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[React Native + Firebase] React native:real Time Database with Firebase-Setup & CRUD

Install: // v3.2.1 Config Firebase: First we need to require Firebase: from ' Firebase '; Then on the component constructor, we need to init Firebase: constructor(props){ super(props); // Initialize Firebase va

[Angular2fire] Firebase Auth (Google, Github)

To does Auth, first you need to go to enable the Auth methods, for example, enable Google, GitHub ...Enable Goolge is quite simple, just one click, enable Github, Twitter, and you need-to-do more configuration.Follow the Link: successfully enable it, we create a service to do the AUTH:Import {authproviders, firebaseauthstate, Firebaseauth} from "Angularfire2"; import {injectable} from "@angular/core"; @Injectable () E

Firebase Remote Update app

The ability to create great applications does not necessarily mean success in business, and there is still much work to be done, and it is no longer possible to announce a "knock-out" after simply releasing the application. You need to be able to quickly make adjustments based on user feedback, test new features, and provide users with the content they care about most.Firebase remote configuration is the result of this. With Firebase remote configurat

Google Firebase Unity access to the pit

Let's just say run the demo and hit the pit.Https:// is the Setup Guide for Firebase Unity.About writing steps:1. Firebase Console ( set up your API key to create a good app2. Download Good googleservice-info.plist (IOS), Google-services.json (Android), and throw it into the Unity Engineering directory, which is

[Angularfire] Angular File uploads to Firebase Storage with Angular control value accessor

The upload class is used in the service layer. Notice it has a constructorfilefor attribute, and which has a type ofFile. This would allows us to initialize new uploads with a JavaScript File object. You'll see what's important in the next step. export class Upload { $key: string; file:File; name:string; url:string; progress:number; createdAt: Date = new Date(); constructor(file:File) { this.file = file; } } Then build the upload service, which can inject to compo

Numerical functions, character functions, date functions, conversion functions and their application in query statements of Oracle database built-in functions

Tags: Numeric functions: 1, rounding function round () from dual: A row of a column composed of select round (23.4) from dual;--default not write m means m 0 select round (23.45,1) from dual;--1 After leaving a decimal point, then the second digit of the decimal point rounding Select Round (23.45,-1) from dual;---1 means rounding the rounding before the decimal point, the previous one is 3 rounded to 20 2, the Rounding function: Select Ceil (23.45),

Oracle numeric functions, character functions, date functions, conversion functions, TO_CHAR, automatic type conversions, date type conversions __ static functions

Keywords: Oracle numeric function-type date conversion To_char automatic type conversion Date type numeric converter other function numeric functionABS: Find the absolute value function, such as: ABS (−5) 5SQRT: square root function, such as: sqrt (2) 1.41421356Power: exponentiation function, such as: 2,3 8COS: cosine trigonometric functions, such as: cos (3.14159) −1MoD: Find division remainder, such as mod (1600, 300) 100Ceil: The smallest integer g

Oracle functions (string functions, mathematical functions, date functions, logical operation functions, and other functions)

Single-record functions in SQL1. ASCIIReturns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character;SQL> select ascii ('A') A, ascii ('A') A, ascii ('0') zero, ascii ('') space from dual;A ZERO SPACE------------------------------------65 97 48 322. CHRReturns the corresponding characters;SQL> select chr (54740) zhao, chr (65) chr65 from dual;ZH C---Zhao3. CONCATConnect two strings;SQL> select concat ('010-', '000000') |' to 23' Gao Qian competin

Database development Basics-sql Server aggregate functions, mathematical Functions, String functions, time-date functions

SQL has many built-in functions that can be used for counting and computation.Syntax of the functionThe syntax for the built-in SQL function is:SELECT function (column) from tableTypes of functionsIn SQL, there are several kinds of basic function types and types. The basic types of functions are: Aggregate function Scalar function aggregate function (Aggregate

Functions, string functions, date functions, mathematical functions, system functions, aggregate Functions

()-- Dateadd (date part, value to be added, date): add the corresponding value according to the specified date part.Select dateadd (mm, 2, '2014/1/1') -- display 2013/2Select dateadd (YY,-2, '2014/1 ') -- display 2013/2-- Datediff (date part, date 1, date 2): Calculate the gap between two dates based on the date part (I .e., date 2-date 1)Select datediff (mm, '2014/1/1', '2014/3/5') -- display 5Select datediff (mm, '2014/1/5', '2014/3/1') -- show-5-- Datename (date part, date): obtains the stri

Python Basic notes: Functional Programming: higher-order functions, return functions, anonymous functions, adorners, partial functions

# Each loop creates a new function and then returns the 3 functions that were created def F (): return i*i fs.append (f) Return FS# call >>> f1,f2,f3=>>> F1 ()9>>> f2 ()9>> > f3 ()9Why is it all 9?!The reason is that the returned function refers to the variable I, but it is not executed immediately. When all three functions return, they refer to the variable i has become 3, s

FSCANF functions and fprintf functions, fgets functions and fputs functions, fread functions, and fwrite functions

, and the last read of the string is read into the line feed. Therefore, when you call the Fgets function, you can read a maximum of n-1 characters. At the end of the read, the system will automatically add ' + ' at the end and return with STR as the function value.2.2 fputs functionThe Fputs function is used to output a string to a file. The Fputs function is called in the following form:Fputs (str, FP);Here, the FP is the file pointer; Str is the string to be output, which can be a string cons

Use of trunc functions, round functions, ceil functions, and floor functions in Oracle

to 0)1 Sample:2 Select round(123.456,0) fromDual Return123 3 Select round(123.456,1) fromDual Return123.5 4 Select round(-123.456,2) fromDual Return-123.46 3.ceil and Floor functionsThe ceil and floor functions are sometimes useful when it comes to business data. Ceil (n) takes the smallest integer greater than or equal to the value N, and Floor (N) takes the largest integer less than or equal to the value N; turn from:

Oracle date functions/character functions/numeric functions/conversion functions/Aggregate functions

Oracle date functions: Months_between: returns the difference of the month between two dates months_between ('01-EP-95 ', '11-Jan-94') ==> 19.6774194 add_months: Number of copies added to the date. add_months ('11-Jan-94 ', 6) ==> '11-JUL-94' next_day: Specifies the day after the date. next_day ('01-SEP-95 ', 'Friday') ==> '08-SEP-95' last_day: the last day of the month. last_day ('01-SEP-95) ==> '30-SEP-95 'Round: Rounding date round ('25-JUL-95', '

Python basic notes: functions: Calling functions, defining functions, parameters of functions, recursive functions

, Job)# * Number preceded by the required parameter, followed by the named keyword parameter# If there is already a mutable parameter in the function definition, then the named keyword argument will no longer need a delimiter. def person (name,age,*args,city,job): print(name,age,args,city,job)# A named keyword function can have a default value def person (name,age,*,city='Beijing', job='student' ): print(name,age,city,job)fromimport person >>> person ('jiaxinwei',Beijing studentIt's not

Oracle date functions/character functions/numeric functions/conversion functions/Aggregate functions

Oracle date functions/character functions/numeric functions/conversion functions/Aggregate functions Oracle date functions: [SQL] MONTHS_BETWEEN: returns the difference of the month between two dates MONTHS_BETWEEN ('01-EP-95 ', '

5. single-row functions, multi-row functions, character functions, numeric functions, date functions, and Data Types

. Numeric Functions Second Parameter Description 2> 0 Retain 2 bits = 0 Reserved to a single bit -1 Retain to 10 bits -2 Keep to bits (to see 10 rounded in) Selectround (45.926, 2) AA, Round (45.926, 1) BB, Round (45.926, 0) CC, Round (45.926) DD, Round (45.926,-1) EE, Round (45.926,-2) FF From dual; Result: AA BB CC DD EE FF ------------------------------------------------------------

Oracle functions (string functions, mathematical functions, date functions, logical operation functions)

Single record function in SQL 1. ASCII returns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character; SQLselectascii (A) A, ascii (a) a, ascii (0) zero, ascii () spacefromdual; The AAZEROSPACE------------------------------------659748322.CHR gives the integer, returns the corresponding character; SQLselect Single record function in SQL 1. ASCII returns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character. SQL select ascii (A) A, ascii (a) a, ascii (0) zero, ascii () space from dual;

Oracle Common numeric functions, conversion functions, String functions

This article is not ready to introduce all of the Oracle functions, in the current situation, I do not have this time, need to learn too much, to spend most of the time on learning to use the technical aspects:), so if you are ready to learn all the Oracle functions of friends, or to focus on: Oracle SQL Reference official documents are more reliable. This article will cover a number of

Functions in C + + functions that cannot be declared as virtual functions

Common functions that cannot be declared as virtual functions are: ordinary function (non-member function), static member function, inline member function, constructor, friend function.1. Why does C + + not support ordinary functions as virtual functions?The normal function (non-member function) can only be overload, c

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