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Real understanding of the @font face rule in the CSS3 context

A lot of people just mention the @font face rules, the heart will involuntarily "oh ~ ~" the sound: "this i know, can be used to generate custom characters small icon!" "the thing is, The problem is that a lot of people think that creating a small

Shorthand rules for CSS base font and custom CSS3 @font-face Detailed usage

Part 1 Font ShorthandThe naming rules for CSS are named in English alphanumeric and underscore (usually lowercase). The advantages of shorthand CSS font are three: one is easy to write (like a keyboard shortcut), the other is to simplify the code,

HTML font tags How to set the font weight, font style summary

This article mainly explains the font weight of the HTML font label settings, but also about the HTML font label style summary, I hope to help you, now let's look at this article together First, let's talk about how the HTML font tag sets the font

CSS font style (font style), properties

CSS font style (font style), property CSS font style (font style) is one of the indispensable style properties of the Web page, with the font style, our web page can become more beautiful, so the font style attributes have become the knowledge that

CSS style (font)

CSS Fonts CSS text CSS Links CSS font Properties Define the font family, size, bold, style (such as italic), and distortion (such as small capital letters) of text.CSS Font SeriesIn CSS, there are two different kinds of font family

CSS font Properties

CSS font Properties Please stop attacking this site! Thank you. ASP Learning Network The original document should be a CSS manual compiled from Shen Xiaoyu. CSS font properties font attributes --------------------------------------Font PropertiesCSS

CSS font style settings

CSS font style, attribute time: 2014-05-08 21:49 Source: I love learning Web | Author: I love learning Web | This article has affected the 68353-person CSS font style (font style) is one of the indispensable style attributes of a Web page, and with

CSS Font Properties

CSS font: Property Describe Font property, set all properties for the font in one declaration. Font-family Sets the font family. Font-size Sets the size of the font.

05 using CSS to set font and text styles

Use CSS To set the font and text style:1. define font type font-familyUsage:Font-family:name;Font-family:ncursive|fantasy|monospace|serif|sans-serifName indicates the font name, and you can specify multiple fonts, separated by spaces. Ranked in

CSS font styles

CSS Font style propertiesCSS text styles Serial number Chinese description Markup syntax 1 Font style {font:font-style font-variant font-weight font-size font-family} 2 Font type

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