the Content Alliance is to improve you

Build your own advertising alliance-online advertising alliance system 2.0 (free and open-source)

The online advertising alliance system is an internet advertising management system that supports multiple forms of online advertising. It also provides powerful statistical and financial functions. Currently, the supported online ads include click ads (CPC), pop-up ads (popup), guided effect ads (CPA/CPL), and guided consumption ads (CPS ), it has a variety of functions such as advertising management, statistics management, financial management, user

Android Development NOTE 1 (Open Mobile Alliance-Open Handset Alliance)

(This article is from the android bus Development Network) What is the Open Mobile Alliance?Open Handset Alliance: A Global connection between Google and Google in the United States announced in November 5, 2007.Alliance organization. This Alliance will support the Android mobile phone operating system or applicati

The two wireless charging standards Alliance announced the merger and renamed it AirFuel Alliance.

The two wireless charging standards Alliance announced the merger and renamed it AirFuel Alliance. Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) were merged earlier this year. On Tuesday, they officially announced that the merged Alliance was renamed A

Taobao Alliance lose single How to deal with, how to solve Taobao Alliance lost a single problem?

Recently, someone in the Taobao Alliance group inside see a friend shout Taobao lost a single, then today to open Amoy Small series and you share, common Taobao Alliance lost the reason and the corresponding solution.   Part of the virtual products According to the relevant provisions of the Taobao Alliance, for certain types of virtual products, the

Baidu Alliance and 360 Search alliance which click Price High?

If light is viewed from a single ad click, the value of this reference is not big, Baidu Alliance from this year onwards, to the tribe the most obvious feeling is that the unit price of the click has fallen, but so far, basically still within acceptable range, now the biggest problem is quite a lot of mobile browsers, Shielding Baidu's ads. Compared with the 360 Search Alliance, the single click on the unit

Three group public conventions (herbal): ASP. NET Ajax technology alliance, ASP. NET technology alliance, and Wei Chen temple ASP. NET Ajax)

In order to maintain the order in the group, regulate part of the rules for technical discussion, exchange, inquiry and entertainment, and conduct a convention solicitation activity, which is in a fair, open, and just form, let Boyou and the masses vote and comment independently, spontaneously, and voluntarily, and now form the "ASP. net Ajax technology alliance and ASP. NET Technology Alliance two groups o

The use of Friends Alliance products (1) Friends of the Alliance to share

1. Use Cocoapods to integrate the SDK "umengsocialcom" which is shared by friends and allies.2. In build Settings-"linking-" other Linker Flags add-OBJC3. Add dependent Libraries: (after 9.0 the library suffix is changed to. tbd)Security.frameworkLibiconv.dylibSystemconfiguration.frameworkCoregraphics.frameworkLibsqlite3.dylibCoretelephony.frameworkLibstdc++.dylibLibz.dylib4, add bridge file, #import "UMSocial.h", and Graft bridge file5, to share the binding of third parties. 1) Account applicat

Welcome to the dulle Alliance (1). Welcome to the dulle Alliance

Welcome to the dulle Alliance (1). Welcome to the dulle Alliance These are self-developed over time. In short, we need to believe that the foundation of good algorithms is based on Accumulation and reflection. Some of these are from others' blogs and some are interview questions, baidu's 1. Five monkeys split peaches. In the middle of the night, the first monkey got up first, and it divided the peach into f

Ad-baidu Network Alliance Advertising detailed Ad-baidu Network Alliance advertising how to use

Support layout Fixed-height Fixed Example Non-custom basic use Type= "Ad-baidu" Cproid= "u2697398" > Non-customizable Add layout Component layout: Document layout= "Responsive" Width= "414" height= "80" Type= "Ad-baidu" Cproid= "u2697398" > Custom Advertising Use It is to be noted that: The parameters in the Script tab of a custom advertisement must be in double quotes, which means that the data in the script tag must be in JSON format The mip-embed or mip-ad tag

Single Sign-on technology: Microsoft Passport Single Sign-on protocol and Free Alliance specification.

globally, when accessing another service provider, the service provider that is accessed first interacts directly with the identity provider to ask if the user is globally logged on, and if the user is determined to be globally logged in, allows the user to access the services he or she provides, otherwise redirects the user to the identity provider. For a global login.In a specific single sign-on implementation, the identity provider and service provider interact in different ways. If Microsof

After the storm, see Rainbow-Design Alliance webmaster He Minhua Interview

Alliance | design | webmaster Design Alliance ( is a service platform that integrates various design resources and provides services, most of our members are experienced designers, we aim to design companies, designers, design enthusiasts suppliers and governments, institutions, The enterprise demand side provides an interactive platform for resources to work hard. Design alliances have become a

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