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Introduction and usage of Linux C language fork () and EXEC functions

What if we wanted to call 1 shell scripts or execute 1 Bash shell commands when we were writing 1 C programs? In fact, the header file contains 1 function system () that calls the shell command or script, and it is convenient to simply pass the

System (), exec (), fork () Three comparison of process-related functions

start a new process (systemfunction)The system () function can start a new system (const char *string)The effect of this function is equivalent to executing the SH–C string.In general, using the system function is far from the ideal way

Linux C Fork Exec Introduction usage

Original: http://blog.csdn.NET/nvd11/article/details/8856278What if we wanted to invoke 1 shell scripts or execute 1 Bash shell commands when we were writing 1 C programs?In fact, in this header contains 1 functions called the shell command or

Summary of fork, source, and exec in Shell (including environment variables)

Summary: three methods of executing shell scripts, fork, source and exec, are summarized.  Prerequisites 1. any program we run is a child process generated by the parent process. After the child process is completed, it is returned to the parent

Linux Process Fork,exec,vfork Detailed

The following system calls are required for process creation under the Unix/linux system: fork/execFork () copies a process into two processes: parent (old PID), child (new PID)EXEC () uses a new program to rewrite the current process: PID has not

12.9 Threads and Fork

When a thread calls a function fork, the entire process address space is copied to the child process, Copy-on-write is mentioned in section 8.3. A child process is a process that is completely different from the parent process, but if neither the

Understanding of fork () functions, and understanding of fork Functions

Understanding of fork () functions, and understanding of fork FunctionsAuthor:Wang Shanshan, a lecturer at Huaqing vision embedded College. For those who are new to Unix/Linux operating systems and Write multi-process programs in Linux, fork is one

Multi-Threading and fork

Turn from: Preface:The EXCE call does not create a new process, so the process ID does not change, and exec simply replaces the body, data, heap, and stack segments of the current process with

Detailed descriptions of process branches fork and exec in Python

This article mainly introduces the fork and exec processes in Python. This article uses examples to explain how to use fork () and describes eight exec-related methods, for more information about job concurrency in python, you can use process

Thread control and fork

When the thread calls fork, it creates a copy of the whole process address space for the child process. Recall interval. By inheriting copies of the entire address space, the child process also inherits the status of all mutex, read/write locks,

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