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OLAP tools and business intelligence

and create databases for the user's purpose. What is an OLAP report tool? In the report market, there is a strange phenomenon: the technical staff of the IT department is the department staff most unfamiliar with the use of report tools in all departments of the enterprise, but the report data comes from the IT department. The IT department often uses the OLAP

On the powerful functions of business intelligence tools OLAP

report in just a minute-determine which dimensions should be set in the row, column, or filter area Radarcube ASP Silverlight mdash; visualize OLAP data in tabular and graphical formatFeatures: Supports any type of data source, such as databases, files, and so on. Multidimensional data sources that support SQL Server Analysis Services cubes Create calculated measures for different types (measure values based on row-table, custom ag

[Unauthorized] Free. Net obfuscation and decompilation tools free. Net obfuscation and decompilation tools

Free. Net obfuscation and decompilation tools I. netCodeObfuscation . Net code obfuscation technology: Symbol renaming String encryption and Compression Resource encryption and Compression Constant literals pruning Method signatures overload Induction Class hierarchy linerization Code control flow Obfuscation Assemblies merging and embedding XML documentation Filter

Ten free php development tools and ten php development tools-PHP Tutorial

Ten free php development tools and ten php development tools are recommended. Ten free php development tools are recommended. The following describes ten free and powerful php Editor development

Windows XP Free-activation installed worry-free v1.10 download _ Common Tools

Software size 692.72 MBSoftware category domestic software/fine crackOperating environment Win2003, WinXp, Win2000, Nt, WinMe, Win9xLicensing Mode Special EditionSoftware Language Simplified ChineseThis system uses the Microsoft Classic 592M XPSP2 Vol. version as the blueprint, meticulously produces. Meticulously made. Free activation, through the genuine verification. ① Revision Integration Three versions: MP10, WMP11 and XP Landscaping Vista Editio

Adobe Creative Suite 3 design Premium free serial number free to activate streamlined version download _ Common Tools

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design premium software is a tool kit that designers are dreaming of in print, Web designing, and action publishing. It combines a new version of the basic tools that allow you to work in an integrated and intuitive environment with a wide range of creative works ranging from professional layout design to rich interactive experience. The CS3 package is divided into design Premium (Advanced edition), Design Standard (Standard Edi

9 free cross-browser testing tools and 9 browser testing tools

9 free cross-browser testing tools and 9 browser testing tools Website developers often need to check the compatibility of the website in various browsers to ensure that the work of the website works perfectly in all browsers. To this end, there are a lot of cross-browser testing tools that can help developers check th

Office 2003 SP2 Large Enterprise version download-free, free serial number, Support online update _ Common Tools

this ISO integrated SP2 upgrade package, including all components, free of activation, free serial number, Support online updates! Contains the following components:Microsoft Office Word 2003Microsoft Office Excel 2003Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003Microsoft Office Access 2003Microsoft Office Outlook 2003Microsoft Office OneNote 2003Microsoft Office Visio 2003Microsoft Offi

Security tools: 6 free file encryption tools

By compressing files and setting passwords, it is still possible to crack them by running software. Therefore, we have introduced 6 free file encryption tools, encryption of confidential files is a common practice to protect confidential data. The most common method is to compress files and set a set of unzipping passwords, only those who know the password of the restricted file have the permission to read

13 Free PNG image optimization and compression tools

There are many different types of image formats, the most common on the Internet are JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG. Each image format has its own purpose, such as GIF is used for animation, JPEG is used for high-definition pictures, this image will be saved or resized automatically reduce its sharpness, and our favorite PNG is best for small and transparent images. Another great advantage of PNG files is that these files are lossless, which means that you can compress PNG files without losing cl

10 free HTML video conversion tools

10 free HTML video conversion tools Nowadays, people like to watch videos. Most people watch videos online or mobile. Therefore, the video must be in the correct format, either through the mobile phone or the support system. Therefore, people need some application tools to convert their existing file formats to the current formats such as MP4, WebM, and OGG. In

21 free resources and tools necessary for Android development

development tools to download. Almost all of them are provided free of charge. "A useful Selection of Android Developer tools and resources" This article selects 21 free or open source tools, resources, and development guides. Hopefully, these resources will help your Andro

Best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools-PHP Tutorial

The best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools. The best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools should have been designed as soon as you decide to build a website. What do you think we should do next? Test! I made the best 14 free responsive Web design testing

Manage the five best free tools of Microsoft hyper-V

How can we make improvements on a free product? In addition, why do we need to add more free products so that related technologies can be implemented more smoothly? Microsoft's hyper-V provides an acceptable virtualization technology in almost no charge, so hyper-V is widely recognized in big and small it work environments. If you already have a hardware and Windows server license, you only need to perfor

Six Free anti-virus and anti-malware scanning tools for Windows

Six Free anti-virus and anti-malware scanning tools for Windows Introduction Is your system infected with viruses? Is anti-virus software outdated? Is it necessary to get a secure software with high performance but free performance for friends and family members who feel that they do not have to spend money to buy protection? No one wants malware to appear on the

Prerequisites: Download of Microsoft free server tools (below) (1)

For Microsoft server tools, IT not only provides large-scale enterprise-certified paid tools, but also provides free entry-level solutions for small IT enterprises. Previously we introduced four of the ten free server tools provided by Microsoft-essential work: Microsoft

11 free tools required by. NET developers

Nowadays, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, and other popular technologies are highly sought after by developers. With these development tools, developers are also relieved of a lot of burden. This article introduces 11 models to developers.. NET Framework. These frameworks have many advantages, such as providing user interfaces, data access, database connections, Web application development, encryption, numerical algorithm algorithms, network communication,

10 best free Project management tools

10 best free project management tools Project management plays a vital role in the design and development of a project, so choosing a project management tool is sometimes very important. It completely depends on your needs and you are required to provide online solutions at all times, or just a local app. Ad:51cto Net + the first App innovation contest hot Start------------super million resources for you t

Seven free Windows Server Management Tools

There are many tools available on the market to help Windows server administrators configure, manage, troubleshoot, and protect the security of Windows servers and domains. In this article, we recommend seven free and practical server management tools for administrators to choose from. Active Directory Best Practices Analyzer Active Directory Best Practices Anal

Website Security Detection: 8 Free Web security testing tools are recommended

With more and more Web applications, Web security threats are becoming increasingly prominent. Hackers exploit website operating system vulnerabilities andWebThe SQL injection vulnerability of the service program is controlled by the Web server. If the Web content is tampered with, important internal data is stolen. More seriously, malicious code is embedded into the Web page, attackers can infringe on website visitors. As a result, more and more users are concerned about the security of the app

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